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  1. Terrible performance. I think it's clear that a lot of the time Emery just makes it up as he goes along, and doesn't really have that much tactical nouse. The fact that he changes the team 3 or 4 games per game means that he is getting it wrong 2 or 3 times per game. When it works he looks a genius, but the other times he looks a fraud.
  2. It's hard to choose between Kane, Alli and Salah I guess. Is Zaha really that bad? Vardy isn't bad at all imo, nowhere near Kane levels.
  3. pep has had the best squad in europe since 2008 and has won the ucl twice? fraud
  4. ref has been fucking awful, again!!!! anthony taylor, stupid cunt
  5. Most spurs fans are from the home counties, as are spurs tbf
  6. Liverpool aren't the only english team in europe...
  7. the english dominating europe again? you hate to see it
  8. i have such an unreasonable hatred for bayern munich's goal nets. you can't even tell if the ball has gone in half the time. just have all white nets, you dweebs
  9. King Unai has done it again
  10. most spurs fans aren't from london
  11. except spurs fans sang the same song a few years back, and also the cringey "mind that gap". a tinpot club who need to be put back in their place.
  12. also, leno has been since the 2nd half of the season. top signing