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  1. The A-League is a better watch than the Bundesliga.

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    2. football forum


      On the original topic, there is a lot of boring football in these best leagues of the world and as a neutral you may find it even more boring, so yeah i enjoy a better competition to watch even with a lower quality then high quality but boring competition

    3. football forum

      Carnivore Chris

      All football is wank now. VAR has done exactly what I knew it would, killed a great sport. It's dead. It doesn't  help that it's become all about money with all the same players always going to the same clubs either. I also believe it lacks the real quality in terms of players and managers that it used to and also clubs being bought out by oil barons. Football today is actually wank, I don't even really enjoy it anymore if I'm being 100% honest with you.

    4. football forum


      Now that is an overreation. Besides, I fucken warned you cunts about the NRL.

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