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  1. FFS. I have not missed playing your team.
  2. I'm not shocked. His record of being honest about what he has and hasn't touched isn't exactly reliable.
  3. I'm still not completely sold on Spain. I think they look suspect defensively, especially when teams have a go against them.
  4. Costa Rica gave away the most cynical foul at 0-0 when one of the Japanese players was clean through. It should have resulted in red for me but they got away with it and shithoused the win. I hate to see pointless teams rewarded when they have done nothing to deserve the win but that's Football. Japan have got to take a look at themselves though. They had it in their hands and couldn't have asked for a better fixture. They made all the running but they didn't create enough. Blown it now because they won't get anything against Spain.
  5. Love this view of the Messi goal. Gives me some serious old school Sensible Soccer vibes.
  6. Everytime he does this, it feels iconic. They don't have much, but they have him.
  7. This is the best atmosphere I have heard at any of the games so far. It feels like it's going to be spicy.
  8. It's hard when your national team plays against your club players but for all the criticism at what England didn't do, Tyler Adams was bloody supurb for the States. He was everywhere. It's no surprise to me the USA dominated midfield. He's been our best player and he's been class for the States in both games. Really looking a steal for us in replacing Phillips, so I'm pleased for him.
  9. Going to hurt us knowing we'd practically had Cody Gakpo signing agreed just before the transfer window shut, only to balls it up. No chance now. Looks a star.
  10. I agree, bad wordage from me there, he insinuated that it was the team's culture although he didn't actually say 'team culture'.
  11. I heard his post match comments and whilst I wouldn't say they were racist, it was a terrible take from Klinsmann, not least because Iran dominated the game, had way more chances and deservedly won. Wales can literally have no complaints, they did nothing. Klinsmann suggested Iran got in the referee's face, the bench were constantly appealling for decisions, the players used the dark arts with niggly fouls and gamesmanship to gain an advantage. And water is wet. But what has probably wound people up is that he said it's part of Iranian culture. That didn't really need to be said so I can see why people would take offence. I didn't think they were like that at all against us and I really didn't think they acted like shithouses today. I've seen far worse from Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Portugal and Italy.
  12. Speaking from experience, he's most definitely not
  13. Richarlison may have got the goals but both have come from Vinicius Junior's threat on the left. You could see how scared the Serbian's were to tackle him. He's so nippy and because he's such a threat, he takes the opposition away from other players.
  14. all kick-offs GMT Friday 25th November, 2022 Group A Qatar 0-2 Senegal, 13.00 Netherlands 2-1 Ecuador, 16.00 Group B Wales 1-0 Iran, 10.00 England 2-1 USA, 19.00 Saturday 26th November, 2022 Group C Poland 1-1 Saudi Arabia, 13.00 Argentina 2-1 Mexico, 19.00 Group D Tunisia 0-0 Australia, 10.00 France 2-1 Denmark, 16.00 Sunday 27th November, 2022 Group E Japan 2-0 Costa Rica, 10.00 Spain 2-1 Germany, 19.00 Group F Belgium 2-1 Morocco, 13.00 Croatia 1-1 Canada, 16.00 Monday 28th November, 2022 Group G Cameroon 1-1 Serbia, 10.00 Brazil 2-0 Switzerland, 16.00 Group H South Korea 1-1 Ghana, 13.00 Portugal 1-1 Uruguay, 19.00
  15. That's one of the softest penalties known to man. Very hard to get into these games when the decisions are becoming more and more daft. The organisers obviously wanted Ronaldo to get his record breaking 5th goal in as many World Cups and set a record in Qatar but allowing a penalty that didn't even get a thorough VAR check (and let's be honest, even after 4 or 5 views you can't make a case for it) was bent. The only other annoying thing is Ghana done fuck all till they were 1-0 down. They clearly carried a threat, why wait as long as they did to attack?
  16. Uruguay were massively disappointing given the quality they have. Zero shots on target is a shambles and there's no getting away from that.
  17. Almost as piece a cake as scoring a penalty is, and yet Lewandowski couldn't do it.
  18. I applaud how Canada have taken the game to Belgium but there is no composure in the final third. Saw it yesterday with Mexico, and with Japan earlier till they brought on Mitoma. He showed what making the right decision in the ball does. All it takes is a bit of thought to produce real quality, usually from the players who are at a high level club wise. Belgium have massively got away with one here so far though. They wouldn't worry me at all. Sad to see how far Hazard has fallen and it's no shock it's all on De Bruyne to play well for them.
  19. People will gush over Spain's performance which has been good, but Costa Rica have been absolute dross. 19% of the ball, not a single attempt on goal and hardly managed to make successive passes. They haven't even made it difficult in any way, shape or form. Even if they gave it a go at 3-0 down but they just haven't been interested. That's as easy a start you could wish to have. I reckon even Germany might get a result against them.
  20. LOL at Rudiger too with Germany 1-0 up. Won't be so cocky next time I bet.
  21. Germany Absolute chumps. Shadow of some of the great sides they have churned out over the years. Defensively as bad as us, maybe even worse. They miss an actual '9' massively. I didn't realise Japan were as decent as that. They have some very technically gifted players. That Matoma at Brighton changed the game when he came on. So calm on the ball. A bit of composure is all it needs sometimes in the final third.
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