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  1. Lucas

    Off Topic

    I just go around humming dun dun...dun dun...dun dun...with a whacking big hooter and evil grin on my face
  2. Aston Villa. Absolutely useless. I didn't expect much from Bolton or Reading but Villa just seem to roll over and die at the mo. This isn't all about Grealish surely @Fairy In Boots
  3. Lucas

    Peru Primera Division Adopt a Team

    They sound like my cup of tea to be fair. Big fan base, don't win a lot but can hold their own. Nice colours too. And you had me sold just mentioning Bielsa. Up the Melgar.
  4. Lucas

    Peru Primera Division Adopt a Team

    Yeah why not @Blue, might learn something new. Although I have to say @nudge has the best side straight off the bat for those colours alone. Flamboyant.
  5. Portsmouth are in serious danger of letting a very promising season pass them by. No wins in six now. First Luton, now Barnsley have reeled them in. Kenny Jackett needs to turn it around quick or automatic will go.
  6. Lucas

    Brian's Wall of Kits

    I have quite a few. But I only ever get retro one's now. They look so much classier. Without doubt, it's easy to identify the two best shirts in my collection. Holland Home '88 And Barca Home '82 Exquisite. Hardly wear them for 5 a side to be fair because I don't wanna wreck them.
  7. Wins for Villa, Bolton and Reading please. Let's be fair, probably reaching with Bolton and Reading and Villa are a complete enigma, should be difficult but seemingly isn't. Not ideal watching the other clubs play their games and close in on us but you never know, maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised. Given Sheff Utd and West Brom are 3rd and 4th respectively, they are the two I most want to drop points.
  8. The weirdest thing is it feels like you have gone backwards a little. I fully expected you to kick on and that hasn't materialised.
  9. I think this is going to be an interesting round. Firstly, all ties have to be finished on the day. No replays, which leaves little room for error. Secondly, there are some brilliantly even looking games on paper culminating in the tie of the round guaranteeing another heavyweight out. Thirdly, given that the winners get a QF place, you'd think sides would be putting out competitive teams and crowds will be higher than previous rounds. Its definitely exciting times for your Wimbledon's, Doncaster's and Newport's.
  10. Lucas

    Off Topic

    As Valentines Cards go, this is up there...
  11. Lucas

    Last movie you watched?

    Saw this today and have to agree. What a good mini series this would have been. Very solid movie, really enjoyed it. Great fight scenes, stunning scenery and the lead actors very believable in their roles. The pacing of the film felt a bit rushed, especially not giving time for certain scenes to develop further. Normally when retelling these stories you need to pad it out to allow viewers to become more emotionally invested in characters and their development. So perhaps that is why a series could have been a better way to go. That said, very enjoyable film worth a watch and one that's possibly.gone under the radar going straight on to Netflix.
  12. Lucas

    Your mental image of other members

    If @Batard is Bielsa then he's got blow jobs on tap from me.
  13. Lucas

    Declan Rice

    Listen, we both agree the system is a joke. But how can you insinuate that players are faultless in all this and just lay the blame on the system allowing them to do it? That's not right, it's an easy get out for footballers. A cop out. All these players in the same boat know the way it works. He's known nothing is set in stone till he plays for them competitively. He's put them on hold by telling them he had to rethink his future. In all fairness, that's the moment Ireland should have ditched him if truth is told. Read his statement. He's used the words "as a proud Englishman". Well as a 'proud englishman' why play for Ireland in the first place? I get why he has chosen to use them to get into International Football but he's conveniently used them for his own interests and therefore, it is a cop out for me. I don't get how you can't see that but we're not all here to agree and I respect your difference in opinion. We're probably just splitting hairs now anyway.
  14. Lucas

    The Holiday Thread

    No sign of @...Dan this morning. Dread to think what else has happened to him but the search party is on standby.
  15. Lucas

    Off Topic

    Happy Birthday @Blue. Think its pretty safe to say the place wouldnt be the same without you.