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  1. Lucas

    Will Everton get relegated?

    I didn't realise that Everton have lost all 20 matches in which they have gone 1-0 down in. Worrying stat that because it shows a lack of stomach for a fight. They really need to grind out a couple results at the moment, no matter how ugly it is. The team needs an injection of confidence. You can accept some things as a fan but for me, if a team shows lack of character, they deserve criticism. Got to wonder how many of the current eleven are prepares to step up and fight for Silva right now.
  2. Lucas

    Leeds United Discussion

    Believe it when I see it. Would be ideal to at least secure some investment that allows us to really strengthen our hand in January. Cannot afford another balls up.
  3. Lucas

    The Apprentice

    If The Apprentice candidates were football teams... Dean - Spurs Potential vs Reality. On paper, you expect better, and yet consistently finds a way to flop. Provides the LOL's. Ryan-Mark - Chelsea Young, tenacious, suave but naive. Looks a long way from winning the big one just yet, and someone that can hope for Top 4 at best. Thomas - West Ham Cocky and has their moments, but far too often a Jekyll and Hyde performer, bordering on entertaining one week to cringe the next. Lottie - Liverpool Cut throat, clinical, looks a winner yet always claiming the victim. The arrogance divides fans across the country. Jemelin - Man City Definitely a bit of needle with Liverpool. Provides the sexy, sleak style brought in from another country, although likes to make things hard for themselves. Carina - Arsenal Likeable, but evidently weak defensively and not enough backbone to go all the way. Sure thing to crumble. Riyonn - Man Utd Whiney, moany, quick to point the finger and head in the sand to whats going on around them. Can tell they love a prawn sandwich. Souleyman - Burnley Built pretty solid, yet unspectacular. Easily forgetable and punching above their weight. Pamela - Leicester Not that dislikeable and fair claim to being a dark horse. Definitely has potential to cause upsets if they believe in themselves. Iasha - Watford Not that talked about, beige in terms of entertainment and wouldn't be missed. Lubna - Everton Hard watch. Loves a good moan and never seems to progress. Lolly task proved what a leaky defence they have whilst there is a serious lack of ideas going forward. Scarlett - One of the most unpopular accents as soon as they open their mouth. Lacking that real quality cutting edge required and will rely on good honest graft to try and get far.
  4. Lucas

    Leeds United Discussion

    I like you better after United have just played.
  5. Lucas

    Leeds United Discussion

    Pretty much resigned to losing Bielsa if it doesn't happen this season. Can't remember a manager being as loved as he's been at us since Howard Wilkinson or possibly O'Leary. If we go up, I think he'll give the PL a go, which would IMO be to the league's benefit, having a character like him pitting his wits against the top level managers such as Pep and Klopp. Gerrard could potentially manage someone like us before he inevitably ends up at Liverpool, like Lampard did Derby. He may see it as a natural step up from Scotland to gain experience, so it is possible I guess.
  6. Let's not be silly Mike. I'm not suggesting Liverpool should be getting that points figure. You know this. I'm simply saying you should win it from here now. You are almost level pegging with City on ability, you should be winning it from here now no excuses. What is interesting is that you look at the possibility thay City will necessarily put that run together. They are more likely to drop more points yet, as will Liverpool of course, but that gap is a solid gap to have from your point of view. And who is to say it will only shorten? Why can't it widen and get bigger, to a point where City are looking at a 12 point plus gap? This is not intended to be anything negative towards Liverpool. I'm simply saying you have to be looking at this as yours to lose, especially as you lost one league game all last season. The odds are greatly in your favour.
  7. Lucas

    NFL 2019/2020

    Haha, funny you say that. When we did a draft, I got Mahomes. They have tried 6 times to get him off me but obviously I am aware he's one of the hottest properties. This is what I have. I've made a few trades based purely on stats from this season. They could be dogshit to be frank but i am 5-0 so far. I had Antonio Brown to start bit that didn't go well. I will definitely look out for the Chicago Green Bay match. I've seen a few games on night shift recently, thursday night one's that have been awesome. Eagles beating Green Bay then Seattle beating the Rams. So I am getting into it. My uncle is a Raider so I look out for their results but I would definitely say I am a full on neutral. As long as the Patriots don't win it again, I'm happy for whoever.
  8. Lucas

    Leeds United Discussion

    Thing is, at the end of the day, if we haven't got Top 2 after 46 games, clearly we've learnt nothing from last year and that will be that. Can't keep dominating the ball, be the best side on paper statistically and not win the games. It keeps happening not through just bad luck, but because we are missing something. We will see. We deserved it last season and were unlucky fate went against us but this year, I feel its more in our hands. Fulham and West Brom will be the danger.
  9. Lucas

    NFL 2019/2020

    I'm not up with NFL but I am learning. I assume Chicago are a 'big club' so have a bigger following as a major city. But I also didn't realise how many neutrals would be there. And it seemed to me that the neutrals were happy to see Oakland go in front but really rallied when the Bears came back. They just like getting behind the winner. My mates have got me into a Fantasy NFL league so im picking players based on stats, I genuinely have no clue if they are quality. But its helping my knowledge. Just need to find a team to have an affinity with. Definitely would go again. As an experience, it is something else.
  10. Lucas

    NFL 2019/2020

    Very good. The photos make it look further away than what it actually was. We felt so close to the pitch, which was a major plus in the stadiums design for me.
  11. Lucas

    Leeds United Discussion

    I'd agree with you when it comes to converting chances. Obviously I appreciate you went to the Charlton game and I felt we didn't create a lot that game despite the domination. We were very poor with crosses and missed Pablo Hernandez, who has missed the last three as it goes. It is fair to see that we have games where we huff and puff a bit. But against Forest, Swansea and Derby, we have battered the opposition, pulled them apart and missed golden chances and then paid the price late in the game. Derby was a joke, as was Forest and these two sides are up there. Swansea were not much cop either. That is what is most frustrating. I'd like to feel I am a level headed Leeds fan. I don't get carried away when we win and I am usually quite pessimistic. But I honestly feel in terms of play, we possibly have the best side in the division. I just feel we are missing a top class striker. If we had a Chris Wood, Teemu Pukki, Dwight Gayle, Tammy Abraham, Neal Maupay etc, proper predators and nailed on 20 goal a season players, I think we'd be lethal. Are expected goals column is so high because of our domination but converting that has been appalling. Bamford just isn't that player. Misses too many chances because he is more instinctive as opposed to having time on the ball to bury a chance. I would also say we miss a top class winger. Harrison has no end product and we have yet to see Costa break out into top form. I do wonder if its a mental thing now. I feel like watching Leeds, can be a slog, because I don't expect us to put 3, 4 or 5 on the board and I wonder if the players feel the same. If the opposition manage to stay in it, we are going to get sucker punched.
  12. Lucas

    NFL 2019/2020

    Yep, I was also there yesterday. My uncle is a Raiders fan and we were sat amongst Bears fans so it was pretty fun from that perspective. The stadium is unreal. Not just the views but the concourse is another level. Have to say, as a very casual NFL fan, with no real clue about the sport, it was a brilliant experience yesterday. Thought the stop start thing would annoy me but there is always something going on when you are there. The NFL superstore is mental. Like going in to a store on Black Friday
  13. Lucas

    Leeds United Discussion

    It is a consolation for sure but that's what makes it so frustrating mate. I feel like we should have taken advantage and been the team top and clear by 5 or 6 points but we've really let the others back in. But at least its very much all to play for. Last year was heartbreaking, i don't think I can go through that again.
  14. Not being funny but Liverpool are 8pts clear. No major injuries to contend with. Big enough squad. European Champions also, so they aren't a bad side are they. It will be a failure to blow it from here. And I would be gutted if I was a Liverpool fan and they did. You can legislate them getting wobbly last year because they were not used to being top and chased. But they have that experience under their belt now. There are no excuses for me. This isn't a shock team like when Leicester lead the league. They should be winning this competition now. They have to, its a golden chance.