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  1. Central Coast Mariners 2-1 Newcastle Jets, 09.30 Newport 2-1 Scunthorpe Rotherham 2-1 Oxford St Mirren 2-1 St Johnstone Atletico Madrid 2-1 Valencia Metz 0-3 Nantes, 19.00 Sunday 20th October, 2019 Melbourne City 2-1 Adelaide, 06.00 Alaves 2-2 Celta Vigo, 11.00 Philadelphia 2-1 New York Red Bulls, 20.00 Flamengo 1-1 Fluminense, 23.00
  2. Saturday 5th October, 2019 Bristol City 1-2 Reading Real Madrid 2-1 Granada Brest 1-2 Metz, 19.00 Sparta Rotterdam 2-1 Twente, 19.45 Osasuna 0-1 Villarreal, 20.00 Sunday 6th October, 2019 Rennes 1-1 Reims, 16.00 Inter Milan 1-1 Juventus, 19.45 Barcelona 3-2 Sevilla, 20.00 Philadelphia Union 1-1 NYCFC, 21.00 Seattle 2-1 Minnesota, 21.00
  3. Union 1-1 Frankfurt Leipzig 2-1 Schalke Hoffenheim 1-0 Gladbach Mainz 2-2 Wolfsburg Augsburg 1-2 Leverkusen Paderborn 0-6 Bayern Dortmund 2-1 Bremen Düsseldorf 2-2 Freiburg Köln 1-1 Hertha BSC
  4. Hibernian 0 vs 3 Celtic, 12.30 Rangers 2 vs 1 Aberdeen Nice 2 vs 1 Lille, 19.00 Atletico Madrid 2 vs 1 Real Madrid, 20.00 Sunday 29th September, 2019 LA Galaxy 3 vs 1 Vancouver, 00.30 Nimes 2 vs 2 St. Etienne, 16.00  Cagliari 2 vs 1 Hellas Verona, 19.45 Internacional 2 vs 1 Palmeiras, 20.00 NY Red Bulls 2 vs 1 DC United, 22.00 New England Revolution 1 vs 1 NYCFC, 22.00
  5. Big week in Austrian club football, reminds me of those heady times when clubs like Linz were signing the likes of Hansi Muller from Inter-actually remember seeing him play in Wien when I was young and it was kind of a big deal. Good day for Canadians as well, with local boy Johnathan David scoring twice for Gent. I excpect to see him in the big 5 leagues next season.
  6. Not been good at my predictions lately, lets try reverse psychology this time Schalke - Mainz 1-2 Bayern - Köln 2-2 Leverkusen - Union 1-2 Hertha BSC - Paderborn 1-2 Freiburg - Augsburg 2-2 Bremen - Leipzig 2-1 Gladbach - Düsseldorf 1-2 Frankfurt - Dortmund 2-1 Wolfsburg - Hoffenheim 0-1
  7. Brentford vs Stoke 2-1 Wycombe vs Portsmouth 1-2 Bordeaux vs Brest, 19.00 2-1 AC Milan vs Inter Milan, 19.45 1-1 Cruzeiro vs Flamengo, 21.00 1-2 Sunday 22nd September, 2019 LA Galaxy vs Montreal Impact, 03:30 2-2 St Johnstone vs Rangers, 12.15 1-4 Atalanta vs Fiorentina, 17.00 2-2 Sevilla vs Real Madrid, 20.00 2-2 Lyon vs PSG, 20.00 1-2
  8. I am not totally sure how it works, but I think it is a kind of pyramid scheme with Leipzig on the top and the rest feeding them? So, I guess it means that Haaland will be joining Red Bull Leipzig in January or maybe earlier if they can somehow convince UEFA that they are all part of the same organization. I assume if Red Bull New York, Ghana or Brazil have a new starlet, they can come up at anytime. I also assume the new American coaching Casino Red Bull Vodka mixer Salzburg was previously at Red Bull New York. I get the feeling he drinks a lot of Red Bull and Vodka. What I dont get is if Red Bull is an Austrian company, why isnt Salzburg the main team?
  9. Have not seen the Hoff this bad since that drunken floor burger video. Good for Freiburg though, they really do epitomize that good honest kinda football club, right down to their manager driving his bike to work.
  10. Better second half from the Bulls, but Sule should have won it for Bayern in the final seconds. Maybe we have a title race this season.
  11. always a good time to score, Red Bull really dont deserve to be 1-1 at the half.
  12. that cant be a penalty, VAR finally does something good
  13. So is Red Bull hated enough in Germany for fans to be cheering for Bayern in this game?
  14. Yes, they took that title away from Schalke years ago.
  15. El Sancho to El Paco to El Marco make it 2-0, just when I thought the Pretenders might be getting back into this game.