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  1. Here in Canada, you can stream all the Nations league games, free and legal with the UEFA TV app, not sure if you can elsewhere? You do need to sign in and set up an account.
  2. Germany lead 2-1 at the half, but I excpect more goals. Switzerland leading Spain. I think it would be kinda funny if Germany win the group with only winning two games.
  3. Oh dear we are stuck with another international break, will these international breaks ever stop? Seems like we had one just a few weeks ago, it is so bad that I saw some Scottish players crying about having to play this week! Actually some interesting games today. France v Portugal is probably a preview of the Euro 21 final. Spain and Germany are somehow still leading their group, though I get the feeling one or both might slip today. One thing that stood out for me in the line ups is that Spain have left "best keeper in the world deGea" and Kepa on the bench and are giving Unai Simon(?) his first cap. Like Spain, Germany is sort of in a rebuild stage right now Aufstellung Deutschland Neuer - R. Koch , Süle , Rüdiger - Ginter , Max , Goretzka , Gündogan , Gnabry , L. Sané - Werner Ukraine Pyatov - Konoplia , Zabarnyi , Matviienko , Sobol - Malinovskyi , Stepanenko , Zinchenko - Marlos , Yaremchuk , Zubkov
  4. binder

    Euro 2021 Qualifying Playoffs

    Just watched the goal that the Hungarian Gulasci let in, you might say he needs more paprikash. Sorry, that is the best i could come up with.
  5. binder

    Euro 2021 Qualifying Playoffs

    Of course I am tuned to the Scotland v Serbia game which is the only scoreless game, think I am going to change for the second half (though you know that means this will then end 4-3 thriller). Scotland have abandoned that short passing game that won them so many Home Nations Cups a 100 years ago. Honestly though, Scotland are doing fine, I have no idea who is going to win this, been pretty even so far.
  6. binder

    Euro 2021 Qualifying Playoffs

    dont be so pedantic, it was obviously tongue and cheek, obviously there is no South macedionia. Did not realize Yorkshire was looking to separate from England, good for them, about time they left that dictatorial regime.
  7. binder

    Euro 2021 Qualifying Playoffs

    my previous comment suggests that I do.
  8. binder

    Euro 2021 Qualifying Playoffs

    North Mazedonia are in! Did nt realize South Mazedonia did not qualify, have they qualified since winning this cup back in 2004? They will be in the Austria group.
  9. binder

    Euro 2021 Qualifying Playoffs

    If I was going to pick someone to score from the 4th tier final between Georgia v Mazedonia, I guess it would be Pandev. 1-0 For Mazedonia with 25 mins left to hold on and qualify for Euro 20-1
  10. Yeah, i was actually thinking for a minute after the Reus goal, that they will pull it off, but Bayern dont even give them the ht lead.
  11. Unfortunately the recount has Bayern and BVB too close to call at the half. Reus scoring that important end of the half 45th min goal, that kills off the spirit of the opponent. But Alaba gets it back in the 45+3 min. 1-1 ht Bayern can not be beaten
  12. No way Casino Salzburg pull this off, it would be like Biden pulling off a win today.
  13. lol, Spain lost to Ukrania, so this German team that can not put 3 passes together, still have a real chance to win the group.
  14. 3-3 and counting with 30 minutes to go
  15. and they get one back 2-1. Werner scored, but the truth is he is not good enough to be a starting forward for a German national team of any era.