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  1. I wouldn't say zero chance. Didn't you guys face the same with Henry? You kept him longer than many thought. It's a big transfer to settle financially to keep everyone happy. There are no guarantee's in the current climate. But I do think he's had a gutful. If it's to happen, he may need to show willing to sacrifice what he wants.
  2. Long way to go yet. Those 2nd legs are where the real drama's at.
  3. You can't be missing those. That's a golden chance.
  4. David Brooks is such a lovely little player. His pass was sublime for the goal. Been really impressed with him today. Running the show here.
  5. Bielsa has granted 'early leave' to Koch and Klich as they have the Euro's coming up and wants them to rest. I also suspect he's looked at things and thought we can cope without them otherwise the same would have been applied to a few more. I'd love to see us start with Rodrigo behind Bamford but I suspect it'll be Tyler Roberts. Other than that, same team that started Burnley.
  6. It's a massive game this now. I wonder how many Leicester fans would have been prepared to sacrifice Champions League for winning the FA Cup?
  7. Lucas

    Goal Difference Game

    Oh balls. I've been done by the 'white text' yet again.
  8. Lucas

    Goal Difference Game

    Looks great mate but you seem to have missed off those 15pts you said I was going to get as a bonus for organising the last round which by my calculations should put me 1pt behind @nudge. Remember when you said have 20pts but I said no, no, that's not fair on the others 15pts is fine. That one? I don't mind when you add them, but the others might prefer to know earlier rather than later. Cheers mate. P.S Happily do it again if you're stuck, only way I climb the table
  9. Well if we remain level points going into our game, its perfectly set for a winner takes all. As you said, could be a classic.
  10. Level points then mate. We always knew it was going to the last day when we saw that fixture
  11. Jesus, this is painful. Got no idea have they Everton here. They would have been better off just pumping the ball in the box all 2nd half and hoping it falls nicely. That said, the delivery has been next to rubbish anyway. Very very strange how they will reflect on this season. Better points haul than last year so they have improved on paper, and yet you feel like the Everton forums are going to go into meltdown.
  12. Lucas

    First Goal - Season Two

    131 - 12th 132 - 16th
  13. It's actually amazing to think there were a few games at the start when Everton went bat shit crazy in games scoring for fun. Those few games were unrecognisable to what we've seen since. Losing to these at HT, honestly I just can't work them out. And this home form, or lack of it, is bizarre. Only reasoning for it is Everton are set up to always play like an away team so when the onus is on them in home games to dictate play, they struggle to take the game to teams. Having said that, Ramsdale has made some outstanding saves. Everton have had chances despite not really dominating the game so this one isn't over.
  14. I mean, you can't write it can you? That stuff just doesn't happen normally. Incredible. Makes you wonder the scenes behind the goal if fans were there. Surely they win both games left now, you can't not after the last two games. And here we are. Chelsea v Leicester is suddenly looking like a virtual playoff for the last spot.