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  1. Absolutely! Chelsea are actually becoming much more likeable now they have a manager that isn't a prick, who is trying to develop youth, rather than one who is under so much pressure to win trophies.
  2. No, I was referring to the miss spelling and missed out words
  3. Because you couldn't buy in the transfer window, so youth for Chelsea will have to do
  4. It's always going to be like this where VAR is concerned, a very even split. Some people want football to be robotic, where every decision is bang on to the millimetre, despite what it takes away from the game. Other people just prefer the game the way it was, despite the odd wrong decision.
  5. I'm not saying that letter is totally made out to be Fergie when it's not.... But Fergie didn't send it Why would one of the most hard faced twats in football history suddenly send a soppy letter to an arrogant French bloke? Moreover, why would Fergie include Utd's financial situation in the letter? Utd couldn't afford a top striker? Utd under Fergie were breaking transfer records right, left and centre Load of shite .... "Hi Eric its Fergie, I luv you and would love you to visit me sometime and oh did I mention we cant afford a top striker"? Fuck sake
  6. I agree. Next summer Salah will be 28/29 and we will get another record fee. Next summer is probably the time to sell.
  7. Basically what they did last season.
  8. You honestly dont think they are going way overboard on what and why things are being checked? You cant possibly think that it's good for the flow of a game, surely? It's becoming a joke. It's all anyone talks about either during or after a game. Football is a game. I mean what next, human footballers scrapped in favour of robots that play the game perfectly fair? The passion, emotion and controversy that football is all about has been replaced by drongo's sat behind a screen still making shit decisions. I'm not going to say much more on the subject because to be honest, it's become as boring as Brexit.
  9. And that's why its pissing so many people off. Absolutely no need whatsoever to check that tackle. Absolutely no need to check EVERY goal neither to be honest.. It's becoming a farce.
  10. Because the game has totally gone VAR mad.
  11. Not really a fan at all of plastic flags being handed out to try and generate an atmosphere, whether that's at Goodison, Anfield, Stamford Bridge or anywhere else. I'm not saying a ground should be banging in every game mind, but in the biggest games a crowd really should be rocking the place. Waving plastic flags handed out by the club just feels really fake to me.