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  1. This is one of my favourites from him if we don't count the Under Pressure album which is as a whole a masterpiece imo.
  2. Are you familiar with Logic? Great rapper, this is his first album from 2014: He's done some great shit since then as well, Bobby Tarantino mixtape is definitely worth a listen.
  3. Shinji Kagawa is in great form, will be crucial for us this month.
  4. Our line-up next season could look something like this: 3-5-2: Burki - Sokratis, Toprak, Bartra - Piszczek, Dahoud, Weigl, Dembele, Guerreiro - Reus, Aubameyang Weidenfeller - Ginter, Bender, Merino - Durm, Castro, Rode, Kagawa, Schmelzer - Pulisic, Isak + Gotze, Schurrle, Mor 4-5-1: Burki - Piszczek, Sokratis, Toprak, Guerreiro - Weigl, Dahoud - Dembele, Kagawa, Reus - Aubameyang Weidenfeller - Durm, Bartra, Ginter, Schmelzer - Rode, Castro - Pulisic, Gotze, Schurrle - Isak + Bender, Merino, Mor Freaking scary. Amazing squad and a brilliant job from our club on the transfer market. The only thing we lack is a right wing-back, Piszczek is 32 years old this year and playing Durm there will just be a waste of all the talent sitting on the bench because of Erik taking someone's spot. Durm is an average player and if we are going to play 3-5-2 formation in the future I only see Piszczek there or we must buy one more player. I think with this team our duty will be to get TOP2 spot next season plus annoy Bayern at least till like April.
  5. Yeah, the future in Dortmund doesn't look great for Ginter, every time he plays it seems like he's scared. We should be looking for another CB I think.
  6. Win away against Bayern just to lose to Gladbach in the final. Sounds great!
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