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  1. Wonder if this is why Salah came off? At least this would make a little more sense given how bizarre it seemed at the time.
  2. Does Klopp get a pass this season irrespective of Champions League qualification or not? He does for me. As bad as it is for them, he deserves the chance to put it right next year.
  3. How good has Kante been tonight though? Literally everywhere. Different class.
  4. Lucas

    Your Favourite Fast-Food Items

    Dry as fuck as well. The burger patties always feel like they have been zapped to death, no juice.
  5. Lucas

    Your Favourite Fast-Food Items

    I have promised myself one day to try a battered Mars bar given the feedback i've had from it, but i just can't bring myself to do it.
  6. Football is odd. Sometimes play class and get nothing, other times play average and win. I was gutted when we lost to Everton a few weeks ago but credit to them, they are plucking out wins whether it's deserved or not. Not the worst habit in the world to inherit is it? Winning ugly.
  7. Yeah, I didn't understand the handball call either. Lemina literally had the ball blasted at him, unbelievable call and just another issue rife in the game that needs addressing really. It's tough enough watching goals disallowed for imaginary lines. For all Fulham's positive play mind, you can see they miss that genuine bit of quality where it counts. A lot of huff and puff but nothing to show for it. Looks good, but no substance.
  8. What's up with Jose, is he ok? Kane, Son, Bale and Alli starting together? Couldn't quite believe it when I saw that line up.
  9. Good news for Coventry. They really need to feel at home there. Ever since they left Highfield Road, I think they have struggled to adapt. Maybe because they haven't quite generated the atmosphere the old ground had, too many empty seats everytime I saw us play there. You'd like to think given the absence of live football and being back in the Championship, they will pack at least 20k in there next season.
  10. Lucas

    Your Favourite Fast-Food Items

    Could you eat all 10? I'd say 5 is enough.
  11. Lucas


    Ok, not posted on here for a while but as it was my turn to cook tonight I went for a quick and easy Spag Bol. Yeah yeah I know, nothing to shout about but it was tasty. First time i've used proper basil leaves too than the dried stuff and it makes a difference.
  12. Ah well in that case, give him another 3 years
  13. Is this done now? @N U F C seemed like he was settling in ok and then has disappeared. Hopefully nothing's gone pear shaped for the lad?
  14. Lucas

    Last movie you watched?

    The Life of David Gale Sometimes you miss a movie when it was made, catch it a few years later and think, how did I miss that one? Really enjoyed it, but then I think Kevin Spacey plays that ever so slightly sinister role quite well. He basically has the part of a man convicted of murder and rape facing the death penalty in a few days time who requests a journalist come to visit him for two hours a day before he is executed so he can tell his story Kate Winslett is the other main lead as a journalist searching for the truth. What seemed a cut and dry case transpires to be a lot murkier than she thought, enough to arise doubt that the man in question did it. Really good and a couple clever twists in the end too. Worth a watch on Amazon Prime at the mo. 7.8/10
  15. Lucas

    First Goal - Season Two

    89 - 24th 90 - 28th