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  1. He's shite. Some people still think it's 2009. Finished manager
  2. shut up

    Napoli Sack Carlo Ancelotti

    why? he's shite. about Everton's level
  3. no chance he comes here. not good enough and even our board know that. the profile we are looking for is total opposite.
  4. yes, let's hire a manager who can't even keep a job in his native league and has been sacked 5 times in 8 years finished manager
  5. shut up

    Napoli Sack Carlo Ancelotti

    7th in the league. 18 points from 1st and 9 points off top 4 is a good enough reason to sack him
  6. lfcmadlad will still find something to moan about
  7. wonder if they will give ferugson the job or not
  8. think mourinho is done as a top manager. no idea what his gameplan was beyond keeping it tight and hoping for a bit of individual brilliance
  9. Nah, it's pretty obvious who is out there. you can't compare signing players to appointing a manager. should have been sorted already.
  10. sounds like the board are gonna take their time with this next appointment, the fuckers
  11. hope man utd win this tbh. need to keep ole there for a while