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  1. Lucas

    The Cringe Topic

    Adults over 30 doing Tik Tok dances.
  2. 22nd both. Something's gotta give soon.
  3. From an entirely selfish point of view, I have to be totally honest and say this is ideal for the rest of us battling with Everton to survive. For me, if they take a battering in both the Arsenal and Liverpool games, I'll feel better about our away game there next. Might just knock the stuffing out of them if the new bounce doesn't happen.
  4. It doesn't matter how much they spend, they can only pick eleven players to start and whilst one is always Kepa, we've always got a chance lads.
  5. Surely one of these guys will finally replace Kyle Walker.
  6. @FABRIZIOROMANO @Lucas to Manchester United...HERE WE GO! Unbelievable!! Agreement reached right now for an immediate transfer from Porto having only just arrived a few days ago via Sporting. I'm told Lucas was sold the moment he saw Man Utd get another easy home draw in the FA Cup last night like the flukey cunts that they are. Lucas has denied rumours he's only joining to jinx Man Utd in their two upcoming February fixtures with arch rivals (and all round better guys) Leeds. Documents signed and sent to @Pyfish before midnight so Lucas can be registered for Man Utd's game tomorrow night v Forest in the Carabao Cup. Huge deal this late in the day but Lucas is on his way to Old Trafford with the rest of the prawn sandwich brigade!! Get your Norwich City scarfs out lads!
  7. Jesus fucking christ. That's appalling mismanagement how that's been allowed to happen. No wonder that Thirwell's hands are so tied. I mean, I can relate to this so much, seen it all with Leeds and our various shithouse owners so I can only sympathise. But the realist in me sees this getting worse before it gets better like yourselves. The situation looks bleak, I mean, if they did want to sell the club, they have made it a very unattractive proposition on those stats alone. This feels like having to buy a big fixer upper house knowing you got to gut the lot and rebuild the foundations to make it a real asset. I think there are buyers out there that would snap up Everton and take on that challenge but they aren't going to pay whatever Moshiri quotes and he won't let it go for peanuts either.
  8. That would back up the board publically stating they wish to seek extra funding without selling to someone else. Something feels very off behind your scenes. The threat of FFP, the Stadium costs, losing big players and not replacing them with the similar quality, it's very concerning I think. I wonder just how bad financially Everton are in.
  9. Easy to see why Bielsa wouldn't take the job on presently. Absolute shambles. I'd be panicking as an Everton fan if the window passes with no further late additions. They needed strengthening as much as us. What it proves is that the Gordon money is probably funding the stadium, it's really strangling them unfortuantely.
  10. For me, there's two that stick out. One is Adebayor scoring for City against Arsenal and running the full length of the pitch to knee slide in front of them. Outrageous. The other is Rivaldo's dive in the corner against Turkey at World Cup '02. For a split-second, you wondered if he was seriously injured. Then the realisation hit hard. He was just fucking cheating to waste time. The fact the ball hit his thigh and he went down clutching his face was acting at its finest, the cheating bastard.
  11. Hope Sunderland win. I think Sunderland Leeds at the Stadium of Light on a Wednesday night would be a really great cup tie tbh, especially from an atmosphere persepective. It may even be a harder game but one I think we might relish.
  12. Don't understand what the outcry is for Arsenal really. Caicedo would have been bought to be a starter. There was not enough time for it to happen. Jorginho is being bought to be a squad player. They just lost Elneny to a big injury so they are a midfielder down. For £12m, it's useful experience to have around a squad that arent used to winning big things. He will come on and do the simple things right at times in the game when they need him to. I really don't think it's that bad a signing, especially on a two year contract.
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