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  1. Serie A will be Europe's second strongest league within the decade. 

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    2. football forum


      It’s about aspiring to win trophies mate. Not making money! Otherwise this would be stockexchange 365. 

    3. football forum


      It was a joke you nob. xD I was taking the piss out of the punditry.

    4. football forum

      Dr. Gonzo

      Only if they get a better TV deal (I think their current deal expires at the end of 2018) & I don't know how they distribute the money, but I imagine a distribution system more in line with the prem rather than La Liga would spur more growth generally in the league. But a system like La Liga's would be good for your Juves, your AC Milans, your Romas... I CAN REDKNAPP TOO. He's a shite pundit lol

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