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  1. Watching the women's world Cup has been a breath of fresh air. Mens football in this country is fucked. It is going to be dominated by state owned clubs with no end in sight, and unless your club is owned by state owners.. it is impossible to compete. I would rather be physically sick every day for the rest of my life than see Liverpool football club owned by an Arab state.. so that's me done... Its been nice getting to know you all on here.. great bunch of lads/lasses.. but I have watched my last game of men's football so will probably never post on here again. What a shame our beautiful game has been ruined.
  2. Not much I imagine. I think Klopp will gamble on the defence for now and then overhaul it next summer, or even in January. Just a hunch.
  3. Do you lot really think FSG said "OMG.. quick.. here's £110m .. go and sign that dude from Brighton before Chelsea do"? That is totally opposite from how they conduct business.
  4. Honestly mate, have a look at our recent history regarding signing players.. we very rarely leak anything until a deal is done. It's happened already this summer with the guy who's name I'm not going to attempt to spell
  5. When have FSG 'shat the bed' and splurged that kind of money to stop another club getting a player? Nah.. This has been going on behind the scenes all the.while.
  6. Well well well, what a turn up for the books! Three signings that give us arguably one of the best midfields in Europe.. All in one window. Make no mistake, this wasn't just a flash in the pan late bid by us. It will have been worked on between us, Brighton and the agent for months. Possibly using Romeo as a smokescreen ... Or maybe not? I've got a feeling we still might get Romeo .. ooohhh the scenes if we do .. lovely. Maybe FSG aren't the horrible monsters after all?
  7. It's too much money for a bloke in his 30's. Spurs have had Bayerns pants down and shoved it up their shitta..
  8. Can't there be a Saudi political thread opened? Come on here to read about arguably LFC's most successful captain leaving.. and had to scroll through pages of wannabee politicians talking about something totally off-topic.
  9. Thierry Henry about Stevie G: “This guy, it pains me to look at him knowing that he didn’t win the league. I’m not saying that to be sarcastic, understand me well, Stevie G didn’t win the league’, when I say it, it sounds weird. “That doesn’t change the impact, what he could he transmit, how he used to transcend people, the energy, the aura, the attitude. “This guy, when he was on form, even when he wasn’t on, he used to try to find a way to motivate people. To get the crowd behind him; to get players that you might have thought were not that great, suddenly because he told them or tackled someone or smashed the ball in from 35 yards, everyone is like, ‘we will follow this guy’.” “This what I’m saying, it’s not so much about titles, it is but it’s also about, do you inspire people? What do you transmit? How do you transcend people?” “When I think about Liverpool, the older generation will give me other names, King Kenny, Ian Rush, but, for me, he is Liverpool
  10. Can't disagree with any of that mate. Football is fucked.. you can see it coming I mile off.
  11. Not saying we should sell him for free... we shouldn't be dealing with them at all. You're OK with it, I'm not. No big deal mate.
  12. Yeah it is mate. Just does my head in when people claim to be anti sport washing, horrible evil bastards in one post, but then wanting sport washing horrible evil bastards money the next. In my eyes it's one or the.other. Again, just my feelings on the matter.. doesn't make me right.
  13. All I know is.. I can't slag off them horrible murdering cunts.. but then be happy accepting their filthy horrible money. Each to their own tho. As I said, it's only opinions.
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