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  1. Bayern look old and creaky nowadays (even the less older players), I dont think they can get anything from this, would like to see Alphonso Davies get a few minutes though. Having said that, Liverpool have not been looking great either lately.
  2. The dreaded Monday night game, BVB fans will have something else to complain about, I mean besides the teams form of late. From what I saw (or heard) of the Champions league game in London, sounded like a lot of BVB fans in the stadium Not sure if they will take the long journey on a Monday night to Nurnberg? Or maybe this is a protest game and no one will go? I dont know, I can find myself getting drunk on a Monday night rather easily and taking a "personal day" on Tuesday for the ride home. You should not really limit your social drinking to weekends. If i understand correctly, they will get rid of Monday night games next season. Regardless of the day, just hope they win, I really cant stand to see another Bayern title.
  3. Ok, I'll bite. You should maybe read up a little bit on cannabis. It is not illegal and in fact is sold legally by the governments here and legally in many places around the world, the world is much bigger than your basement, perhaps you need to grow up and get out a bit. As for its "evident dangers", it is and has been used for ages to avert "dangers" in many people, from those suffering from cancer to those with PTSD to a host of other "dangers". Now to get back on topic, Kruse works hard and tries very hard for the team, can not fault him for that, does he miss goal chances? Sure, but so does Rashica, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Messi misses penalties etc. So not sure what your anti Kruse agenda is all about? The only one who never misses is Pizarro. Actually, I missed his goal yesterday, already shut off thinking it was over, just read about it today on kicker. And when did Selke become so pro Hertha or anti Werder, did he leave on bad terms?
  4. The truth of the matter why Dortmund lost to Spurs is Werder broke BVB in that great DFB Pokal game a couple of weeks ago, they can never recover from losing the greatest game in Pokal history! Well that and conceding an early goal in the second half. Having said that, I would rather see Spurs win the UCL then say, uhmm, Bayern. Some of you Provincial thinkers should open up your horizons a bit. Stupidity does not need to be hereditary.
  5. And a wild finish with, who else, but Paco scoring a 95 min free kick winner. Come on foals, put the old timers down, so tired of those frickin shoe slapping, pointy hat wearing, leder diaper soiling bastrds. Sorry Bayern fans, nothing personal.
  6. Marco is bitching at referee to get cards, wild game, 3-3, 4 mins left and I still think someone will score
  7. Paco Alcacar comes on and scores again, within a minute of coming on. he must be averaging a goal every 5 minutes.
  8. Outside of Pulisic, it seems to be a good day for the Young Americans. Bobby Wood has two goals and McKennie has scored again-scored in Moscow a few days ago.
  9. I get the feeling Pulisic may not be the young star everyone thought he was, still time, but he has been pulled in each game I saw him play this season. Brun Larsson and Sancho are doing better and getting picked, Sancho now starting games. Finnbogasson has scored for Augsburg, BVB kinda doing what they did last week vs Bayer, so I think/hope they can come back. Yes I am an ABB ( anyone but Bayern).
  10. I have to admit I dont know how Werder are doing it, not flashy performances and not really parking the bus either, the players are kinda average with a few exceptions, not complaining, just kinda surprised by how the season has started. I literally fell asleep and missed the second goal of last nights game, OK I had consumed a bit of beer, but still. Anyhow, the man is showing a double header on tv here, Dortmund v Augsburg and the foals vs the shoe slappers. I like to think gladbach will cause bayern problems, but I am about 40 years to late in that thinking.
  11. Uli Hoeness has already submitted the paperwork to have these referees fired from any further Bundesliga action, as the Pretenders got to retake the penalty until they scored. Order restored quickly though as Bayern now lead 2-1 and nothing to see here.
  12. The soon to be fired ref gives the Pretenders a penalty, yet they still screw it up. I really should not be surprised
  13. Dortmund - Frankfurt Dortmund did not look good vs Hannover, which may have more to do with how Hannover play, but they have to win this 3-1 Bayern - Leverkusen I would so like to pick a Bayern loss or even draw, but the Pretenders are the worst team in the league. 4-1 Leipzig - Hannover I am one of the few people who actually would like the Plastics to do well, but Hannover look a good team defensively. 0-0 Mainz - Augsburg Why did I pick Rene Adler as my keeper in the kicker fantasy thing??? 1-1 Wolfsburg - Hertha BSC Wolfsburg bubble to burst...not yet 2-1 Düsseldorf - Hoffenheim I like the way Hoff play 1-3 Gladbach - Schalke Looks the most interesting game of the weekend 3-2 Bremen - Nürnberg The undefeated streak continues 2-0 Freiburg - Stuttgart I get Freiburg as a relegation candidate, but not VfB 1-2
  14. possible lineups according to kicker. Germany forgot how to score goals about 8 months ago and I dont think Petersen is the answer. ter Stegen - Ginter, J. Boateng, Süle, N. Schulz - Kimmich - Gündogan, T. Kroos - Brandt, Draxler - Petersen Trainer: Löw Gallese - Advincula, Ramos, Abram, Trauco - Aquino, Yotun - Flores, Cueva, Farfan - Ruidiaz Trainer: Gareca