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  1. BartraPique1932

    Off Topic

    Wow, I didn't know that @Azeem and @Tommy.
  2. BartraPique1932

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    Who should replace him.
  3. Write "ok" if you masturbate to old men cross dressing as anime girls.

    1. football forum
    2. football forum
    3. football forum

      Panna King

      I fingered some old mans ass dressed as a Anime girl.

  4. BartraPique1932

    Julian Weigl to Benfica

    @Machado, ok I know why you're excited, but it's time to calm down now.
  5. BartraPique1932

    All Matches - 1-2nd January, 2020

    At first I thought he was going to perform one of those African dances they always use for their goal celebrations.
  6. BartraPique1932

    All Matches - 1-2nd January, 2020

  7. BartraPique1932

    Julian Weigl to Benfica

    https://web3.cmvm.pt/sdi/emitentes/docs/FR74264.pdf What now, @Machado?! Are you happy bitch boi?
  8. BartraPique1932

    All Matches - 1-2nd January, 2020

    Henderson's save was absolute eye candy.
  9. BartraPique1932

    Julian Weigl to Benfica

    Too slow for the CB role in Favre's system, not enough possession in Favre's system for him to excel as CM. Weigl was brilliant under Tuchel, but mediocre afterwards. What about Benfica? Do they plan to play Tuchelball?
  10. BartraPique1932

    Julian Weigl to Benfica

    https://abola.pt/clubes/2019-12-30/benfica-contratacao-de-weigl-esta-iminente/821849/40 https://www.waz.de/sport/fussball/bvb/bvb-profi-weigl-steht-kurz-vor-wechsel-zu-benfica-lissabon-id228027971.html @Machado
  11. BartraPique1932

    Erling Haaland - Man United/Arsenal

    WOAH! Only a true genius could have predicted that, right?!
  12. Liverpool have won 10 BPL games in a row, haven't they?
  13. I read many of 'em take chemicals, even olympic athletes wouldn't dare to use, and some look like mutants. Can you confirm that?