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  1. That the decision was wrong, or that you agreed with it?
  2. I mean, we scores a similar goal that was ruled out against you ,and you thought it was the right decision
  3. Most of it was terribly spent too. Ziyech has been invisible all season, and Havertz and Werner very poor. Leicester scouting network is so good. How many duds have they bought? Even Evans has been a quality signing.
  4. How do you know it wasn't checked? They're always checking incidents, they don't have to announce it everytime
  5. 2 fa cup final defeats in two years hahaha
  6. Not sure if he has the wealth? Obviously a billionaire, but kroenke is worth a lot more
  7. The opposite of Mustafi, who would do crazy things for 80 mins and then have 10 mins where he was decent
  8. Ha, not all liverpool fans ,obviously, but a lot just let it slide.
  9. I don't understand why liverpool fans let Firmino get away with having a shite goal scoring record just bcos he plays a few through balls . It's pathetic
  10. Only two other clubs have won more silverware than Arsenal in the past 6 years. Stan acting the clueless gimp, yet again.
  11. As if spurs have made merchandise for reaching the carabao cup final
  12. Only thing arsenal fans have left is to be able to laugh at spurs https://www.sincespurslastwonatrophy.co.uk/
  13. Still decent strikers and can grab a goal! You'll spend big in the summer
  14. Why has pep not started Aguero or Jesus? I can see where Arteta gets his nonsense from