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  1. I'm in Mexico so VAR can suck my fat one
  2. LFCMadLad

    Everton Discussion

    Fuck Everton and fuck Brands
  3. Alternative is get rid of half your team
  4. Just a shame he tarnished his career by playing for you set of wankers
  5. LFCMadLad

    Arsenal Discussion

    I'd still take Wenger over Emery even now. Just my personal preference obviously.
  6. Who did he say he wanted to replace? Not saying you're wrong, I just didn't hear it?
  7. 3 months isnt that bad considering.
  8. I dont understand why me and you sometimes clash because most of the time I agree with you
  9. Players signing new contracts just before they move is nothing new. I'm not saying he will leave, just that contract renewals before leaving is not a new thing. Its basically the club maximising their asset and the player getting 2 signing on fees.
  10. Apparently Mourinho wanted him instead of Fabinho, which obviously worked out well for us.