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  1. shut up

    Rhian Brewster - Liverpool Future Uncertain

    Except you, apparently
  2. Chelsea should have saved their money and just kept Willian.
  3. Havertz a €100m player is he? Looked muck in both Chelsea's games.
  4. Get kolasinac out of my football club. Fucking dreadful
  5. Kolasinac and Holding are muck. Hate kolasinac the most as he doesn't even attempt to win the ball. He just shoves people about
  6. Kolasinac is bad. We also need another creative midfielder. We can't keep relying on Ceballos all the time. We can't keep playing this 343 shite. We're giving up a man in midfield and it's costing us.
  7. I want to go on record and declare that i stuck up for the ev when everyone was sneering at your signings!
  8. maybe you'll stop whining about signings now
  9. Such a spurs thing to do
  10. With or without thiago, liverpool still retain the title.
  11. The bid is €50m apparently. Him and the Icelandic keeper will be two great signings if we can get them through the door!
  12. Andre Gomes is the only weak link in your side. Fuck him off and get Zaha in.