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  1. I get all that mate... but for me, any player that puts his own self worth/disappointment over a massive win for the club isn't a team player. Klopp is a legend, will be forever. He has done so much for this club. Mane needs to pick his lip up and stop being a prick. This isn't the first time he's acted like this when things haven't gone his way.
  2. He acted like a dick, totally dismissed klopp and the players who were celebrating. Not happy... fuck off!
  3. Pissed off of course. But blatantly showing disrespect to the manager and the players that just won the game?.... nah... he can pack that fucking shit in.
  4. Klopp has enabled Mane to win a Champions League and a League title. If Mane isn't happy spending the odd game on the bench then he can fuck off. That goes for any other player that thinks he's above our bench. Remember where you come from.
  5. His eye seemed to be ok when he knocked in a goal minutes later?
  6. I actually feel really sorry for you. As a fan that actually goes to nearly every game it must be horrible for you to watch at home. For you to watch Mourinho destroy all the good work that went before him must be doubly hard to take?
  7. Some might say a few of the decisions against us this season have been diabolical.
  8. Just hope he hasn't got a big cock or it will probs be called offside.
  9. Yeah, we've had about 112 goals ruled out by VAR for fingernails, armpits and club shirts blowing in the wind for offside.
  10. You stated over and over and over again that Werner was signed as a ST and was wasted anywhere else? I've never known anyone change their mind as quickly as you. So reactive haha
  11. There is a certain Chelsea fan on here who said from day one that Jorginho was shite. Everyone else argued he was amazing.
  12. LFCMadLad

    Slippy G vs Fat Frank

    Lampard won more because he played for a oil funded corrupt fucker who outspent everyone during that period. Everybody knows that.
  13. LFCMadLad

    Slippy G vs Fat Frank

    When they won the double? Abandoned it and got sacked?
  14. LFCMadLad

    Slippy G vs Fat Frank

    Remember something like that yeah. Gerrard played RB, Right Wing, Box to Box, Deep Liying, Number 10 and never batted an eyelid... Frank played 10 yard further forward for a season and cried like a bitch 😢