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  1. I'm not an expert on Thiago but my understanding is that he plays in the deepest midfield role? Fabinho for us has always played in the deepest midfield role. That to me suggests that they will be competing for a place in the side. Unless Klopp sees Thiago as a player he wants further forward or to drop Fabinho back into a CB when needed? Who knows?
  2. Fabinho and Thiago play in the same position. I'm pretty sure Fabinho is going to be used at CB whenever required (especially against the weaker teams) instead of us buying a CB that we dont really need. I'm excited by this signing and I hope its excited fans that have been crying out for a marque signing.
  3. He's right though. Not many football fans in general respect clubs like Chelsea, City and PSG.
  4. This discussion/debate has actually been very good for me personally. Its made me see some Chelsea fans in a totally different light to what I did previously. Not a bad lot I suppose
  5. Great Post but for the record, I dont have a problem with him being American. I actually think he's a class member of the forum and fairly knowledgeable to go with it.
  6. Thats fair enough mate. I'm not having a go honestly I'm not. But I for instance was brought up literally in walking distance from Anfield. You cant possibly feal the same affiliation to a club from the other side of the world. Fair point made though mate!
  7. Probably because when Roman took over he outspent everyone and Chelsea started winning stuff id imagine. Why else would people from Australia and America support Chelsea?
  8. Only reason people like Cicero etc follow Chelsea is because when Roman took the rains. They wouldn't have looked twice otherwise.
  9. Yeah, Cheatski and Chity have a big advantage being used to playing in front of very few supporters before covid.
  10. Still in front of 'lets spend a gizzilian pound Chelsea' who currently have no points
  11. Watching squirrels isn't productive 😕
  12. Ii think anybody with enough time on their hands to watch squirrels needs to get a job.