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  1. Lucas

    Romelu Lukaku's Size

    If United had the Lukaku who absolutely terrorised Brazil in the World Cup, they would be laughing. Irrespective of size, he has always been a player who does it when he's in the mood.
  2. If that goal went in at the end there for Napoli, Mane would have needed putting down. His finishing tonight was a nod to the legendary Ade Akinbiyi.
  3. Lucas

    FA Cup 2018/19 Third Round Draw

    Ours has been moved for TV rights too and it's bullshit. QPR are in our bloody league?? What is the point. It's a Championship game. End of story.
  4. Watford were mugged there IMO. Everton looked like they had ran out of ideas bar pumping it on for Mina and Keane. Great free kick but very fortunate. That was average from Everton and I was pretty disappointed by them. Have to say, I was very impressed with Watford tonight. They showed attacking intent from the very first minute. They weren't scared to go forward and you had the feeling they had a goal in them well before they actually scored. Made the game a fascinating watch. Everton seemed far too casual for me. I don't know if it was the atmosphere or the lack of a 'prestigious opponent', but I wouldn't say they ever looked dominant for a home team. They didn't exactly put their foot on the gas and personally, I think it only encouraged Watford to go at them and you saw that, especially second half. The young lad Quina was excellent. He looked a talent.
  5. Not really watched a lot of Everton this season to be frank. Found them a very tough watch last season and have been quite casual with the games I have seen this season. The Liverpool away one recently, they looked much improved so will give this a watch. Looking forward to seeing Andre Gomes. Heard quite a bit about him and he's looked bright in the highlight reel's. It's the winnable home games like this though where you need those kind of players to really grasp them and get the team going.
  6. Lucas

    Roughest Place You've Been?

    Being truly honest, I don't think I've experienced what I'd call a true 'shithole'. Lots of uninspiring places I haven't been keen on that are a little rough and undesirable but nothing like a proper full on slum somewhere or shanty town where you'd genuinely feel for your life. That said, recently went to Belfast and was on one of those hop on, hop off bus tour's. Was pretty nice city till I went to the west side of the city and couldn't believe they still had peacewalls in place to separate a neighbourhood, one side catholics, one side protestants. There is a road with gates either side that open at 7am and close at 7pm at night. Once closed, nothing can pass in and out of there. 80% of Belfast's crime rate seems to happen there. You could genuinely feel the tension there. I wouldn't want to be knocking about there in the evening.
  7. That was a strange game v QPR. We started so well, creating chances and it definitely felt like it was only a matter of time and then one hopeful punt forward, we make a defensive error and they scored. Game became uphill from there. Their goal was a prime example of why we will not always get away with playing a midfielder in a defender's position. As is the extent of injuries, it's the only choice we really have mind and I find it hard to be too harsh on Kalvin Phillips who has had to adapt his game massively this season. I think the most crucial thing we did was scoring right at the end of the first half. That would have hurt QPR. It meant we could come the 2nd half a bit more relaxed with less panic and more composure. And that is exactly what we did. Created an opening and they gave away a penalty. I have seen worse one's not given, won't lie, but when you haven't had a penalty for 14 months, 418 days, 53 games and 5,273 minutes of Football, 1-1 in a crucial game, you will take them anyway they come. Thank god we didn't miss it. We should have put the game to bed but as always in this league, if you are only a goal up with 15 mins to go, you are asking for trouble and it nearly came. Safe to say we rode our luck a little at the end but all in all, a deserved victory. I just hope we can continue to build momentum now. So many games coming at us and you just need to keep getting through them with what you have. No doubt, tiredness is going to creep in and we don't really have the maneuverability to chop and change the team too much until players start coming back so this could be a defining point in the season now.
  8. Saturday 8th December, 2018 Arsenal 3-0 Huddersfield Bournemouth 1-2 Liverpool, 12.30 Burnley 2-1 Brighton Cardiff 1-2 Southampton Chelsea 1-2 Man City, 17.30 Leicester 1-3 Tottenham, 19.45 Man Utd 2-0 Fulham West Ham 2-0 Crystal Palace Sunday 9th December, 2018 Newcastle 1-1 Wolves, 16.00 Monday 10th December, 2018 Everton 2-0 Watford, 20.00
  9. Lucas

    Daniel Farke Wins Manager of the Month

    Considering the only points they dropped were at Hull, he definitely deserves it.
  10. Credit to him how talented he was bursting on to the scene so early. I maintain, best kid to come from our acadamy I've seen. He ran games in the Championship. He was brilliant last season for Bournemouth. I feel for him. Spurs were rumoured to be close to signing him in the summer for £30m and then he gets an injury that ends his season and the U21's Euro's. Hope he comes back fitter and stronger. The boy will play for Engoand one day and captain them IMO.
  11. Lucas

    Liam Cooper out for Six Weeks

    Yep, another massive blow that. Add Stuart Dallas also now out for 4 to 6 weeks (and he was covering Ayling), its absolutely bizarre. 17 injuries to date so far that has caused players to miss so many games. And still Bielsa maintains he will use the youth. Jamie Shackleton will be RB Saturday. He'll join Aapo Halme and Jack Clarke in the first eleven. Hopefully the exhuberance of youth will be a positive.
  12. Tuesday 4th December, 2018 Bournemouth 2-1 Huddersfield Brighton 1-1 Crystal Palace Watford 0-3 Man City, 20.00 West Ham 2-0 Cardiff Wednesday 5th December, 2018 Burnley 0-2 Liverpool Everton 2-0 Newcastle Fulham 2-1 Leicester Man Utd 1-1 Arsenal, 20.00 Tottenham 3-1 Southampton, 20.00 Wolves 1-2 Chelsea
  13. I just dont know why Pickford didnt leave it, it was going the wrong side of the bar. Bizarre. Also interesting to see no one picked up on how quick Alisson came out his goal to take the free kick and allow Alexander Arnold to get a far greater kick forward in the lead up to the goal. Guess who Klopp ran straight to at the final whistle...
  14. Not going to jump too much on the Foyth scapegoat bandwagon because it was far from all him, but surely Alderweireld plays in a game of this magnitude? Answers on a postcard Poch.