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  1. It's a great podcast. And yes, he's a steady Eddie. Not impressed tbh and when ESR doesn't play centrally we lose our tempo
  2. What a weird comment. Why would anyone be shouting for a manager to get the sack after a victory? Even if they want him gone, they're too busy enjoying the win, rather than acting the dickhead
  3. Have any of the Chelsea attacking signing performed this season? Ziyech is dreadful. Bet he gets subbed at HT
  4. nobody condemns their own players, hardly shocking is it?!
  5. Chelsea fans commenting on opposition players cheating
  6. Something Rodgers needs to learn. All of his teams fall a part at the end of the season.
  7. You've got a better squad than us and have plenty of depth. We started with Elneny, Xhaka, Willian and Mari. Hardly top players We were also away in Greece Thursday, and then away at Leicester 12 pm today. You were at home Thursday and home today, so you've had the advantage here.
  8. Arsenal also played in the europa league, no idea why you're crying about it. Playing Thursday-Sunday is something all Europa league teams do all season, it's nothing new or out of the ordinary
  9. Half of these players were playing in Greece three days ago. No excuse
  10. Pepe absolutely roasting the Leicester defence. He's been brilliant since xmas but you probably wont hear about it. The league is done for us so this doesn't mean too much, always nice to win though, obviously
  11. You're bottling just like every season. You always run out of steam
  12. How on earth are Leicester struggling against our second string at home?