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  1. binder

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Good bye cruel world. After being in self isolation for the past three weeks, with my wife, up in our cottage about 100km north of the city, I have returned to the big city. I probably went out two or three times to get food and booze while up there, so more or less we really were in isolation, saw the odd person while dog walking, a neighbour once came over while we had a fire, but was metres away, so really we were self isolated. My wife has stayed up there in the land of slow speed satellite internet (10mps) and non city treated water, really outside of that, we have everything there we have here and it is much nicer scenery, on a lake in the mountains etc I dunno three weeks, alone, together and our drinking sessions were turning kinda ugly, not divorce ugly, but ugly none the less. I dont have to come into town as a low level manager and the company has not told us to, in fact quite the opposite. My wife does not need to come in as a mid level civil servant and has no desire to do so. I do have a bunch of new hires starting this week and I need to give them equipment and training, though I could defer that to my current hires, but I dont want to be like my upper mid level managers and hide. I like to think I am healthy and wont die from the flu, dont think I actually ever had the flu in my life? Anyhow, I am sure there are others out there who are getting crazy locked up alone and yes, I know it is for the better good, but mental health is something to be considered as well. I dont know the story with the Finance Minister guy, sounds like there is probably more to it, but mental issue are real. Man, Gonna feel so fricking weird wearing a mask.
  2. binder

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I always thought China would be the one to end mankind, but I thought they would do it by pollution.
  3. binder

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I am guessing that is a yay for EU and boo for Brexit?
  4. binder

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I am going to play Devil's Advocate here and ask how many people would normally have died in this time frame from influenza? I assume this number is strictly people who have died from COVID19 and not all flu like illnesses.
  5. binder

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    [Coronavirus] is just another psychosis, which will benefit some people and harm others," "The civilized world is going nuts. It is absolute stupidity to close state borders. The panic can hurt us more than the virus itself." To add to that, he suggested that instead of panicking "like those in Western Europe," one should have 40-50 grams of vodka daily, go to a banya [Russian sauna] two to three times a week and keep working on a farm, as "tough work and a tractor can cure anything." No, not Trump but Lukashenko . I have to admit, I think there is some truth in what he is saying at least about the sauna and panic. Also, let me just say, I tried the vodka cure a couple of nights ago, at possibly a higher dosage than he recommended and though I felt great at the time, the next day was not so great and I was more or less restricted to green tea and water with what some might consider flu like symptoms. Feeling better today, so may try again with different dosages and medications, maybe maple syrup whiskey is what you need in Kanada?
  6. binder

    Burundiliga prediction league

    And Burundi postponed games today, so probably only Belarus left playing football.
  7. binder

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    1400 is not abad delj to gwt out, when did you fly in
  8. binder

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Why were ylu in peru in the first palce and why do you excpect o be bailed out for free?
  9. binder

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    you are so ;ucky to be Knadian. i do not eant to hear anymore bs from you
  10. binder

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    you know far too much about this.
  11. binder

    Burundiliga prediction league

    Dont beafraid to make your predictions, this is the only football you got.
  12. For those of you with Football withdrawl or football betting withdrawal you still have White Russia, Nicaragua and Burundi playing football (have to assume Belarus will shut down soon?). We are coming to the exciting conclusion of the Burundiliga, with four games left in the season, we have a two horse race for the title between Le Messager FC de Ngozi on 54 points and upstarts Musongati on 51 points, with an extra game left to play. 1.Le Messager Ngozi 26 15 9 2 43:15 54 2.Musongati 25 14 8 3 33:17 50 It is a two horse race in the Burundiliga, can horses catch and transmit covid 69? The self isolation is getting to me, I now have become a lifelong supporter of the Burundiliga and they canit cancel it, they got no frickin covidvirus in Burundi! Now really people, stay home and limit your interactions, I have been self isolating up here in the mountains of Quebec for over two weeks, the dog is getting tired of going out for walks, I am getting tired of getting drunk with only a dog and wife for company, but it really is something we all can and should be doing- I mean the isolation thing, not getting drunk with your dog. Honestly, you know what I am watching now? the 1972 Euro qualifier between England and W Germany on youtube, not sure how I got to this game, but the quality of stream and football is good. But no, I want to stay in the now, even if the now kinda sucks. Rukinzo vs Musongati The Friday Morning game, which I doubt is on tv, they will probably show re runs of ladies curling instead. Important game, not really a must win for Musongati yet, but should beat 10th place Rukinzo. 1-2 Inter Star vs Ngozi City Ngozi City is not mathematically relegated, but have to win 3 if not all of the final 4 games. Inter got nothing to play for so away points bonus pick. 1-2 Vital'O vs Le Messager Ngozi Vital O is the Real Madrid of the Burundiliga and could upset the title charge of Le Messager. Match of the week for sure, but rest assured it will not be on tv, instead the will show a replay of the shitty Derby vs Man U FA cup game for the 100th time this week. 2-0 Kayanza United vs Flambeau du Centre Kayanza has to keep out of the relegation zone. A win should be enough to keep them safe this season 2-1 Les Lierres vs Athlético Olympic they cancelled the Olympics or at least postponed them. Everything has been cancelled or postponed. 2-2 Bujumbura City vs Bumamuru Oh yeah the derby or at least it sounds like it might be a derby? 1-1 Olympic Star vs Lydia Ludic Lydia Ludic sounds like she might be Croatian? This is a relegation 6 pointer 1-2 Dynamik vs Aigle Noir Aigle Noir will want to hang on to 3rd place 1-2
  13. Perth Glory 1-1 Western Sydney Wanderers Birmingham 2-2 West Brom Hearts 3-1 St Johnstone Napoli 3-1 Parma Vitoria Setubal 1-1 Desportivo Aves Hellas Verona 2-2 Torino Motherwell 0-3 Rangers Sivasspor 1-2 Fenerbahce AZ Alkmaar 1-1 Ajax Lyon 2-1 Rennes
  14. Derby 2-1 QPR Mallorca 1-1 Real Betis, 17.30 Benfica 3-1 Maritimo, 18.00 Nimes 2-1 FC Metz, 19.00 Sunday 1st December, 2019 Western United 1-2 Sydney FC, 05.00 FC Basel 1-1 Young Boys LASK 2-1 Rapid Vienna, 16.00 Getafe 2-2 Levante, 17.30 Atletico Madrid 1-2 Barcelona, 20.00 Monaco 1-2 PSG, 20.00
  15. Saturday 16th November, 2019 Western United 2-1 Newcastle Jets, 08.30 Coventry 2-1 Rochdale Exeter 2-1 Cheltenham Russia 1-2 Belgium, 17.00 Santos 2-1 Sao Paulo, 20.00 Sunday 17th November, 2019 Sydney 2-1 Melbourne Victory, 07.30 Tranmere 2-1 Wycombe, 12.00 Kosovo 0-6 England, 17.00 Corinthians 2-1 Internacional, 19.00 Albania 0-2 France, 19.45