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  1. I've heard Fati is slightly overweight
  2. Absolute fox in the box = Ian Rush Most natural finisher = Robbie Fowler Biggest menace = Suarez Best all round player = Dalglish Big shout out to Torres, Keegan and Aldridge who were all fantastic players for us in their own right.
  3. VVD recorded as the fastest player during the previous CL campaign. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/liverpool-fastest-player-mbap-16434819
  4. LFCMadLad

    Liverpool Discussion

    Where have you heard that mate? I ask because all the medical reports from his failed medical with us explained that the operation Fekir had on his knee was a cheap bodge job which left loads of soft scar tissue that is more than likely to tear again. Basically the professional medics that carried out the medical strongly suggested that it was a case of when, not if, his knee gave way again. I dont think we would have pulled out of a £53m deal at the very last minute if the only issue was Fekir getting arthritis when hes retired.
  5. LFCMadLad

    Rafa to Chelsea

    When Klopp leaves id love Rafa back
  6. LFCMadLad

    Rafa to Chelsea

    Quality manager, way too classy for Chelsea.
  7. That's a fantastic idea for those who live in the USA etc
  8. I get that but at the end of the day, in any transfer, the player always has the final say. If De Ligt chooses PSG over a club like Barcelona/Bayern etc then hes a mug, or just extremely greedy.
  9. I get what you're saying mate but Raiola doesn't hold a gun to these players head. Whichever players hire agents such as Raiola are just as bad in my opinion. Only thinking about money rather than their career. De Ligt could literally take his pick from some of the biggest clubs in Europe. If he chooses PSG then that's because hes a greedy little shite that cares little about anything other than money.
  10. "I'm not about to quote names" Quotes a name
  11. In training at Utd when Pogba was about 12 probably.
  12. Fucking shite anyway. He'll be good in 2-3 years but as things stand hes a bit of a liability to be honest. Cost Ajax and Holland dearly recently.