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  1. Surprised about Keltenkreuz being banned tbh
  2. Yeah I know, but lets be honest, you try and walking around any country except India with a swastika
  3. I know, but unfortunately the swastika only represents one thing now
  4. That was a guess/question btw. i wasn't sure if true or not, but I know that any Nazi insignia in Germany is punishable by prison sentence??
  5. Well they still use the swastika in Jainism, but we all know what it means
  6. I meant non germans or people using german browser obviously we have established that in germany it is just the skull and cross bones. Also, due to the laws in Germany regarding anything affiliated with the Nazis would be filtered out? , unless you literally typed in 'nazi stuff'.
  7. In every English speaking country Totenkopf represents the Nazis. We don't have to say Nazi Totenkopf or SS Totenkopf. It is simply Totenkopf. According to my French housemate it is the same in France. (maybe @Batard can confirm) And like I said, everyone type in Totenkopf into google and see what comes up.
  8. we fought them, we know what is and isn't a nazi symbol. you don't have to be german to work that out Also, to show I am being fair and not just picking on eastern europeans, here is the flag of Chelsea Headhunters, a known white supremacist football hooligan group from england.
  9. his style is the same as rafa benitez, unfortunately
  10. I know the literal meaning is the same 'deaths head or skull and cross bones' but worldwide totenkopf is synonymous with a particular type of 'skull and cross bone'(Nazi insignia) . stop playing ignorant. you type in jolly roger into google, and then type in totenkopf and see what you get. jolly roger Totenkopf
  11. No they don't. They put the jolly roger on their merchandise, which is a variation of the skull and crossbones. there is a subtle difference between this and the Totenkopf, they are not the same thing and you know it. Jolly Roger Totenkopf (Nazi symbol)
  12. i can't believe we couldnt master bate poor
  13. but that's one team tbf, it seems like every team from eastern europe has really problematic fans.