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  1. Milner created a goal for his 3rd game on the run at right back. Doesn't quite match up to Clyne's 5 in 103 games, but not bad regardless.
  2. Worst bottle job? Against this City side. Fucking do one you absolute clanger
  3. I'm laughing more at his comment that he makes 178 times a day to be honest. Of course City are better and so they should be. I just find it amusing that he feels the need to tell the whole forum on a daily basis.
  4. Your shite wasn't worth a proper reply mate. You are literally constantly on the wind up.
  5. Kante totally and utterly wasted in this system. Roman surely has his finger on the trigger?
  6. Fair play to you mate, every single day you repeat the same sort of shite trying to hook a bite with absolute no end product. You carry on regardless though bless ya
  7. Sarri has set up to get wollaped here. Very average manager.
  8. Not even 15 minutes gone... game over.