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  1. R-D

    Hip Hop/Rap

    Any of you guys listened to the hip hop saved my life podcasts by Romesh Ranganathan? They're a decent listen, mix of comedy and hip hop chat
  2. Went for a bit of a Ben Affleck director thing yesterday and watched The Town and Argo, both enjoyable watches. And sticking with the Affleck theme I'll put on Gone Girl today. Then on the more apocalyptic side I'm going to watch Train to Busan - has anyone seen this before?
  3. You won't need to have watched Luke Cage or Jessica Jones to understand The Defenders - they're both essentially side characters with no real purpose. I didn't watch Jessica Jones and never once felt like I was missing anything from her story. Daredevil and Iron Fist are a must though for storyline. Best part of The Defenders was the teaser for The Punisher at the end! I started watching Tin Star yesterday at a mates, got about 4 eps in and was quite an intriguing watch. Can't seem to find them online to carry on watching though. Currently watching (that's airing); The Sinner, Room 104, Preacher, The Mist (think season has just finished actually), Blood Drive, Rick and Morty.
  4. R-D

    Game Of Thrones

    Fairly decent opening episode, as you'd expect, a good look at where all the characters are at the moment. Is it bad I'm mostly rooting for Cersei? I fucking love her character. Although her prophecy, all of which has come true so far, doesn't bode well for her. Jamie (who is actually one of the good guys, really) to do her in before she can commit her final unspeakable act which would kill the entire city. Danaerys story continues to bore me to tears. Need a big season from her and Tyrion now they're where they need to be. But the more Missandei on screen the better. Samwell's character will be hugely important in story development and whether Jon's barmy army can help defeat the white walkers. I don't get why they have to have Gilly and the baby though. We won't see an end to the white walker storyline by the time this season's over, but a handful of main characters will be offed. Bailish to get sick and tired of Sansa's constant rejection, he fucks off to king's landing with knights of the vale, does bits with Cersei and betrays Sansa - probably takes out Dorne or some shit. He then wants a dragon so betrays Cersei and buddies up to Dany and marries her. Dany can't have child so Bailish brings the desperate Sansa back in the mix for child bearing. Little Finger to win the game of thrones. Also, Theon to betray everyone he holds dear so Qyburn can give him a new throbbing zombie dick.
  5. My mates give me stick for having never watched this.
  6. I'll keep it on my list for now then. I feel it will be one of those shows where I need to watch pretty consistently until it's done, otherwise I'll lose interest. Much like I'm prone to do. Yes definitely a good shout to build up a few episodes. First ep is properly bizarre, but intriguing. Ricky Whittle is a specimen.
  7. I've just seen Fargo Season 3 has started as well, oh boy oh boy.
  8. Has anybody watched '13 Reasons Why' yet? I've heard good things and is on my to-watch list. Currently I've got on the go: Big Little Lies - only watched the first ep, but haven't gone back to it for a while Billions Chance - finishing off season 1 Legion - albeit season is done. I really enjoyed the first season, however fucking weird it got in the middle, and anything with Jemaine Clement gets my approval Marvel's Iron Fist - finished it now, but largely pretty trash in all Taboo (yet to start) Walking Dead - I'm at least half a season behind, maybe more, when I get desperate I'll run head first into a wall, then maybe catch up And to join in with The Leftovers chat earlier, I watched the first season and really struggled with the second and didn't get all the way through. To be honest, surprised I got through the first.
  9. R-D

    Tips & Bets 365

    I have a running bet each Prem gameweek with a couple mates where we place a fiver on and need to pick 4 results (win/draw) and hit a minimum of 5/1 odds. Most profitable end of season wins the prize pool. As there are only 4 games this week I've gone with: West Ham, Everton, Liverpool to win, Hull/Swans draw @ 18/1 I believe.
  10. R-D

    Members Pictures

    I read this thinking you had quoted Cannabis' post
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