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  1. BartraPique1932

    U21 European Championships

    3-0 F. Ruiz has an amazing shot. Reminds me of Kroos, Gibbs, Sholes and the likes.
  2. BartraPique1932

    U21 European Championships

    Spain lead 2-0 and it's well deserved. Could be 4-0.
  3. BartraPique1932

    U21 European Championships

    The Serbian gk made one brilliant save in the 2nd half.
  4. BartraPique1932

    U21 European Championships

    Absolute domination. The scoreline doesn't even tell the whole story. Germany may not have the best squad, but the team play is exceptional.
  5. BartraPique1932

    U21 European Championships

    Would be text book from Germany to choke against Serbia today, but the fact that they showed some maturity against Denmark is giving me hope that they won't choke. After their first goal they sat back, defended well and executed some really nice counter attacks instead of playing for possession just for the sakes of it.
  6. BartraPique1932

    U21 European Championships

    The fact that we scored the first goal helped us a lot. Denmark seems to be unable to threaten a deeply sitting opponent without completely exposing themselves. We are able to run counter after counter.
  7. BartraPique1932

    U21 European Championships

    1-0 not great, not terrible
  8. BartraPique1932

    U21 European Championships

    Should have tried 4-4-2 instead imo. Denmark is too strong. We will produce too many forced errors. The possession is no good if we can't get into their box.
  9. BartraPique1932

    U21 European Championships

    Speaking from an individual class stand point this has to be the worst U21 squad Germany has had in the last 20 year or so, except for that tournament in Isreal a couple of years ago maybe when our A team was playing test games for Löw and our B team was mainly injured.
  10. BartraPique1932

    Formula One - General Chat

    Ahem https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_24_Hours_of_Le_Mans_winners#Constructors Search for Porsche 962 and 956.
  11. BartraPique1932

    Weirdest Person to Post on This Site

  12. BartraPique1932

    Round 07: Canada

    It would be nice if certain individuals acted like adults and refrained from making accusations and using insults. Thank you!
  13. BartraPique1932

    Round 07: Canada

    no penalty.
  14. BartraPique1932

    Round 07: Canada

    You realise how much you contradicted yourself there, right?
  15. BartraPique1932

    Turkey vs France

    France also lost against Belarus a year ago. Quick @José, point out how it's all Deschamps' fault and Mou should be managing France!!!!1