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  1. Honking Antelope

    What Was The Last Album You Listened To?

    Been listening to the new Mastodon album over the past few days, Emperor Of Sand. Is there anything this band can do wrong?
  2. Honking Antelope

    Rugby League

    I love how "chomp" is the go to retort from your average run of the mill internet troll when they've been proven wrong. Anyway my hooray henry friend, this is a Rugby League thread, its far too exciting for you. Go to your kick and clap thread and proceed to be bored stupid. Anyway, after getting our season back under way with two victories (including a delicious drubbing of Warrington), Saints inevitably threw their wheels off again with a typically pitiful performance against Salford. Good job we've got Huddersfield next, as they're even worse than we are!
  3. Honking Antelope

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Mate I'm rewatching it all now for the first time since the series finished in 2010. I'm just coming to the end of season 2 and I'm getting goosebumps all over again at pretty much every episode.
  4. Honking Antelope

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Not Penny's Boat!
  5. Honking Antelope

    Next Manager To Be Sacked

    When was the last time Sunderland didn't sack a manager during the season.....and then stay up? It will happen again. It's what they do.
  6. Honking Antelope


    I've got Gojira a week tomorrow, with support by Code Orange. Cannot wait for that. End of the month I've got Creeper, Milkteeth, Energy (who I'm unfamiliar with) and Puppy - four young up and coming bands in one night, should be epic. In May I've got Iron Maiden with support from Shinedown - Maiden are always reliable. Will be the fourth time I've seen them. And finally in May I've got Katatonia - one of my all time favourite bands and its only the second time I'll have seen them.
  7. Honking Antelope

    Hello My Name Is James

  8. Honking Antelope


    If Goldberg/Lesnar isn't for the title at Mania, then it makes no sense giving Goldberg a title shot at Fastlane. And I can't see past a Lesnar win at Mania - he'll never agree to losing three times to Bill, and surely Goldberg isn't back for the long haul?
  9. Honking Antelope

    Hello My Name Is James

    Very briefly, and I was steaming.
  10. Honking Antelope

    Odeon Limitless

    I was looking into getting Limitless. I get it at a reduced rate as well through work - £149.99 for the year. Not taken it yet but very tempted.
  11. Honking Antelope

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    So I'm rewatching Lost - my all time favourite program. No haters, I'll defend this show with my life. A work of genius. My missus is a big fan of Broadchurch, I've never seen it. Worth getting into?
  12. Honking Antelope

    Last movie you watched?

    I watched The Greasy Strangler. A rather unnerving, disturbing horror/comedy B movie. Its premise is exactly as it sounds, a man goes round strangling people whilst covered in Grease. Yup.
  13. Honking Antelope


    I think times are changing slowly though, most likely as Trips gets more and more of a creative input. KO and Bray holding the titles (until tonight) shows progress, as neither are Vince guys. Imagine Reigns being Universal and Cena being World champs. That'd be awful.
  14. Honking Antelope

    Metal and Rock

    Seether were one of my favourite bands when I was in college - I saw them live a couple of times and they were great. I kinda checked out after they released Finding Beauty... This sounds half decent though, and the video is pretty cool. I've been listening to a lot of Ghost at the moment, Square Hammer is one of the best songs of last year. I'm off to see Gojira in a week. Support by Code Orange - I cannot wait.
  15. Honking Antelope

    Football League 2016/2017 - 7th March

    What a difference a week makes - without doubt our biggest 7 days of the season. 11 points clear of third, and thats all that matters. Long time to go yet, but I'm more confident now than I have been all season.