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  1. Kante is perfectly suited to a high pressing game, winning the ball back quickly, which is what all the best teams currently do. Granted, he isnt suited to a slow, methodical team.
  2. End of the day, the two managers that used him correctly won the league. The two who didn't won fuck all.
  3. Leicester won the league playing great football and Kante was at the heart of that? He then shone for Chelsea when he signed. Must be a reason Chelsea fans have turned against him?
  4. Well he can't have turned to shit within 18 months surely?
  5. You used to wank furiously over Kante?
  6. Kante is a special player. Its surely down to the manager not getting the best out of him/not using him in his best position? It wasn't long ago Kante was regarded as one of the best in the world in his position!
  7. I went to have a bet on Utd getting a penalty but when I looked at the returns it said I would owe Sky Bet money
  8. What a great example this sets! Basically saying.. "go and spend what you want with oil money, regardless of your income". Cheat in a nuttshell.
  9. Wasn't a dig at anyone mate. Simply stating how he's gone from a player that wildly split opinion to an absolute collosus. He's come so far. How he isnt England captain is a joke to be honest.
  10. Feel really sorry for him. Cant lift the trophy in front of the fans and now cant even play in the game its presented. such bad luck. Wasn't long ago most on here were constantly slating him as not being good enough for a club wanting to win things. He is now one of the most successful captains in the clubs history.
  11. LFCMadLad

    VAR in the Premier League

    You can't say that!!! Penalty to Utd!!!
  12. You did actually put us in the same bracket as Utd who have had 25 penalties given in the past 2 seasons compared to our 12. . We aren't even close to being given the most penalties in a season even if you go back 5 years. in fact if i remember correctly, around 3-4 years ago we were the only team not to be awarded a penalty at home throughout a season. You show me one of these 'patches' where Liverpool have been awarded the most penalties in a season? Manchester ufifa however... are winning around double second place for the past 2 seasons. Funny that.
  13. LFCMadLad

    VAR in the Premier League

    Because if they did that they wouldn't be able to award Utd a penalty every game gifting them a passage into the top four silly.