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  1. Yeah I should have been more clear. They will play in CL and League games for sure, league Cup they will probably sit out. I don't think they will be hooked early in games though as Gonzo suggested..
  2. Klopp will play them every game before they go to the ACON. And rightly so. No point resting them now.
  3. Saturday night aaand I like the way you mooove... Divock Origi
  4. Hey, if you'd like to see him punched in the face then that's nothing to do with me mate.
  5. Still 3rd highest goalscorer in the league behind Mane and Salah ... I think?
  6. I agree... bias aside I honestly think Salah is the best player in the world as things stand, despite some idiots voting him as 7th hahahaha Silva though is playing out of his skin atm, mad how he almost left you lot last summer?
  7. No I agree Mike. He's off this summer from what I've heard but he's been nothing short of the perfect professional since he's been here and as you say, scored many crucial goals. He has never moaned about lack of game time and has always done a decent job whenever called upon. I've never really got this obsession with some of our fan base who do nothing but stag him off and can't wait for him to be sold? He will never be starter for us but as you say, he is an excellent 4th/5th choice option. Good luck to him at his next club.
  8. I might be wrong and I can't be arsed to check but I think we only miss 2 league games without Salah n Mane. The other games I think are league Cup and fa Cup games?
  9. A slight worry yeah but I think they will only miss 2 league games so should be OK.
  10. I mean, I think that's pretty wank our fans chanting the 'rafa benitez' song in their back yard
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