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  1. I'd hate to see him managing them scrotums.
  2. I'd be very surprised if Everton offered the job to Benitez. Their fans were in absolute uproar when he referred to them as 'a small club'.
  3. It clearly says he wants to move to a bigger club
  4. You've got to be on the wind up? Hes nothing but an injury faking wet wipe that loses the ball 9 times out of 10 whilst showing the odd flash of quality here and there. Today was his first goal from open play. He cost the same as Salah, Mane and Firmino combined. Honestly mate, I see nothing to convince me hes worth £20m, nevermind £80m.
  5. How bad are this West Ham team though? Bloody'ell
  6. Great finish by Pepe. That's what £80m buys you Arsenal running riot now and pulling away from the relegation zone
  7. Good finish by Martinelli, now West Ham have gone in to panic mode.
  8. Pepe loves a good roll around doesn't he?
  9. 4 points above the relegation zone ... fuckinel
  10. What is Rodgers record against us since he left?
  11. That's just a ridiculously good stat. Not bad for a cheerleader @Teso dos Bichos
  12. Not sure mate, just quoting MOTD. Anyway, just seen the footage of Fred getting racially abused whilst having bottles and coins thrown at him. Absolute disgrace! People saying the culprits should get a lifetime ban from all football grounds. I'd argue that they should do actual time. Put the dickheads in prison. The poor lad shouldn't have to put up with that bollocks and it makes me ashamed that shit like this is still happening in this country.
  13. 10. They said on MOTD that today was Utds 10th penalty of the season. That's astounding