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  1. I think the biggest thing I've realised with Lingard is he's 29. I was shocked at that. He's going to have one eye on the future knowing this could be his last big contract, 3 years minimum he'll want I'd have thought, and he'll probably be asking for what, £120-130k plus? Maybe even more. 24 through to 32 are probably the peak years of your form as a footballer and we just haven't seen enough of that from him to warrent that kind of pay IMO. Priorities should lay elsewhere for Everton I'd say. Time isn't on his side and he should be motivated by the thought of playing first team football for his last 5/6 years of his career, maybe make one last big international tournament, but I don't know if he has the right attitude/application for what Everton need, especially if they struggle again. Still think West Ham will get him tbh, they can also afford for him to be a bit of a luxury and blow hot and cold as they have a better squad, not sure Everton can.
  2. He'll be 33 this year. Irrespective of the case, I don't think he had a future at Everton anyway. It's time to look at younger, hungrier players who can be the mainstays in the team the next 3 to 4 years.
  3. I think you need to view the transfer more about the strength in depth it gives you in your squad and the versatility up front. Majority of the time in the big games, he will probably just compete for one spot in the front three granted, between him and Kulusevski. But Richarlison can play central as well as wide and I think what Conte ultimately wants is to be able to trust someone to take the burden off Kane and Son much like Jota/Diaz did from Salah and Mane. To be the best, you need this strength. A signing of Richarlison's quality pushes others to raise their standards further, they know they can't afford their level to dropor a quality player is coming in. Kulusevski certainly will need that push to prove he is no flash in the pan. Strength in depth has always been an issue with you I think. If Spurs play their reserves or rest 3 or 4 of the big names, they can't seem to rely on those coming in. Seen that in the Europa League, Conference League, FA Cup etc in recent seasons. Conte wants to make the squad ultra competitive. He's pretty much improved each position so far even whether you'd consider them a starter or reserve and Richarlison knows the league, is comfortable in this environment and at an age where really, his prime years lay ahead.
  4. Lucas

    Stranger Things

    And it's back tomorrow. Can't wait. I feel like we're due a major character death.
  5. I hope your kids get you up at 4am this weekend and this is your face when the missus says it's your turn.
  6. Lucas


    She is the Chesney Hawkes of Tennis.
  7. Southampton Home. It's not for me.
  8. Southampton close to signing Man City youngster for £10m. To be fair, they had some success getting Livramento so cheap and Broja on loan although I suspect City will have put some form of buy back clause into this deal. Ok really if you're happy to concede that I guess.
  9. Can't say I've seen that anywhere, nor would I imagine so much speculation is building if he had already said that. That's not to say it's not true if others like Milan are interested, would be a pretty easy call for him. Guess we'll see if we physically make an offer or not.
  10. It will be interesting now we know Raphinha is close to going if we put in a formal offer for De Ketelaere. Fabrizio reported our interest a few days ago and sources have been saying similar off the back of this. Even had those sad idiots who track planes notice a private plane land at Leeds Bradford airport from Brussell's Sunday night so will be interesting if this actually proves to be more than just rumours. Cody Gakpo is also rumoured too. Stay tuned next few days.
  11. Add in De Ligt then and maybe another CB I think you'd come out this window a solid 8.5 to 9/10. Still wonder about the striker position.
  12. You should be. Frightening counter attacks and great width. Will you be in the market for a Lukaku replacement or lay the trust in Havertz/Broja?
  13. £60-65m, so lets say for now roughly £62.5m. Still think that's a great buy for Chelsea when you see the likes of Ben White moving for £50m last year. Honestly feel after the World Cup his price tag will be in the £80m region, he is that good a player and it will be interesting to see him around better players like for Brazil. I would have prefered him to go Barcelona tbh, not in this league but it is what it is. I just hope we are going to spend all this cash wisely. Lost our two best players now for around £100m circa which I still feel robbed about but it's done now. We need at the very least, three quality signings now, two will be replacements and one other. No fucking Dan James wannabe's please. Seen three or four names mentioned that wet the appetitite, now it's just getting them. Cody Gakpo would be a great start If we can prize him from PSV and seen us also linked to Charles De Ketelaere, but we shall see.
  14. When he says north of £55m, I hope he's adding another £10m on top. Pepe cost bloody more, for fuck sake.
  15. I think out of the two, he'd go for Chelsea simply for Champions League football. Some reason, he's just the last place I really imagined him going but if he does, that right flank with him and James overlapping is ridiculous.
  16. To be fair, his old man had about 15 bloody clubs in all. I really like Cresswell. He's an absolute brute of a kid, solid as a rock and in all honesty, would love to have him here. But these U23 lads we got, they all want to get out there and play games. So much talent we have, but its keeping them happy. Millwall will love him. Him and Jake Cooper together, you would not fancy being up against those two.
  17. Lucas


    Can't believe Berrettini and Cilic have to drop out for Covid, especially Berrettini, he was looking great having won at Queen's. Bonus for Rafa's side of the draw I guess but you don't like to see it.
  18. 2 years. So there isnt a lot of wiggle room. Mind you, you dont really need him do you?
  19. Not sure I could handle seeing our two best players come on against us as your 4th and 5th subs.
  20. I know you said about the backhanders but I don't believe it when we're concerned. We are notoriously crap negotiators and all us Leeds fans knew this would happen. Same will happen with Raphinha, you watch. Just to emphasise how awesome we are, we gave City £5m quid for an 18 year old thats never played a senior minute of Football. £5m quid?! Love it. Honestly, if we were an Ice Cream Van, we'd do 2 for 1 on Whippy's down the beach on a scorching hot day than look to bang up the price by 50p and make a killing.
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