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  1. BartraPique1932

    Formula One

    You ought to enroll for an English class instead of wasting your time masturbating to your homosexual poster boy Lewis.
  2. I hope they end up killing each other.
  3. My club: BVB Final league position: 3rd Player of the season: Reus Best goalscorer: Reus Most appearances: Witsel Best new signing: _________ Biggest surprise: Akanji Manager change (yes/no): no
  4. He's the player we missed last season with Bosz's system. I'm not sure how vital he is in Favre's system, but he missed the entire preparation. Not good.
  5. BartraPique1932

    Borussia Dortmund Thread

    Our last test match was disastrous and we still have neither a proper #9, nor a proper #6. In for another horrible season.
  6. BartraPique1932

    Formula One

    Hey, welcome @AMG
  7. There's more.
  8. Götze is a great talent.
  9. BartraPique1932

    Formula One

    I can't see how Renault could beat RB. Even if their engine was a little better - atm it's arguably a little worse - their aeropackage would be way inferior as long as Newey keeps on working for RB. At least RIC won't have to deal with Max anymore who receives preferential treatment.
  10. BartraPique1932

    Formula One Clueless Hamilton fanboys will ignore this and continue denying the Mercs were much quicker in the rain.
  11. BartraPique1932

    Real Madrid CF Discussion

    If it had happened in a CL (semi-) final, it would have been a red for the opponent and a penalty for Madrid. @Teso dos Bichos will make excuses.