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  1. You will have the league won by February mate.
  2. I wouldn't say Salah is playing that well but that could be because he's playing a lot wider than usual for some reason? Elliot has been playing well though and Carvalho has made a couple of decent sub appearances. The rest have been absolutely dogshit.
  3. @The Palace Fanhas already given the reson why its probably best to postpone games above.
  4. Naby has been included in Guinea’s international squad for the international break later this month. I've heard he wants to leave and that Klopp has had enough of him.
  5. That isn't what I was saying . As if Klopp would be sacked!
  6. You've wrote off Darwin already and he's barely played lol. You knee jerk all the time (same as rick) and get it wrong time and time again
  7. We needed to replace Mane. And please don't tell me you are going to judge Darwin as a dud after about 120 minutes of football? Honestly.. you and Rick never ever learn. Just knee jerk time and time again.
  8. We are totally falling to bits. Something seriously wrong within the club.
  9. Ox and keita both left out of the Champions League squad. Fair to say they are both finished here.
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