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  1. Me either. Annihalated in every department apart from the scoreboard. Almost as if they missed an influential midfielder that gives them so much control in games.
  2. Annoying for you but I bet they were sat watching that scoreline of yours Sunday thinking the same thing. Amazing you've both managed to get such massive late wins in the space of a couple days. David Raya has been saved tonight because his two blunders nearly cost Arsenal big time. Massive win for them and I have to say, I thought they were really sub par for a good 75-80mins of that game. Will say one thing though. As per usual with Arsenal when they are desperate for that crucial late goal, who is the man that demands the ball, gets on it and produces a moment of quality? Odegaard, time and time again. That cross was delicious. Class.
  3. Getting really pissed off owning double Arsenal defence in FPL. Statistically, best defence in the league and they concede home to Burnley and Wolves and away at Luton. Joke.
  4. Tuesday 5th December, 2023 Wolves 2-1 Burnley Luton 0-2 Arsenal, 20.15 Wednesday 6th December, 2023 Brighton 1-1 Brentford Crystal Palace 1-1 Bournemouth Fulham 2-1 Nottm Forest Sheff Utd 0-3 Liverpool Aston Villa 1-2 Man City, 20.15 Man Utd 1-1 Chelsea, 20.15 Thursday 7th December, 2023 Everton 0-2 Newcastle Tottenham 2-1 West Ham, 20.15
  5. Typical, just as we play them next week. Nee bloke will be in for his first home game v us on a midweek game. Just know that's gonna be doubly difficult now, had the same thing at Rotherham the other week. Considering he took over last year and led them to playoffs, it feels harsh to me. He deserved backing in the January window for sure because it's not as if they were even playing bad football. Sunderland are a top striker away from having a real Top 6 side for me. They have a young squad anyway but they basically have kids to choose from upfront and are heavily reliant on Jack Clarke. They create a lot of chances, they just miss that talismanic striker, be it a permanent or loan. But the owners have panicked. I think they feel a bit of pressure to go up this season or it will just get harder and harder and they can't afford patience. Ultimately, it might work for them if they back the new guy but I think it will hurt a lot of members of Sunderland's squad seeing Mowbray go.
  6. We played them last Tuesday. I'll stand by what I said then. For me, he's holding them back. They have some good talent amongst their ranks like Patino and yet he's on the bench. Against us, I felt like they had the technical ability to really trouble us but they chose not to. They could actually get Mowbray in and he'd do a good job with them. That would make sense to me because he plays Football the right way.
  7. Pretty sure the following will be on TV Sunderland v Newcastle Arsenal v Liverpool Wigan v Man Utd Middlesbrough v Aston Villa Gillingham v Sheff Utd Peterborough v Leeds (Kinda think we're seen as a good draw still and shock potential)
  8. Yeah not shocked at all, called that back in September earlier in the thread. Looks like it could be Chris Wilder coming in. Kinda a no lose situation for him really. He'll probably get a bit more out the players but it won't be enough, they are miles off it.
  9. Winter is all about cosy Pub season. Something about being in a warm country pub, open fire, late afternoon enjoying a nice ale with mates whilst looking outside and seeing it get dusky.
  10. Oh, you're one of those people! I've had a few go AWOL and it's bloody annoying Also, because we don't/won't 'steal' anything in return!
  11. Ironic that Haaland lost it completely at the end there over that ludicrous Ref's decision but he has to also acknowledge he cost City today with that open goal miss in the first half. By his standards, it was a shocking miss and quite frankly, a poor performance from him overall.
  12. This game is a typical example of why we should do away with the Saturday lunchtimes and keep a Saturday evening slot. Atmosphere is ten times better.
  13. Well Gareth, you've been given a great draw there. Only you can hold us back now.
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