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  1. Competition - Last Man Standing

    Salzburg (Austrian Premier) to beat St Polten.
  2. Ryan Sessegnon

    He's actually been pushed to LM for a lot of this season hence why he's getting in the penalty area more. I'll choose my words carefully here but he's very much following a similar path to Gareth Bale in being a LB at Southampton and then being gradually converted to a winger at Spurs. I can see that happening to him when he inevitable joins a bigger club.
  3. TF365 Quiz 20 - Title Decider

    Yeah that was difficult, agree with @Stan. I think I may have ended up doing a Newcastle and squandering the league here. Can't see anyone getting 10's on that though to be fair. They really shouldn't do because it would be astounding to either know them all confidently or guess right.
  4. Love how you could be 'World Class' as long as you have the right players around you. If you are World Class for me, you fit any shape/scenario regardless. End of story.
  5. Fulham v Villa looks a brilliant game on paper
  6. Winter Olympics 2018

    Ski Cross is the one. Think that starts next Wednesday. It reminds me of the BMX at the Olympics. If you have never watched it, it is fucking immense. You have all the racers come out the gate at once, skiing downhill chasing one another and if you're lucky, you'll get to see them take eachother out. Absolute carnage just like the BMX. Love those events. Check this out for a finish to a race...
  7. Your Club's All Time XI

    Best XI in my lifetime. -------------------------------Nigel Martyn ------Rio Ferdinand - Lucas Radebe - Jonathon Woodgate ------------------------------Olivier Dacourt Lee Bowyer - Gary McAllister - Gary Speed - Harry Kewell --------------------Tony Yeboah - Mark Viduka Subs - Gary Kelly, David Batty, Ian Harte, Gordon Strachan, Rod Wallace, Eric Cantona, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, If it was all time, I doubt there would be many players post mid 70's in there, if any. That team was insanely good but I couldn't appreciate in my lifetime sadly.
  8. I haven't been on that thread the past few days but I predict the tables won't be up. £10 on at 4/6 wins £6.67. (Looks on Tipping Thread. They aren't up) Printing money.
  9. Funny how Football works. The League Cup has probably been the highlight of Bristol City's season to date and yet is has been completely detrimental to their league form and taken the wind out their sails. I think the players have got caught up in the hype of beating Man Utd and playing the two semi final games against City that they have taken their eye off the ball in the league. Clearly they have been unable to focus and juggle the two and the character of the side after being knocked out has to be questioned. Since beating Man Utd in December and drawing City for the semi's, they have played 10 league games. Two wins, Three draws and Five losses. Or to put it another way, nine points out of thirty. That is actually relegation form. Wonder in retrospect if the fans would have swapped losing to Palace in the League Cup at the time so they could have concentrated entirely on the league games...
  10. Incredibly mature performance from Tottenham. Dominated one of the old stagers of this competition on their own patch. After watching English teams in Europe in recent years, there's been a naivety in English performances in terms of giving the ball away, bad tactics, and at times technically exposed. Hence why we've been so critical and questioned the form of our domestic sides. Tonight should be an example where we heavily praise one of our clubs. I'd say apart from that opening ten minutes, it was a fantastic performance in terms of showing strength of character, patience and fight. Who said this Spurs lot were bottlers? No bottle jobs here.
  11. Members Pictures

    Your mate on the right looks like the perfect person to play Mclovin in a Peru version of Superbad.
  12. Benteke (to score once more before the season ends) Come on Christian, remember it's not a sprint, it's a marathon. Slow and steady win's the race.
  13. (Sturridge off injured after 3mins) "That's when, Alan knew, he'd fucked up..."
  14. Competition - Last Man Standing

    Do this four or five times a season with workmates. Tenner a pop. We stick to the top 4 leagues in England though and it works well because it becomes fun seeing people scratch around for picks when they have used teams like City, Wolves, Wigan etc Happy to go with the majority though. I'll keep my eyes peeled this week.
  15. Pains me to see Robert Snodgrass tearing it up for a team in the same division as us. He really has ignited Villa.