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  1. Lucas

    First Goal

    41 - 21st 42 - 37th
  2. Nope, I'd never suggest that because as a fan for many years, I am not naive enough to ever make bold statements like that, especially from a player I've never seen play. Don't think I've ever been like that in all my times on the board or old place, I'm fairly level headed. I'm well aware of the clause, but I would be surprised if nothing has been put in regarding minutes or insurance against injury, that simply wouldn't be right. Co-incidentally, news from the club is he has gone back today. Which again not keeping him around the squad makes me feel like we believe we can get out of that one.
  3. Lucas

    Tell Me Something Good

    That is one badass Northern accent you have going on there lad @Pyfish
  4. Yeah, I think @Michael has had a bit of a 'mare there, unless he's just misinterpreted things. When I said "It looks like Jean Kevin Augustin is going to be the man", I clearly meant in reference to our much publicised striker search given all we had to rely on was Patrick bloody Bamford As far as JKA goes, we have been extremely unlucky to see him pick up two hamstring injuries, especially when during lockdown, he'd slimmed down and was flying in training. To get injured a few days before the start was massively unfortunate. Sadly, I feel his time here will be shortlived. No way can we pay that fee for someone we've barely seen. I should imagine he'll head back to Leipzig soon and that will be that.
  5. Yes, they are local to Leeds, like say your Huddersfield, Bradford, Rotherham, Doncaster, Hull etc are. Problem is these are all smaller Yorkshire towns that throughout history have not regularly competed with Leeds on a level playing field enough. They naturally hate Leeds with a passion despite their respective towns actually containing many Leeds based fans. And in Barnsley's case, we actually allowed them to sign three of our players this season alone, they usually approach us for fringe players and we happily let them, so there's no ill feeling our side. It is extremely one sided. I would say the only one that has received a bit of hate from Leeds in recent times is Huddersfield, primarily as they got the better of us getting out the Championship a few years ago when they did. Now its gone back to normal.
  6. I hope Charlton stay up too. Bowyer's done incredibly well given the off field politics there. And I hope Luton can too. Won't begrudge them their point last night, they battled well, took their one opportunity and gave it their all. Hull, Huddersfield and Stoke dropping would be quite satisfying. Especially the first two as they love to hate us What a shame @The Artful Dodger isn't around anymore. This could have been fun.
  7. Poor from us tonight. Every facet of our game was off. If I'm honest, tonight was a night we needed the fans to lift the team. We are struggling not being able to feed off the crowd I think. Still did enough to win the game mind. As is common with us, Luton had one real effort and scored, and we missed three sitters to win it. Copy and paste. I've heard some excuses in my time but two crosses put on a plate for Bamford and Costa to head home, only for them both to get 'blinded' by the floodlights is a new one. You literally have to see it to believe it, both were plum in front of goal. We just seem to find ways to outdo ourselves. It's sickening really how many times we could have wrapped this up. But that's Leeds. In some ways, I just want all this to hurry up and end now. I need to know one way or another what's happening and dragging it out like this is mentally draining. The games are not enjoyable in the slightest, it's just relief if you win and anger/frustration if you dont.
  8. We have to win this, agreed. Saturday has been and gone now, it will count for nothing if we don't do the job here. Luton are 3pts from safety and including this, have 7 games to go. I expect they will adopt the 'blueprint' - sit in, keep it at 0-0 as long as they can, and try to catch us when chances come. Either way, it's games like these where you need to be clinical, get that early goal which makes them come out and gives us space to attack more. Hoping the boys will be really revved up after that Fulham win. Pablo Hernandez is the absolute man, and whilst he isn't fully fit, will no doubt be key again. I expect him to start from the bench mind. Yet again, for the third time in a row since the restart I must add, we are being made to play after Brentford. It might seem like little details but whilst they keep winning, it keeps adding a little bit of pressure on us.
  9. Well done @RandoEFC, really enjoyed it and I didn't think it'd be my cup of tea. So, well deserved. He's also been doing Last Man Standing as well so credit where it's due, he's keeping us busy and well entertained as opposed to his pupils.
  10. Lucas

    First Goal

    Game 39 - 37th minute Game 40 - 32nd minute
  11. Lucas

    Things Which Make You Feel Uncomfortable?

    Lending money to someone who forgets to pay you back and then it's on you to ask for it or you won't get it.
  12. Lucas

    Have You Ever Been Chased By A Cow?

    No cows on this watch. I've only ever pissed off a Swan. I was taking a couple photos of the boating lake in a park and this one Swan obviously wasn't very photogenic, hissed at me. The others were fine with it but not this one. Never even knew Swans hissed, let alone see this thing get all mardy and flappy just for taking a pic. Totally unreasonable. Anyway, I got the photo I wanted so the Swan can get to fuck. Happy enough being a greedy twat taking breadcrumbs off people left, right and centre yet you want one pic and he turns into an arsehole. With a bit of luck, hopefully someone chucked an actual loaf of bread at his head to teach him being a dick.
  13. Lucas

    2020/2021 Kits

    I don't like the Black bits. Had that been White with say Yellow piping, that would look far more Chelsea like.
  14. Well nothing is going to wipe this smile off my face tonight. What you saw today was the difference been Marcelo Bielsa and Scott Parker. First half, absolutely unbearable to watch. Lucky to go in 1-0. Couldn't string passes together. Fulham had the bit between their teeth. Second half, Bielsa made two HT subs and tweaked the system. Pablo Hernandez came on, got a grip of the game and when we got the 2nd, it killed it. Fulham looked knackered at the end, which shows the difference in fitness levels of the two sides and what makes us a relentless side in this division. Massive three points and it looks pretty sweet right now but we must follow this up Tuesday night. P.S Mitrovic is a dirty bastard and I look forward to seeing him banned by the EFL with a minimum 3 match ban, possibly more.
  15. You have read @Rick's post but got the wrong end of the stick I think. He means the method they have used to get to where they are now as it has been publically scrutinised in the past, not having limitless funds.