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  1. the downward spiral continues, Schalke are terrible, I know it is only one game but should be relegated. Wagner to be fired soon.
  2. Why is Sane afraid to shoot himself? this game is over, would like to see Davies get a chance in an attacking position for the 2nd half.
  3. so Gnarby is the new Ribery, Sane is the new Robben and Kimmich the new Thiago.
  4. Brighton are looking good against Portsmouth, been easy for them so far. 3-0 with 30 minutes left. I remember the days when Porstmouth was in the Prem...
  5. Oh, I though he said Kenny cane on?? I am drinking and smoking and it is a warm afternoon where I keep going outside and missing shit.
  6. Leighton Banies retired? I can not believe as a life long Everton fan I did not know that!
  7. Schalke guy comes on foe Everton. They wear the same kits so it was probably an easy transition back.
  8. Shame that future greatest English Centre back of all time is going off.
  9. I am serious, I always liked him, even though he played for Bayern and Real.
  10. Really, he is the biggest deal since the start of the EPL! Hammish, or in Spanish James.
  11. Ahhh the sun is finally back, here on the Iceberg, been a cold September. Everton v Salford is on the tv here. I assume Salford is like the English equivalent of Waldhof mannheim? I think I may become an Everton fan, they have the only skill player in the WWEpl. Looks like a B team today for Everton
  12. Ohhh, I take it baaack, did you see that save by Kepa!!!!!
  13. Half the Chelsea team want to play differently from the other half, they have to figure that out. If they do it might be a decent season for them. Kepa is not really a good keeper, I think his claim to fame is that he is good with his feet. Brighton deserve at least one more goal.
  14. binder

    Jonathan David - Signs for Lille

    Yet to score, but appears to be a starter already. Does anyone know what tv in Canada covers the French league?