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  1. The Master and Margarita is the greatest book I have ever read so i hope they don't fuck this up https://deadline.com/2021/07/a-hidden-life-august-diehl-15m-russian-drama-woland-1234798036/
  2. Kane is better than both, despite him being run into the ground and mismanaged by spurs.
  3. Didn't you pay £40m for Ake, £40m for Mangala and £52m for Mendy?
  4. Abraham is class. People talk about him like he's Sanogo or Borini.
  5. Paul Joseph Watson is alt-right btw. He's a quasi fascist and trump bumboy
  6. It will just be propaganda for the club. Boring.
  7. Nobody should tolerate or pander racists. I wouldn't waste my breath trying to get any racist 'on board' cos they don't wanna understand. They're ignorant fuckers, who are more than happy to 'not understand'.
  8. I said this about all the young English players. Playing in the premier league ruins players. Sancho, Saka, Rashford, Grealish, Foden, Mount etc... will likely peak at 26/27 and be past their best at 30.
  9. Hasn't he been carrying some sort of injury for like 2 years?
  10. We're at the beginning of the cycle with this England squad. I think it will peak at Euro 2024. Plenty to be optimistic about.
  11. Also, Spain nearly bottled it against Croatia and Switzerland. I reckon we would have caught them early enough to beat them at Wembley. They got better as the tournament went on. People are letting their performance against Italy go to their heads. Knighthoods are a nonsense
  12. You can say that about a lot of teams who reach finals. There is always an easier side of the draw. France were beaten by Switzerland. We did well to lose a penalty shootout in a euros final. Brilliant achievement for this squad.
  13. Really posh area too. I worked there for a while. Washington is a town in the north east, and it has a huge stationary warehouse there that employs a lot of people in the town, hence Washington Envelopes
  14. Italy having an extra days rest if a big advantage for them. I'm hoping we can win it in 90 minutes. I definitely don't want this going to penalties
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