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  1. I suppose Werder ended the half better, but playing like they are waiting for something to happen instead of making things happen, lack of Austrians seems to be the problem. Terrible match to be honest. Gonna have some Kanadian Kush and numb myself 0-0 ht and rightly so
  2. Cus it is Kanada day weekend here on the Iceberg, for those who dont know Kanada day is July1-the Iceberg that is 35C in the shade right now.
  3. I thought it was very classy of the stadium staff to play Daydream Believer, the song made famous by the great Kanadian artist Anne Murray. Lots of firepower on the bench forWerder should they hopefully not need it. First 20 minutes and the only thing i can take from the game is that 1.FCH is not intimidated.
  4. Dortmund - Bayern 2-3 Leverkusen - Wolfsburg 3-1 Frankfurt - Freiburg 1-1 Bremen - Gladbach 1-2 Leipzig - Hertha BSC 2-2 Hoffenheim - Köln 1-1 Düsseldorf - Schalke 2-1 Augsburg - Paderborn 2-0 Union - Mainz 1-2
  5. Hertha BSC - Union 1-1 Gladbach - Leverkusen 2-2 Wolfsburg - Dortmund 1-3 Freiburg - Bremen 1-0 Paderborn - Hoffenheim 1-2 Bayern - Frankfurt 3-0 Schalke - Augsburg 1-1 Mainz - Leipzig 1-2 Köln - Düsseldorf 1-1
  6. No, Werder should not be relegated, regardless of the crap football they are playing and they are terrible, worse then before the covid thing started, but no, not relegated.
  7. So is this really gonna happen???? Düsseldorf - Paderborn 3-2 Dortmund - Schalke 4-3 Leipzig - Freiburg 5-4 Hoffenheim - Hertha BSC 4-2 Köln - Mainz 3-3 Union - Bayern 1-0 Frankfurt - Gladbach 3-3 Augsburg - Wolfsburg 2-2 Bremen - Leverkusen 2-2
  8. It will be interesting to see if defenders observe the self distancing rules of 2 metres?
  9. binder

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Good bye cruel world. After being in self isolation for the past three weeks, with my wife, up in our cottage about 100km north of the city, I have returned to the big city. I probably went out two or three times to get food and booze while up there, so more or less we really were in isolation, saw the odd person while dog walking, a neighbour once came over while we had a fire, but was metres away, so really we were self isolated. My wife has stayed up there in the land of slow speed satellite internet (10mps) and non city treated water, really outside of that, we have everything there we have here and it is much nicer scenery, on a lake in the mountains etc I dunno three weeks, alone, together and our drinking sessions were turning kinda ugly, not divorce ugly, but ugly none the less. I dont have to come into town as a low level manager and the company has not told us to, in fact quite the opposite. My wife does not need to come in as a mid level civil servant and has no desire to do so. I do have a bunch of new hires starting this week and I need to give them equipment and training, though I could defer that to my current hires, but I dont want to be like my upper mid level managers and hide. I like to think I am healthy and wont die from the flu, dont think I actually ever had the flu in my life? Anyhow, I am sure there are others out there who are getting crazy locked up alone and yes, I know it is for the better good, but mental health is something to be considered as well. I dont know the story with the Finance Minister guy, sounds like there is probably more to it, but mental issue are real. Man, Gonna feel so fricking weird wearing a mask.
  10. binder

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I always thought China would be the one to end mankind, but I thought they would do it by pollution.
  11. binder

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I am guessing that is a yay for EU and boo for Brexit?
  12. binder

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I am going to play Devil's Advocate here and ask how many people would normally have died in this time frame from influenza? I assume this number is strictly people who have died from COVID19 and not all flu like illnesses.