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  1. Got to hand it to West Ham, they've turfed both the Manchester clubs out now. Impressive. They deserve a bit of luck with the draw in the quarters.
  2. Welcome Steve. All the best Arsenal memories revolve around the 90's and early 00's for me. The Invincibles, Fever Pitch, Bergkamp, Tony Adams goal v Everton, Bruised Banana kit, Michael Thomas at Anfield, Nayim lobbing Seaman, Half the team wanting to kill Van Nistelrooy at Old Trafford, Thierry Henry and Viduka's winner to keep us up and stop you winning the title in 2003. Enjoy the forum.
  3. We took him off them when we got promoted. He's developing into a really promising player, debut tonight and I'd definitely not worry playing him again. We've a few now including Summerville, the under 23's romped their league last season but it's a different kettle of fish stepping up now. Exactly why Leeds fans need to stop screaming for Gelhardt at every opportunity. Don't put pressure on the boy.
  4. And that concludes our participation in the 'Get battered by Man City at Wembley' Cup.
  5. He get's into some great positions but his football brain is poor. He's not picked out the right man. Poor touch as well in front of goal, lack of composure possibly. We'll see what Bielsa can do with him over time though. There is a player in there I think. Cody Drameh has done well, grew as the game has gone on. We got some good players in the academy. Fairly even game but Arsenal have the bench to win it, not sure all our 19/20 year olds do.
  6. 26/10 - Spezia v Genoa (Serie A) 27/10 - Hannover v Dusseldorf (DfB Pokal) 28/10 - Waalwijk v Willem II (KNVB Beker) 29/10 - Lyngby v Helsingor (1st Division) 30/10 - St. Liege v Kortrijk (Jupiler Pro League) 30/10 - Tottenham v Manchester United (Premier League) 31/10 - DC United v Columbus Crew (MLS) 31/10 - Montpellier v Nantes (Ligue 1)
  7. It is amazing to think they have spent big for Sancho, a position they deemed a high requirement, over a top class defensive midfielder. And yet ironic that Sancho barely gets minutes whilst Ole has no choice but to persevere with McTominay and Fred. They really dropped the ball there.
  8. You know when you've been out all day, seen the game, got lots to say but there's 6 pages of unread content and you don't know where to start...that's exactly me right now So I won't gloss over the game much. I'll just say this. Viva Mo Salah. He looks like the Egyptian Ronald McDonald and yet he's the best player on the planet right now, no arguments in my book. I'm not going to lay into those lot too much. We know they are a shit show defensively and have an absolute muppet in charge but I will say this. I watched Paul Scholes on BT straight after that Atalanta game. He was the only one at the time saying that first half scared him so much he couldn't enjoy any of the comeback and could foresee Liverpool/City doing this to them. He was right. They have to act now. They won't play for him and that's evident from Pogba's body language alone.
  9. What a signing Saints have made with Livramento by the way. Cheap as chips and reaping the rewards immediately. Completely gone under the radar and I think there are a few teams that could have done with a Right Back of his quality, but he's impressed everytime I've seen him. There is no way he'll make it past two seasons there surely.
  10. To be fair, Forest looked absolutely hopeless and we've seen what Cooper's done there so far. There are players that for some reason, new man comes in and it strikes a light in them to perform better because the new man has no loyalty to them. So the situation may not be as bleak as you think. I guess the fans would take Chris Wilder, although I see Bellamy mentioned which would be bold given he's an unknown quantity.
  11. He is, he'll just get more publicity now. He came on yesterday and really scared the Wolves defenders. It had vibes of Rooney coming on for Everton against Arsenal back in the day. Bielsa is doing the right thing. Got to use him off the bench for now but he's certainly good enough.
  12. Problem for Cardiff is they are kind of ingrained and built to be a physical side that play direct. Not pleasant to watch but usually hard to beat. Warnock, Harris and McCarthy complimented this to a tee but I honestly feel they need a change of direction. It's gone really stale there, lost the crowds they had and you feel a change of direction is needed.
  13. I watched your game earlier. You can only beat what's in front of you but I honestly thought I'd make a point to come on here and say how well Chelsea played today. You really played supurb. And I'll say this too. It could and should have been 9 or 10. Best all round I've seen you personally since the Arsenal away game. I had a funny feeling with Lukaku and Werner out today might be one of those frustrating days for you, stuttering to a 2-0 win because the players would take their foot of the gas. Fuck that. You set the tone early and I think that was down to Tuchel. He must have drummed it in that you had to win that game early doors and you were truly relentless. The pass and move was really sharp, great energy and drive by Kovacic today especially I thought in the middle of the park. I think credit also has to go for playing Thiago and Rudiger, two players that would keep the intensity of the team high from the back, not letting anyone rest on their laurels. I actually found it hard to fault anyone bar Havertz. He struggled to find space and I don't think his movement off the ball was great. On another day his performance might have frustrated a few but then again for me, he isn't a striker. Doesn't get in the box enough. Ironic that Broja scored his 2nd goal for Southampton today. On the face of it, he'd have been ideal in today's situation.
  14. Wolves. Got an early scrappy goal and then did nothing, absolutely nothing. I couldn't enjoy that every week. They were scared stiff to play because of how we play, so stayed in their shell all game. Got exactly what they deserved at the end and lucky to have a point in truth. Saiss should have had a red card on Raphinha but because our bench and manager didn't run onto the pitch it's not looked at is it. Fair play to young Gelhardt. Stepping up when this club needed something to go for us. He had the Wolves defenders scared stiff. Absolutely fair play to the fans today, never got on the team's back, you should have heard it in the last 10 minutes, you'd have thought we were leading. The South Stand were sucking that ball into the net and the limbs when Rodrigo slotted away that 94th min penalty, the scenes were almost relief. Hopefully this kicks us on a bit now. There are far worse in this league but you got to get the points in the bag. Crying out for Bamford to be back, no one replicates what he does for us when he isnt there.
  15. Netflix is superior but they have to do something about these bullshit 'exclusive' Netflix films they make. They are lucky to hit the target, I don't think it's unfair to say two, or three out of every ten are watchable. I say this as someone that always get's sucked in
  16. I am expecting nothing but defeat given our current absentee's. Anything else is a bonus.
  17. That's better Arsenal. More like the Spurs performance. Deserved victory in truth and probably should have been well over before the wobble at the end. Their key is consistency now, these performances can't be a 1 in 4 showing, they need to be far more frequent. Villa have strengthened their squad really well but from what I see at the moment, they look like they are trying to make a system work to accommodate the new personal and get the best out of them, as opposed to the other way round and it's not quite working. At least when he ditched the 3 at the back, Villa actually looked more dangerous. They should stick to what they know.
  18. Friday 22nd October, 2021 Arsenal 2-1 Aston Villa, 20.00 Saturday 23rd October, 2021 Chelsea 2-0 Norwich, 12.30 Crystal Palace 2-1 Newcastle Everton 1-0 Watford Leeds 1-2 Wolves Southampton 1-1 Burnley Brighton 0-2 Man City, 17.30 Sunday 24th October, 2021 Brentford 2-2 Leicester City, 14.00 West Ham 1-2 Tottenham, 14.00 Man Utd 1-1 Liverpool, 16.30
  19. It's even more annoying when they aren't playing, yet have an amazing week and beat you when you're trying
  20. It's a tricky one isn't it when you can see it happening all in front of you. And if your someone that doesn't really get involved with any kinda conflict, it makes you feel fucking awkward when you are put in a spot like that. At least he made it easy for you
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