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  1. I don't blame Bruno for getting embarrassed and giving it to someone else tonight. How can you be expected to score when your trying to keep a straight face and not cry with laughter
  2. Lucas

    GAFFR Championship Fantasy League

    I will take that tonight. Clean sheets for Begovic and Toffolo and goals for Captain Toney and VC Armstrong. Five more to play tomorrow.
  3. Lucas


    Lobster is the most overrated food ever. I have tried it once, at a Wedding and only because I was fucking hungry and curious...it was grim. Fuck would I pay £30/40 for that at a restaurant.
  4. Lucas


    Sorry, I cannot trust a food that includes a type with shit in it's name
  5. Lucas


    Nope sorry. I'm not a massive Seafood fan unfortunately. Don't mind Tuna if it has some mayo in it and prawns are ok but other than that I struggle. I've tried to like Salmon but I just can't. That along with Mushrooms are like my worst nightmare
  6. Lucas


    One of those dishes that looks great but the Salmon is a no go for me.
  7. If I'm being perfectly honest, I don't understand what Arsenal fans want or expect in such a short space of time. Cold, hard fact for the Arsenal Fan TV collective. They are associated with being in the 'big 6', but they are not a 'big 6' club. They haven't been for a while. They are getting by on name only. A big 6 club should have a legitimate claim to challenging for the league IMO. The club have been lightyears away from being in a position to challenge for the league, and Arteta has had a lot of 'deadwood' to sort out there. You could hardly say he was inheriting a great squad. Some pretty average signings from the back end of Wenger's reign and Emery's hanging about. Maybe it's because Arsenal are not used to watching games like this and being so blunt in attack. I completely understand it's frustrating but that club has had a soft underbelly for years being rolled over too easily and the one thing you can say about them now is, they are tough to beat. They would never have picked up a point in those circumstances before. Klopp never had it easy when he first went to Liverpool. Far from it. He had his critics, I'm sure there were a couple Liverpool fans on here that had their doubts but he got their once he'd overhauled the squad and was able to play the way he wanted. You have to give Arteta time to do the same. Maybe the frustration is also probably shared at the fact Spurs are doing well after being so poor last year, but you have to remember their squad was much better than Arsenal's in the first place, they were simply under-achieving massively. They have been a regular Champions League club more so than Arsenal in recent times. Arsenal needed a complete restructure, and it was a tough job for anyone going in. They went with a young guy they felt could grow with the team over the next 4 years and you have to give him a fair crack to implement his vision.
  8. Having seen a fair bit of Wolves, I think they miss Doherty and Johnny. Two wing backs that were always instrumental to their system the past two seasons and this year, they have lost the real attacking impetuce both of them gave the team. Their replacements just don't have half the effect.
  9. Lucas

    Players over 50

    Obafemi Martins was 22 for about 20 years so he's got to be worth a shout.
  10. Traore is a funny one isn't he. There are times last season when he looked electric and was rumoured for a big move away and yet from what I've seen this year, he's not showing that at all. If I was a Wolves fan, I'd be so frustrated with him, especially given their over reliance on Jimenez.
  11. Bielsa isn't stupid. He knows the basic language and converses with the British players and backroom staff in English. Everything about him is very understated, he doesn't like attention. He doesn't speak to the Media because he doesn't wish to get misquoted and as a perfectionist, he feels embarrassed if he doesn't pronounce a name properly and doesn't wish to offend. There was one occasion where he couldn't pronounce Ipswich a couple years ago, it came out as Ip-sitch and Ip-Shitz, and everyone seemed to find it hysterically funny but he views that as him being disrespectful. If people are gonna take the piss why should he is my view. It doesn't bother me he uses a translator and I don't think it should bother anyone else. And because the media cannot hit him with quick fire questions, you will never see him rattled in a press conference because he is always in control and I like that.
  12. I think you could be right, the Kop would have sucked that ball in the back of the net yesterday with all that pressure. I think your point on West Ham also is fair. It's often been said they haven't managed to replicate the feel of Upton Park since their move and it can't be just coincidence now. Further emphasised by the fact Southampton have a terrible home support last year, and yet they have blossomed without the negative moans and groans.
  13. Lucas

    The Mandalorian [SPOILERS!]

    One of these days, Baby Yoda is going to regret pinching food. Greedy bastard.
  14. One of Sheffield United's biggest weapons was that Bramall Lane felt a tough place to go with their support behind them. No one relished going there last season. Without those fans, they have lost this advantage. I know everyone is in the same boat but some teams feed off it better than others, and it's usually the teams thay have the better more vocal support. They need to find some goals too. 4 goals in 9 games is tough and the way its been this season with the irregularities, you need to get two in a game to stand a chance. But it's important to remember 6 of the 8 defeats have only been a one goal difference so they aren't miles away if they can start finding the back of the net.