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  1. The thing is mate, VAR, the cameras, the technology as you mentioned, will always be operated by humans. Therefore, it will never work. The sooner the few people who actually like VAR realise that the better.
  2. Ok, it's time for your tablets. I'm not carrying on a conversation with someone that makes a statement like this. Goodnight God bless.
  3. That's good then, because you are 1 out of about 3 people left in the world who actually try to justify referees and VAR as being anything other than dogshit.
  4. So he royaly fucked up in other words? And VAR being the absolute pointless bag of shit that it is failed yet again to do its job?
  5. Proven to be true? It's been proven about 50 times a week that referees and VAR is one massive shit show. You said 1% of the time a referee may lose his memory for 3 seconds. I'm with @Rickon this one...
  6. I said it from day 1 and got mocked the shit out of. Even now people on here use my views on VAR as a stick to beat me with. It's shit, it's ruining the game and anyone who can't see that is quite honestly not right in the head. To be fair most people have now realised how detrimental to the game it actually is. There is still the odd numbnut though that thinks it's a good thing. They will come round eventually though, it just takes some longer than others to engage their brain.
  7. Was Mick Jones a Revie player? Met him loads of times. He had a shop in the village where my mum lived. Got my first ever football boots and shin pads from him haha.
  8. Breaking: RedBird Capital will acquire a 10% stake in FSG for $750M. RedBird are majority owners in Toulouse FC & American Football League XFL. They’ve put lots of money into both projects. (@Sportico)
  9. A pop at you? Wow, I honestly don't know what to say in here anymore? I literally seem to offend someone every time I post? I didn't mean to 'have a pop at you' at all mate. Just thought we were having a discussion? It seems like it's trendy for people to start on me lately which is funny because it wouldn't happen if we were all face to face. Luxury of the internet I suppose!?. Anyway, take care all of you, I'm out for good.
  10. Games wouldn't be able to be rigged if that happened though mate.
  11. Yeah I'll agree with that. We probably should have signed a CB 30 days before we did.
  12. You said we started the season with 3 CB's.... that's fundamentally wrong. If we are having a conversation, at the very least don't make things up. Honestly though, I'm really not wanting to get into this again. Its been done a million times and we are still no closer to agreeing. I'm happy to draw a line under the whole thing. It's either poor planning or extremely bad luck that we have no CB's available... let's just leave it at that.
  13. We have a clear starting CB in VVD, we have a clear second starting CB in Gomez and a quality third CB in Matip. We then have young players that probably wasn't planned to get much game time and then Fabinho who is pretty fucking good at CB. The whole lot of them are injured. You say it's bad planning and that's fine, it's your opinion. I say it's amazingly bad luck to lose all our CB's to season ending injuries, plus our back up options. That's my opinion and I'm led to believe that everyone is entitled to one on this discussion board? There is a massive difference of opinion on this and its been discussed to death. Bad planning not buying cover incase 4 CB's get injured... Maybe? Bad luck having the injuries we have sustained to CB's... Absolutely!
  14. Not going into this again. If you think klopp, Edwards and those above are idiots then that's your opinion and you're entitled to it mate.
  15. Klopp has said that he was happy with Matip, VVD, Gomez and Fabinho as CB's, especially with Thiago coming in. I honestly don't know why anyone can't get their head around that.. I honestly can't? I mean, even if we had kept Lovren we would still be in the shit because literally every time we play a game, somebody gets injured. These things can't be planned for. We can't just buy quality players for 3rd and 4th choice in each position. Its simply a case of us having a poor season with immense amounts of bad luck. We will be fine, we are in good hands.