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  1. I have just seen that Allison save and it was literally straight at him. Like, any professional goalkeeper would have saved that. Liverpool fans need to chill out.
  2. Spurs were very good, even if Barca defensively were pathetic. I hate Inter though, so a silver lining there.
  3. This is the worst Barca performance I have ever seen. So poor.
  4. Neither do I, but storts is deflecting here big time. Only one team in north london has a reputation for arsenal and it aint arsenal
  5. he's still rattled from getting embarrassed in the NLD. It usually takes him 3-4 weeks to get over it. You'd think he'd be used to get beat by Arsenal by now.
  6. fyi, only two of them were dives. mustafi getting booked was ridiculous
  7. Why is everyone suddenly pretending that Alli isn't the most prolific diver in the league?
  8. Here are some home games completely selected at random. (MK Dons holds 31k) Not quite 67k The novelty of wembley has worn off and the back to normal ticket prices show more realistic attendance figures.
  9. That's when they slashed the tickets prices due to playing at Wembley and you could get in for £20 Now they've gone back to normal ticket prices, Watford have a higher average attendance
  10. Meanwhile, big clubs like Arsenal get nearly 50k for a midweek league cup game against a league one side
  11. Imagine only doing 33k for a premier league game
  12. The most important question regarding spurs should be why the fuck are they building a new stadium which holds 61k when their average attendance this season has been 37k
  13. I don't think Marc knows how yellow cards work. Only one yellow per player, mate, not one player picked up three yellows.
  14. Can't see Arsenal anywhere on these lists.