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  1. On paper I think we possibly have the strongest first 11 in the.league, certainly right up there. Its our squad depth that let's us down though, the drop off in quality is just too big.
  2. It definitely has. Flat out race between Liverpool, Leicester & Spurs for 4th now I reckon.
  3. Ben Davies has returned to the UK from pre-season training in Austria. Signs look ominous that he will never make his Liverpool debut. Will surely go down as an Anfield legend.
  4. If Pep doesn't win the CL now with the absolute obscene amount of money he's spunked,.. he will go down as the biggest fraud in history. Nothing but a checkbook manager.
  5. Contender for "not got a clue" post of the season already.
  6. I'd like to see him loaned out to a Premier league club because he's already too good for the Championship.
  7. Whoever is fourth choice isn't going to get much playing time, so it might as well be Nat Phillips. I'm not adverse to selling him but it does seem pretty.pointless when his replacement will only be a bit part player anyway.
  8. Last time I looked on here... he was totally shit
  9. I get all that mate... but for me, any player that puts his own self worth/disappointment over a massive win for the club isn't a team player. Klopp is a legend, will be forever. He has done so much for this club. Mane needs to pick his lip up and stop being a prick. This isn't the first time he's acted like this when things haven't gone his way.
  10. He acted like a dick, totally dismissed klopp and the players who were celebrating. Not happy... fuck off!
  11. Pissed off of course. But blatantly showing disrespect to the manager and the players that just won the game?.... nah... he can pack that fucking shit in.
  12. Klopp has enabled Mane to win a Champions League and a League title. If Mane isn't happy spending the odd game on the bench then he can fuck off. That goes for any other player that thinks he's above our bench. Remember where you come from.
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