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  1. Solid signing, but when Bamford shrugs him off to put it in the bottom corner on the opening day, questions will be asked if he can do it in this league.
  2. Brilliant, that's worked a treat thank you.
  3. Yeah, it's growing on me.
  4. I'm not sure what's happened recently as I've been away but is posting pictures also a known issue? I just tried some in the kit thread through the 'Add Files' option, sent to submit post and nothing. Apologies if it turns out I'm the 26th person to mention this.
  5. Car crash of a club (No pun intended) It's like they have become the real life version of Harchester United from Sky One's Dream Team. They just need a murder enquiry to complete the set.
  6. Lucas

    Stan is Married!!!!!

    Congrats @Stan, only just seen this. Been away enjoying the heatwave but all the best to you and your better half.
  7. I'm in, not sure on the team yet but will give it some thought.
  8. It's the random events I like getting into. BMX Cross is amazingly fun to watch. Buzzer goes and you got 8 to 10 riders unleashed out the traps all at once. The crashes are insane.
  9. Such a Rolls Royce of a player that I don't think enough people on here truly realise this as they've never really focussed on watching him. The Arsenal fans are soon going to love him.
  10. How can you not pick Donnarumma though? He kept 3 clean sheets in the group stages. He made crucial saves v Austria in the last 16, v Belgium in the quarters and was big in the semi final v Spain when Italy were overrun. To cap it all, he's saved two massive penalties when it counts, in the final. He has contributed in every single game of the tournament. Chiesa really exploded in the knockouts but he did nothing in the group stages. That is where Italy set the foundations. You can't ignore that. People seem to want to be 'different' which I get but on this occasion, it's extremely warranted to see he's got Player of the Tournament. The guy is so big, I think he's been generally intimidating to score past in the same way Buffon was. He's come out on top in two penalty shootouts after all. Yes Bonucci and Chiellini have helped and had great tournaments, but come on, he's been just as instrumental in that. It's not like he's sat there with nothing to do. Let's not forget there were times they were on the ropes against Austria, Belgium especially, and Spain. Donnarumma was just as instrumental in keeping Italy in it. They wouldn't have the same level of confidence without a top class keeper behind them and he's shown he's one of the best. And there wasn't one mistake he made, not one. Keepers can make one error and its remembered all tournament, he didn't make one.
  11. Terrible is not fair. In the past I've definitely criticised him for not getting the best out of the talent we have and he deserves credit for this tournament for sure. As good a ride as we have had, I still think we haven't found the right balance yet. He deserves great credit for creating an amazing bond through the squad and he found a way to win games even if for the most part, we were a very conservative team. I understand his approach in setting up to be solid and hard to beat, but you also wonder what could have been had he been a bit more flexible and actually gone for it a bit more. We have some truly unbelievable options and yet, it feels like we never really utilised them to their potential. That would be my criticism. We've had two tough to take defeats in successive tournaments now, he's earned another shot but I hope he's learned some lessons himself. Sometimes, you got to be a bit more ballsy and it's those fine lines where you reap rewards.
  12. I always thought he had a mistake in him. Personally not sure he is the answer. If anything, you'd probably have been better off revisiting Vestergaard if you want someone who won't necessarily be a starter, but will come in when required for others.
  13. He took 3 penalties. I thought Ronaldo was extremely sub par in the majority of the games. Didn't even see him against Belgium and that's when Portugal actually dominated a game. No way does he get in the team of the tournament.
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