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  1. Saturday 17th August, 2019 Arsenal 2-1 Burnley, 12.30 Aston Villa 2-2 Bournemouth Brighton 1-0 West Ham Everton 2-0 Watford Man City 3-1 Tottenham, 17.30 Norwich 2-1 Newcastle Southampton 1-2 Liverpool Sunday 18th August, 2019 Chelsea 2-1 Leicester, 16.30 Sheff Utd 1-0 Crystal Palace, 14.00 Monday 19th August, 2019 Wolves 1-2 Man Utd, 20.00
  2. Lucas

    When they see us - Central park 5

    Finished this the other day. Going to be bold here. I would say this is up there with the best TV I have seen this year. Absolutely gripped. So intense. For someone who knew so little about the events beforehand, I am amazed what I've learnt. The performances from the child actors were of an exceptionally high standard but there is no doubt, the lad who plays Koreey Wise as a kid through to adult steals the show. Only a 4 parter, and yet so cleverly constructed to tell the tale from all perspectives. And even more amazing was the hour long show with Oprah Winfrey interviewing the cast as well as the real life people involved. I don't usually go 'all in' and champion many series, but I urge anyone to watch this.
  3. Have to say I thought he was really engaging. Probably the first time in a while I've watched the post match analysis right up to when the show ended. The difference from Thierry Henry to him is gargantuan. Makes Henry look like a lidl panelist. And as for sharing the studio with Graeme Souness, Jose made him look like he's got asbergers. Time to go Souey. Jose is definitely more likeable in this environment. Sky should get Wenger for me and team them up. That would make their panel serious A-list again. What a great combo potentially, the two managers that hated eachother for years, now working together. Could be gold.
  4. Lucas

    Leeds United Discussion

    Have to say, thought we dealt with Sky's banana skin extremely well last night. Bit of a lose lose situation for us really, but we rotated a few about and did enough for a comfortable win without over exerting ourselves. Ideal. Pleased to see Nketiah up and running. That's the type of goals we want him to score. Predatory. Just a note on Salford. They get a bit of stick for being famous but I'm not a hater to be fair. I don't mind the fact they have come from where they have to where they are now, good luck to them. Don't think they will find League Two as much a breeze as maybe they have been predicted mind.
  5. Lucas

    Leeds United Discussion

    Jack Clarke will wait his chance till he deserves it. Simple as that. We've developed the boy all his life, he's in the best hands he could be in, with people that known him and nurtured him. It's a long season. He will play his part I've no doubt. Still a very raw talent and Pochettino knows that or else he'd not have let him back here to continue his growth.
  6. Also sickeningly, Wan Bissaka looks an absolute bargain.
  7. I want to focus on a positive for a moment. Not going to lie, the first half from Chelsea was one of the first times in god knows how long I've sat down as a neutral and thoroughly enjoyed watching them. Very refreshing play. They didn't take their chances, you can argue various reasons for that, and the individual mistakes defensively have ultimately killed them. But I liked the way they took control of the game. If they scored when on top, it's a totally different story. There were some big positives for Chelsea to take away from that. It's just a shame they shot themselves in the foot really.
  8. Lessons learnt from 2018-19 - Must kill off teams when on top What we haven't learnt in 2019-29 - Must kill off teams when on top
  9. Friday 9th August, 2019 Liverpool 3-0 Norwich, 20.00 Saturday 10th August, 2019 Bournemouth 2-1 Sheff Utd Burnley 1-1 Southampton Crystal Palace 0-1 Everton Tottenham 3-1 Aston Villa, 17.30 Watford 0-1 Brighton West Ham 0-2 Man City, 12.30 Sunday 11th August, 2019 Leicester 2-1 Wolves, 14.00 Man Utd 1-1 Chelsea, 16.30 Newcastle 1-2 Arsenal, 14.00
  10. I don't care what anyone says, and this will sound bitter as fuck, but everything about this deal reeks. There is no way Derby can afford this legitimately. They are bending FFP rules and I hope it backfires spectacularly.
  11. Wouldn't be that surprised if I was a Chelsea fan. He's ditched them once, he's only doing it again. The only surprise is that Arsenal believe he is the answer, when you could probably make a Premiership years on Sky filled with a catalogue of his errors.
  12. Lucas


    To be fair, he's probably played 127 of those games with one leg, an arm in a sling and a neck brace on.
  13. I'm sceptical about placing our faith in an unproven kid essentially. Obviously he comes with bags of talent and potential but I was hoping for a bit more pedigree. Of course, if he comes, I'd give him every chance in a Leeds shirt. Victor Orta is great friends with Emery so you'd think that might swing the move our way against the other sides competing. Not to mention, working under Bielsa must be a big pull. So if it happens, what would we be getting with Nketiah?
  14. Lucas

    Your Favourite Historical Side

    Ultimate soft spot for me has to be the Brazil 2002 World Cup side. That 3 pronged attack was deadly, arguably the best we have seen IMO. The original Ronaldo up front. Supported by Rivaldo and Ronaldinho. What a front 3. Not only that, you had Roberto Carlos and Cafu bombing forward on the wing in support. Goals, goals, goals. Pure scintillating to watch.