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  1. Feel bad for you. Not the best start. Out the kindness of my heart, I am happy to give you an in form Patrick Bamford for an injured Sergio Aguero. I can always get by with my midfield so don't feel like you're putting me out.
  2. Played 2, won 2. I'll take that. How you getting on @Batard? Your team looks like all the gear with no idea
  3. Can't wait to play City in a couple weeks. Can see the Premier League's first 5-5 on the cards.
  4. Best player in the league starting as he means to go on. Formidable isn't he.
  5. John Stones and Ake at the heart of defence sounds juicy for Wolves. If they don't score, I'll be shocked.
  6. I wouldn't have been happy if we'd had a player sent off for that, that's all I'll say.
  7. Tugay was head and shoulders above any Turkish player I've seen in the league. He didn't need pace or strength, he just made the game look easy by playing with his head, his range of passing, technique and shooting ability, all top class. Very underrated player.
  8. 5 goals in two games needed to break the record. Doable. Plus, there is every chance when you are still waiting for City to play. Villa v Blades could let us down though if they both play defensive. Hopefully if there's two or more goals in that one, it's on.
  9. Yeah yeah yeah, nice one mate...
  10. Lucas

    Gloryhunter 2020/21

    Me, @nudge and @RandoEFC waiting for Udinese, Cittadella and Barca to play like...
  11. Not trying to blow our own trumpet but what Liverpool faced last week compared to today was chalk and cheese. Comfortable. For a long period, Chelsea never laid a glove on Liverpool. The only difference between today and Monday was that Brighton had no killer instinct to capitalise when they were on top and gave away two silly goals. It will take time for Chelsea to gel but as I said in Monday's thread, really missing the spark of Pulisic for me. The clean sheet was massive for Liverpool today. They got a lot of stick for last week against us, some of it justified, but people underestimate how much pressure we put them under. Proved today I think they are still solid back there and perhaps last week was a wake up call. Still the team to beat this season.
  12. In more ways than you know my friend