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  1. By how much is England a better country than the US?

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      Eh, if I could chose, I'd probably go with neither as a place to live. I have lived outside the States and thoroughly enjoyed it, but now with a family, I'll be staying here. 

    3. football forum


      I think you're confused my friend... it's not :usa:

    4. football forum


      The police on their own is reason enough to not wanting to live in the US. Then on top of that you have psychos with guns (not just the psychotic police with guns) and a struggle to separate religion from politics and a ridiculous war on drugs. Making sure companies abide by regulations is apparently a bad thing. Having regulations to begin with is apparently a bad thing. Free healthcare is terrible too apparently. Education isn't taken seriously. Intelligence generally seen as an evil. And televangelists, what the actual fuck?

      If Benjamin Franklin was brought back to life to see what America has become, he'd probably shoot himself in the head.

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