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  1. Mo Salah has previous for dropping off post African Nations. He's not the sole reason they have dipped but he's so massive to Liverpool and yet he's miles off it. I just think it takes a lot out of him physically and emotionally, really ruins his rhythm for his club. You need your best players at this stage and he's literally bagged a couple pens in like the last 6/7 games. Not even been that pivitol in build up play either, looks so sloppy. And I don't know how many more let off's and pardon's Darwin Nunez is allowed to have with his finishing but I tell you one thing, at least Firmino had the finess with hos touches and could trap a ball and tee it off nicely than have the ball just bounce off him and stop moves. I have to say as well, Andy Robertson looks a shadow of the full back he was two/three seasons ago. Really has dipped his level for me and he's been arguably the best LB in the league for a while too. There's some big calls for this Football club to make this summer now. If it was me, I'd probably take the money and replace Salah whilst he holds some value. Not sure holding for a year and going for free makes great business sense.
  2. That Arsenal result only says to me that whilst they are close, they don't quite have that minerals to win the big prizes yet. It's all well and good smashing a depleted and drained Chelsea 5-0 when the pressure is off but where was that against Villa/Bayern the other week? It's a lot harder to win when you have it in your hands and it's all to lose. Didn't quite have that killer mentality the really succesful sides have yet. Pretty sure nobody can really see City blinking.
  3. Called it to a tee. Didn't lay a glove and Leicester cruised it. Wouldn't have called five admitedly but it just looked and felt like it was a match up perfectly suited for Leicester to exploit.
  4. Calling it now. I know a lot of people are expecting a bit of a ding dong battle but I'm pretty certain Leicester will win tonight with less of a scare. I always felt there was more chance of West Brom getting a result there than Saints because of how well drilled they are under Corberan. Southampton will be far too open knowing they have to go all out for the win and Leicester have the quality to exploit that. I think they'll pick off the gaps quite easily. Just have to look at that Saints midfield tonight without Flynn Downes and Stuart Armstrong. Not sure Charles and Rothwell are the same calibre.
  5. After Sunderland were allowed to play volleyball twice in our penalty area two weeks ago, I will happily take an offside goal coming our way. I'm surprised the ref eveb awarded us that penalty last night, they usually miss the dead obvious one's.
  6. Jesus Christ. This club will end me. Always, ALWAYS the hard way. Phew...
  7. I always harp on about this but that summer of 2020 when we wanted Eze to take the Pablo Hernandez berth but he chose to stay in London and sign for you has almost been as much of a dagger as when we were on the verge of signing Frank Lampard and he made a late switch to Chelsea from West Ham. Always liked him and yet he always had a blinder against us. If someone like Villa got Champions League, I could see them getting him tbh but he could literally join anyone in this league, just so good. Makes you wonder what he'd be like with that next level of player around him.
  8. Beauty. Cheers Jude. Think you best start updating this table @Dan, that's two on the trot for me now
  9. Do you know what gets me about all this? Just look at that image below. That was presented to a viewing audience via this tweet... Now look at a closer view of it... So basically, all we have to go on is a Blue line and a Red line next to eachother. Both going from the toes and in Wan Bissaka's case, they have even drawn the line over his toe. Surely, surely to give it offside, we have to be seeing some kind of daylight between the blue and the red line or whats the actual point? There is absolutely nothing conclusive about that to rule it out. I just feel for Coventry because they have been denied one of the greatest FA Cup moments ever there. They'll never get that moment back now. But to be totally frank, it sums up exactly what a week the FA Cup has had really. Lost the replays due to the 'Big Six' and now VAR saves a 'Big Six' club from embarassment. Absolutely killing what has been an excellent competition this year, one of the best with whats happened round by round and the drama/headlines created. Lost for words and it's not even my team. What an embarassing look for our Sport this is.
  10. I got to be honest, I got home and thought I'd put the Cardiff game on. Was 1-0 Saints at the time, about 55mins in I think. Expected no less. Whoever the young lad was they brought on at RB looked very impressive. I thought he was composed, gave them an option going forward and used the ball well. The ex-Bristol City forward looked a menace too. Well done Cardiff, unexpected but welcomed.
  11. I genuinely don't know how West Brom are losing this game 2-0. They've had enough chances to have won two games. I know Leicester missed a penalty but they've dodged a massive bullit here. Does make me laugh though. Whenever we concede, we seem to face one shot and it goes in. I believe that is statistically correct too in Meslier's stats of shots faced. Even last week Middlesbrough missed two glorious chances v Ipswich, it's staggering sometimes the way it works, it really is.
  12. Real Madrid to win, BTTS Liverpool to win, BTTS 13/2 £10 wins £75.
  13. Saturday 20th April, 2024 Luton 2-2 Brentford Sheff Utd 2-1 Burnley Wolves 0-3 Arsenal, 19.30 Sunday 21st April, 2024 Everton 1-0 Nottm Forest, 13.30 Aston Villa 1-2 Bournemouth Crystal Palace 2-1 West Ham Fulham 1-2 Liverpool, 16.30 Tuesday 23rd April, 2024 Arsenal 3-1 Chelsea, 20.00 Wednesday 24th April, 2024 Wolves 1-1 Bournemouth, 19.45 Crystal Palace 2-2 Newcastle, 20.00 Everton 0-2 Liverpool, 20.00 Man Utd 2-1 Sheff Utd, 20.00 Thursday 25th April, 2024 Brighton 0-3 Man City, 20.00
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