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  1. LFCMadLad

    Steven Gerrard - How's He Doing?

  2. LFCMadLad

    Steven Gerrard - How's He Doing?

    Just noticed Rangers have only conceded 3 goals all season, none at Ibrox. Thats some stat.
  3. To be honest mate, having read back through this, it actually looks like we are only one player short of totally agreeing. That player being Thiago, which is highly debatable anyway. And I can totally see your argument about him not being a key player seeing as he's barely played for us yet, its just frustrating on our part because I think when he is fit he'll be a mainstay in the midfield. Anyway, all this seems a bit 'storm in a teacup' to be honest. Im sure we can all move on and agree that we actually all agree to an extent
  4. Hang on a minute Mr perfect, you were the one coming on here with little dig comments setting it all off....
  5. Not sure what is so hilarious about me saying we are in a good position considering the injuries we've had and the opposition we have faced so far? But hey ho....
  6. Ive never understood why Americans say "sup" instead of a simple "hi" for instance
  7. Fair enough if he has them difficulties. Like I said, it was only a small gripe of mine.
  8. Hendo isn't a guaranteed starter? He was our POTY last season. When he's fit, he plays. As for Thiago.. does it matter when a player is signed? He was signed by us as one of the best teams in Europe because he is world class. Losing him to injury is still a blow whether he has been here 5 minutes or 5 years. Feel sorry for ourselves? You are losing the plot just like your team mate. Nobody is feeling sorry for themselves here. In fact when you take into account that we have played Arsenal, Everton, Chelsea and City away, and got Leicester out of the way too, whilst contending with a pretty bad injury list, yet still sit joint top of the league with some top players due to return and our youngsters stepping up big time... things are looking rosy mate. I think you’re the one who probably feels a bit sorry for himself buddy.
  9. Thats fair enough mate. All i will say is that its a good job all the other foreign managers don't take that route or else post match interviews would literally take half a day to conclude. Still think he should speak fluent English by now but like I said, its only a small gripe because all in all I like Leeds as a club.
  10. I just feel that someone who has worked in the UK for years should by now have been bothered to learn the language. I mean, its the most common language spoken in the world and he still needs a translator.
  11. I like Leeds as a club but just one little gripe. . Why has their manager not even tried to learn the language of the country he plies his trade? Pig ignorant if you ask me. Its not like hes only just started a new job here!
  12. Those comments were tongue in cheek and were explained if you read back. I made some tongue in cheek comments myself, but I also stated that in my opinion we have the best balanced squad in the league, the best first 11 and the best manager, and that even with long term injuries we would still probably win the league. These injuries have actually given us even more options because going on yesterdays performance, Curtis Jones is going to be an exceptional player. He probably wouldn't have got the chances hes got had it not been for constant injuries to our midfielders. Every cloud as they say.