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  1. Hi yes I'd like to keep the tradition of lynching Happy Blue
  2. Dickie

    Mafia Wars 2018

    It's been awhile since I did this chiz I'll hop in.
  3. Dickie

    EFL ask FIFA for Loan Deal Reform

    I personally don't see an issue but i guess it's a whole thing having to do with the concept of keeping everything similar to other leagues? Then again MLS is a hot mess of being different and FIFA doesn't bat an eye.
  4. Dickie

    Are Germany Declining?

    I don't think it's the talent pool I think it's Low's time to go.
  5. Dickie

    Dickie Productions Inc.

    Well boys it's been awhile. But I got a new New York Comicon Video up. and the video i spent i feel like months on learning how to do and physically execute in a derpy manner. Pokemon Abridged. God I worked so long on this. Re animated 10k frames to do this like the pleb I am.
  6. I was gonna say i thought he was going back to ARG? Guess money talks.
  7. I'm note even gonna go into great detail in my answer. No.
  8. Just gonna accept that fact that we are not going to be going back up anytime soon.
  9. Dickie

    MLB 2018/19 Thread

    Hey man don't count my phils out yet, still in that wild card position.
  10. We'll be in the championship for awhile....
  11. i heard about this down the grape vine, anyone know how he is?
  12. This is a big ol' Oof today boys
  13. Good lord we literally have the same back 4 and gk and look miles away from a team that'll get promoted. Granted it's the first match but jeez.