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  1. I actually feel for City. To score like that, last seconds after a game like that, celebrate as a fan, going mental, no Spurs players appealing to the ref, and then have it all taken away from you...its cruel. Going forward, they were supurb tonight. They haven't looked that good for a while but tonight was vintage City in attack. Sterling is playing in the Top bracket right now, he's in unreal form. Defensively though, so costly. I seriously question not starting Fernandinho because both first half goals for Spurs came after huge gaps in midfield that Erikson, Alli and Moura exploited. He's usually in there protecting the defence. And why did Pep play such a poor team in the first leg? They should have had a go and tried for a couple away goals themselves. It seriously cost them. Nevertheless, we have to celebrate that one of the best Champions League games of all time, let alone in the world, was played by two English sides that went toe to toe with eachother and that should be applauded. Football is the winner. Don't care what anyone says, I don't care whose won what in previous years or whatever. Right now, at this moment, the Premier League is top of the tree.
  2. Lucas

    Sleep - Sleep - Sleep

    My number one annoyance. When you know subconsciously you have to be up early for something, wake up 3 or 4 times during the night and check the clock, thinking its got to be close when infact time is on your side still, and then when that alarm goes off, you suddenly feel like you been hit by a ton of bricks. Injustice.
  3. That is a dangerous game for Liverpool. I've never been a massive fan of Cardiff since Sam Hammam, the cup game and our matches that followed but I do feel for Warnock somewhat. They have had some rough decisions, they deserve some luck. And I actually think they could get a point at Old Trafford on the last day. Not exactly unheard of going to Old Trafford and coming away with something these days.
  4. I can see that... I'm going to play devil's advocate here. Can you see yourself being more up for next season if it is League One, given the success you had last time?
  5. Ajax were an actual pleasure to watch. I'm struggling to remember when I last sat down and watched a team continually absorb my interest this season with how quality they were knocking it about like that. At times, it was like watching them play a real life version of Fifa. Mark my words. This team can win it. They have absolutely no fear. City or Spurs should fear them. Infact, I would love to see City go through now and see if Ajax could go toe to toe with them. That would be mouth watering because you know it would be a virtual slugfest. That front three of Ajax work a lot like Mane, Salah and Firmino last year. So fluid the way they link up. And what has happened to Dusan Tadic? He looks three times the player he was at Southampton.
  6. You're definitely giving the impression you're more bothered than you should be about Deeney although I appreciate you may have thought I was singling you out and taken umbridge. This is simply my opinion, it would be boring if we all saw things the same way right? Personally, I don't disagree with you that he's put himself in the spotlight for saying something publically but equally, that shouldn't be shoved down his throat constantly just because he said it once. He based his opinion on the fact he'd played against Arsenal numerous times and had plenty of joy against them, it wasn't a one off. Was he wrong? No. What he said, we'd all been saying for ages on here in a roundabout way so it was truth. Arsenal beat them in the return fixture so they got their just desserts and have beaten them against since. I respect Deeney for being so honest. That same night Watford won, he gave one of the best interviews I've seen on BT Sport talking about how bad he'd acted in the past and wanted to get on the straight and narrow and it was refreshing to hear. People can relate. Now that is what I call an admirable trait. I just think there's no need for everyone to be so venomous to him and keep chucking it in his face. That would just suggest that he's got under their skin more than they think a little of which, I've no doubt he probably relishes. I'm not a member of the Troy Deeney fan club by the way, but I admire certain characteristics of him and simply see things from a different perspective.
  7. Going up Friday for the weekend so no doubt I will be present to watch us have 32 shots at goal, 70% possession and Wigan win 1-0 with a deflected trickler in.
  8. Oh yeah? Love a bit of 'Reiming' do you @CaaC - John?
  9. I'll give one thing to Troy Deeney, it's brilliant how much he gets under the skin of so many people, especially some on here. He knows he's not the most graceful player but he'll give plenty of heart and emotion and plays on the edge. Sadly for him it's been his undoing here but he's far from a bad person just because he's physical. The game isn't about being graceful all the time. And I for one think it's refreshing to see a player speak up and tell it as it is sometimes than the usual robotic approach. Yes, his comments can make himself a target and he can be easily criticised but fuck it, he's a character and you need character's in the game. He was bang on about Arsenal too that time he publically slated them and he only said what everyone thought. That shouldn't be used against him.
  10. Lucas

    Game Of Thrones

    Agreed. I massively regret my decision.
  11. Lucas

    Game Of Thrones

    Alarm is set for 5am. But fuck it. I'm gonna take the hit. I have to see it before work. Some prick is only gonna mention it on Twitter or Facebook and in my downtime, I'm gonna need something to read. I'm going balls deep but spoiler free. It's like being a kid at Christmas again. Let's have it...
  12. I keep saying it week upon week but the winning sides get 'moments' during a season. Liverpool have had quite a few and that Salah goal was another moment today. They are destined to win this title for me, I just think there is a slip up for City somewhere, I really do.
  13. Poetic justice. Such a shambles of a club from top to bottom and deserving of their place in League One. Back to back relegations for Lambert. Club's just do not learn but if you want to play Table Tennis using a clipboard, that's up to them.
  14. As long as we stay ahead of the Blades, I'm happy. They will have played first again before we play Wigan next Friday so I hope they can drop points again and give us a huge lift. Good win for your boys too. Sunderland are choking. You got a sniff now.
  15. Lucas

    Your Expensive Habits

    My Girlfriend.