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  1. No he didn't More along the lines of he's a short term fix that probably won't play week in week out.
  2. Honestly, Klopp vs Pep debate shouldn't even exist. It's so simple: Under Klopp, Mainz went from German 2nd division to 13th in Bundesliga on zero budget: - Can Pep go to Mainz and do that? Under Klopp, Dortmund went from 18th in Bundesliga to 2 titles and a UCL final on a shoestring budget: - Can Pep go to Dortmund and do that? Under Klopp, Liverpool went from 8th in the league to winning all trophies in 6 years, majorly on the back of selling Coutinho and finding gems like Salah, Diaz: - Could Pep ever do that on Liverpool's net spend? Now see the reverse...what if Klopp went: - To Barcelona with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and Barca's budget - To Bayern with Robben, Ribery, Lewandowski and Bayern's budget - To Man City with De Bruyne, Kompany and City's budget Seriouly, what is there to debate? It's like comparing an actual, proven Football coach and a little boy playing FIFA Manager Mode in real life.
  3. I kept a close eye on him when we were linked and he got hooked twice because he just didn't work hard enough. His tracking was terrible.
  4. I agree! City getting billian pound loans from their owners like Chelsea did should be totally rulled out.
  5. Richy? Fuckinell are you on knickname terms already?
  6. Apart from losing a great player, we are also losing a tremendous human being... Sadio Mane is transforming his village to a town. He built a €455,000 hospital and €250,000 school in his village, Bambaly. He gives each family €70 monthly. He provided 4G internet for them. He is building a fuel station and post office. 2,000 people live in his village. What a person he truly is.
  7. He wanted us to triple his wages... no chance. Bayern are willing to pay him £365k a week... never happening at Liverpool. Salah will leave for free next summer for the exact same reason. @The Liquidator .. im not sure Salah improved us anyway No big deal... players come and go.
  8. What? Are you OK mate? I don't know if you take any notice on here but I'm one of the Liverpool fans that actually doesn't burst a blood vessel regarding players signing/leaving. It really doesn't bother me at all.
  9. I wasn't salty when he moved. He moved to a club on the verge of winning everything and for much more money. No problem. Some Liverpool fans still don't like him... ive never really given a fuck
  10. Yep.. Barca in absolute financial crisis just carry on buying players. Hope they go into Liquidation.
  11. Good signing if true. That's some strike force arsenal will have.
  12. Yeah me too. I think City, Liverpool and Spurs are nailed on top 3. It's between Arsenal and Chelsea for 4th in my opinion.
  13. I can see Chelsea dropping out of the top 4 next season. They just seem very 'bland' under Tuchel.
  14. I've just watched some highlights of him today ... what a left foot he has for a right back!?!? Looks quality.
  15. Apparently Jude and Hendo were caught noshing each other off on international duty
  16. I was talking about our midfielders You said he's always injured which is categorically untrue. I do agree that we could do with another midfielder though.
  17. He was rotated less than anyone. He literally played the most minutes.
  18. Henderson injured all the time? He played more minutes this season than anyone
  19. Just done a bit of research.... So yet another FB. Pep isn't the best at choosing FB's is he? He must have spent about £500m on them since he took over.
  20. Yeah I don't really get that!?!? What does it matter?
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