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  1. Said it from day one mate. Its criminal what VAR has done to the game. Anyway, when is Mourinho getting sacked? He's done, dusted as a top tier manager.
  2. Yeah i can see you lot turning into our Rodgers side... you score 3, we will score 4 kinda team.
  3. Chelsea and Leicester literally bending over and letting Utd in the back door
  4. Werner is sat somewhere holding his head in his hands
  5. What fucking kind of defending is that? Just crouching down in the middle of a crowd with no fucks given where the ball is going
  6. Yeah i didn't mean start them all in every game, like you say, spread the games out between them all. Going full strength in all our remaining games doesn't really benefit us at all apart from maybe setting some new records which I'm not really that bothered about to be honest. Would much rather see how the young lads can integrate into the first team. If however we can do that AND set records then that would be great 👍
  7. 8 hours ago, Cicero said: City bound. Napoli using the funds to get both Gabriel and Oshimen from Lille. Good business from them. 6 hours ago, Cicero said: Nah Pep won't aspire for that. Cicero.. Are you a City ITK?
  8. Play the first team in this and then let's see the likes of our youngsters such as Jones, Hoever, Williams, Elliot get a decent run out in the remaining fixtures. Will also be a good chance to see Kieta given a prolonged spell. I know some want records broken so will want to see full strength nearly every game but I personally think that giving our most promising youngsters a run of games will be much more beneficial in the long run, especially with us apparently not signing anyone this transfer window.
  9. I think saving peoples lives by following social distancing is the most important thing! There is no excuse for anyone to be risking other people's lives regardless.
  10. yeah we will. When it was BLM protesters gathering though it was 'understandable' apparently?
  11. Yep, gathering in large groups is fucking wank, whoever does it.
  12. chelsea will be the next club banned from European competition because of cheating.