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  1. Arsenal 3rd kits 2019/2020
  2. This is the problem with older fans like yourself, you are stuck in the past. Football is global now and you need to get with the times. Worldwide fans arent always gonna be able to come and watch in london and it doesnt mean they're not fans, but while we're on this topic, after every match arsenal play there is a foreign fan on Arsenal fan tv, who has travelled thousands of miles to watch us at home to burnley. Even our US tour we had fans travelling thousands of miles to watch us play friendlies. Anyway, back to the point. A worldwide fanbase encompasses many fans who cant always attend. But there are two ways you can measure worldwide support, as these supporters will usually do two things 1) watch their team on TV 2) buy their football top If celtic have this massive worldwide following why are the viewing figures so poor for their games and why is nobody buying celtic shirts? If arsenal played a game in lagos or mumbai they would sell out, celtic wouldn't
  3. Do you ever go a day without mentioning Everton? Pointing out facts isnt bitterness kid.
  4. Hahahahaha Imagine thinking ppl in Asia and africa are staying up early hours to watch celtic vs dundee
  5. How the fuck do you know what arsenal took to paris? 😂
  6. Celtic don't even have a worldwide fanbase, its basically ireland and Glasgow. Nobody in africa, eastern europe or asia gives a fuck about celtic.
  7. Serves you right for winning the league
  8. we have a much larger fanbase in the uk and abroad. you can't walk around any city in the UK without seeing someone in an arsenal top. nobody cares about scottish football clubs. goodnight.
  9. you are on a different wavelength to the rest of society if you think celtic have a larger fanbase than arsenal. nobody gives a fuck about them outside of Ireland & Scotland, whereas the continent of africa (for example) supports arsenal.
  10. It's a total love in. Sky and BT Sport have basically become LFC TV. It's ridiculous. Their trophy haul over the past 20 years is poor in comparison to the coverage they get.
  11. so why are you crying about the media not liking them if you agree they get disproportionately covered? Sky/BBC/ BT Sport etc... are all 'london' media and they are all big time liverpool bummers
  12. liverpool have won one trophy in 8 years(?) and have massively underachieved in the premier league era, yet they still get disproportionately talked about. They have gotten the same amount of coverage as Man utd, despite doing nothing really.
  13. Celtic and Rangers are nowhere near as big as Arsenal you thick twat. They lose players to mid-table english clubs. Their worldwide fan base isn't anywhere near the size of ours either.
  14. shut up

    Round 06: Monaco

    Hamilton win percentage only bettered by Jim Clark. Phenomenal driver. Also really surprised at how poor Alonso's is.
  15. shut up

    2019/2020 Kits