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  1. If we can somehow get past Barca.. I think we can win this
  2. Hendo playing fucking amazing further forward btw.
  3. Mane is fucking brilliant. One of my fave players
  4. I thought he was fantastic. Reminds me of Mascherano a bit actually.
  5. Everyone praising Liverpool! I'm feeling all warm and fuzzie
  6. They're all there bless'm with their head bandages on and socks pulled up. Getting thrashed De Gae should have saved it with his legs
  7. Deeney is a proper whopper, so for that reason I'm glad he got sent off.
  8. You dont think Salah or Mane are good enough to oust players like Sane and B Silva etc? I'd say Salah would walk into their team. Fabinho isn't far from being good enough to make their midfield either.
  9. We will beat you in the CL Final
  10. Trent though. I'll just keep laughing at people who say hes crap. TAA (mark my words) will be one of the best RB's around. Come on
  11. Hendo is so underrated. Top player
  12. You sexy little Egyptian bastard