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  1. Lucas

    Last movie you watched?

    I found this film to be bordering on average apart from a solid 30/40 mins from the moment Brad Pitt picked up that girl to take her back to the ranch. That whole segment from the moment he arrives to the moment he leaves is pure class. Very intense. How a film can just meander along and then grab you like that was beyond me. Maybe it was intended that way. The ending was ok. A bit 'marmite' for me. Some will like, some won't. He flipped the script to what the audience possibly expected the storyline to follow which is a slight shame because they could have incorporated that or did it instead of, but it at least provided some crazy action in the only way QT knows how. 6.5 for me.
  2. Lucas

    Your Canine Image Of Other Members

    Cheers lads
  3. Lucas

    Your Canine Image Of Other Members

    Ok, here we go again, two years on... @DeadLinesman realising that 'three' is not a magic number, two was definitely enough and it was time to get the snip... @CaaC (John) had this uncanny knack of falling asleep standing up... @Batard doing Batard, the only way he knows how... @Stan knew that without breaking any traditions, he could still look fly for his wedding... @Bluewolf and the trouble with getting old... @Inti Brian, doing the first draft of his 2020 Members Opinion post, poised and ready to drop bombs on it.. @LFCMadLad "I'm tellin' ya lad, it's our fuckin' year mate..." to "Fuck VAR, the games gone to the dogs..." @Carnivore Chris really, really enjoyed his 6th trip to the 'Dam... @Happy Blue after avoiding a first night lynching as Mafia... @Mel81x decided it would be cool to teach the Sheep how to play 'Sheep'... @Storts knew it was time to get back on the horse. And it began with his new profile pic on Tinder... @Rab, pissing himself as the forum donations rolled in for 2021. The suckers had fallen for it yet again... @The Artful Dodger, already in a mood with Southerners, decided that just for a change, he'd have a moan... @nudge was not impressed. This was Chivas Regal 12 year old blended Scotch, NOT the 18 year old... @Dan had been trying to get his work 'friend' to notice him for ages. It was time to give her the eyes... @Spike simply wasn't having it. But try as he mite, he still couldn't touch the end of his nose... @Dr. Gonzo was done. Lockdown had become a nightmare. It was only 11:25am and the missus wanted her fourth shag of the day... @Toinho loved his returns back to Oz. And as long as you don't touch, what's the harm in looking...right? @Devil-Dick Willie smashed it this Halloween after finding some spare ash lying around...
  4. Lucas

    First Goal

    No goals. Ta.
  5. Spurs v Man City. VAR letting play continue for TWO minutes before going back and awarding Man City a penalty at Spurs. Everyone goes mental. Massive hold up. Gundogan finally get's to take the penalty. Lloris saves it amid but promptly brings down Sterling on the rebound. Utter carnage erupts. Arguements everywhere. What looked a stonewall pen wasn't awarded. And then, just to top it off, everyone's favourite pantomime villain strikes again...
  6. Lucas

    The Masked Footballer

    Sorry to completely butt in, but how do you make these @Pyfish? Photoshop or an app?
  7. Lucas

    Sheep - Season 7 - All Things Retro

    Ok mate, well I've already sent my answers so we'll see how that's worked out for me haha.
  8. Lucas

    Coronavirus and Football

    We take wage defferal's when we want, we take wage defferal's when we waaaaaant....
  9. Lucas

    Coronavirus and Football

    Who knew Dirty Leeds United would be the media darlings in all this by taking a wage deferral 9 days ago so the little people at the club continued to get paid.
  10. Lucas

    Sheep - Season 7 - All Things Retro

    Ok @CaaC (John) cheers.I'm just gonna say whatever comes first in my head. Hit and hope always worked for me in Golf so here we go. Fore...
  11. Lucas


    Haha there is nothing Valencian, Granadan or Villarealled in this, I can assure you I'm not a seafood fan so left out stuff like Prawns. Instead, it's Chicken cut up and cooked with some flavourings before, then Chorizo, Red Pepper, Red Onion, Peas and special rice for Paella (Arborio) Bloody lovely.
  12. Lucas

    Sheep - Season 7 - All Things Retro

    Sorry, it posted twice. Dick.
  13. Lucas

    Sheep - Season 7 - All Things Retro

    I've just seen the PM. So, before I do this, just to clarify, I am putting what I think most others would and not what comes straight away to me?
  14. Lucas


    Come and try my Paella ella ella, eh eh eh
  15. Lucas

    Coronavirus and Football

    You are going to be seriously pissed off.