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  1. Pretty good results for us tonight with Everton and Wolves losing. That's one less game for them and one in hand for us. To be fair, both were expected but Everton conceding four has really hit their goal difference, especially as they have only scored 17 in 25 games. It really might come down to that.
  2. How, like how, do Man Utd get a home draw everytime?! Then cunts like us can't get a home tie in 13 consecutive draws Absolute jammiest of jammy fucks. FA may as well stick their ball up their asshole to keep warm for safe keeping every year. P.S Go on Grimsby
  3. Oh, McAtee! Has to get a shot away. I hope for Grimsby's sake they don't regret that. You can't pass those chances up.
  4. What was that marking for the Saints goal? Big fuck up from Grimsby there, they were all ball watching. Shame.
  5. Solid opening Episode to Season 3. It's good to be back.
  6. Maddison is definitely your key. You are completely different with and without him I'd say, it's really remarkable how much of an influence he has on that team. You certainly don't bang in four goals a game when he's out, that's for sure.
  7. That is annoying but I find the more cunty people are the likes of M&S shoppers. It's not often we go in there but when we do, there is a certain breed of people that can be so oblivious to what's going on around them and it tends to be those middle/upper slightly arrogant shoppers that shop in M&S and are used to the world revolving around them. Stick them in Aldi and they'd come out traumatised.
  8. He's misjudged the jump and because he's felt hands in the back from McKennie, he's exaggerated the dive. Clear as day on the replay. If that stands, we are 1-0 up and with our tails really up but it's done now, no point stewing on it. Will piss me off though if Fulham get a jammy draw.
  9. Fulham away. Bit gutted we didn't go through tbh. This was such a great chance to go progress and given a lot of top sides have been knocked out, and Fulham were there for the taking. Thought we played the better Football, created far more opportunities and also didn't have an ounce of luck. Just to reiterate that, I discovered Fulham had an xG of 0.20 to our 1.44. Not massive on that kind of stuff but was curious because it felt they didn't do much at all, turns out Fulham had 3 shots on goal, we had 14. Just. Couldn't. Score. That's the way it goes when one team's having a good season and the other isn't. Fulham ping in two worldy finishes and we miss enough easy ones to win two games. Shame for our fans last night that made it sound like a home game too, we deserved far more. Have to say the referee was appalling. Couldn't see at the time why Rutter had his goal disallowed at 0-0 but when i saw it this morning, its so so soft to give a push on Wilson, he dives as an after thought. If we go 1-0 there, I'm positive we win that game. Just don't ever seem to get those decisions. Harry Kane can barge Meslier out the way at Spurs for a goal, Tyrone Mings can drag Gnonto down in the box and avoid a penalty yet the softest of touches and we have a goal disallowed. It feels like we've had this kind of thing all season, pretty sick of it now.
  10. Lucas


    The brand of cricket that we play in Test format now, we'll always be at risk of losing as much as we win, but I'm fine with that. We're on the right path. It was a poor start to the 2nd innings that cost us ultimately. Nearly dug ourselves out the hole but credit to the Kiwi's. It's not like we've ever robbed them of a win is it...
  11. As long as they beat Everton tomorrow night and Bournemouth Saturday, I don't particularly care.
  12. 237 miles which usually equates to just over a 4 hour 15min steady cautious optimistic drive, followed by a 3 hour 45mins, pissed off, probably got a speeding ticket somewhere, drive back of anger and sadness.
  13. New series of Unforgotten, Series 5. Top telly.
  14. That's exactly how I'd see it too. Saint-Maximin could be genius if he had an end product but sadly he doesn't. I think you miss something not having a natural LB to charge forward like Trippier does, I'd say that should be a top target, along with a creative midfielder and another forward. You need someone different to Isak IMO, a predator in the box and I think you need more creativity. Obviously Maddison would be a great signing for you there.
  15. Despite the win Saturday, we're 35pts behind with 14 games to play. Tall order now. I'd rule us out.
  16. Lucas

    Childhood photos

    No need mate, found one. Must be you pal, he's got your smile.
  17. P.S It would be brilliant for the competition if the Manchester clubs could get fucked off.
  18. I'm going to the Fulham game tomorrow night and in some ways, it's a nice distraction from the league. Think it's a real 50/50 game tbh, but it's a great chance for either side to play a Quarter Final. The league is obviously more important but a win would only help boost the confidence of the lads after the Saints win Saturday and we need as much of it as we can get. Plus we are due a good Cup run, I'd like to see that continue and finally get a home draw in the Quarters. Elland Road would be class for it.
  19. There may well be and I'm certainly not one of these that labels it a load of old rubbish but ultimately, it feels a bit like the Loch Ness Monster situation for me. Until I see it, I'm not sure I can fully believe it. I think sometimes we underestimate how easily we can be fooled into seeing something that really isn't there.
  20. Scenarios Result - Maidstone v Scunthorpe MAIDSTONE (3) / DRAW (2) / SCUNTHORPE (2) Number of Goals - Southampton v Grimsby 0 (5) / 1 (4) / 2-3 (3) / 4+ (2) Real Madrid v Barcelona - First Goal REAL MADRID (2) / BARCELONA (2) Napoli to win a 9th game in a row YES (2) / NO (4) Championship Goal Scorer - Saturday 4th Chuba Akpom (3) Result - Liverpool v Manchester United LIVERPOOL (3) / DRAW (2) / MANCHESTER UNITED (2)
  21. Brazil have got to win it again eventually and France just keep churning out more talent, so hard to look past either of those. Outside of them, maybe Spain might be in a better position to win it. Should love the conditions too, so wouldn't write them off.
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