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  1. Dickie

    I am back

  2. Dickie

    2019 Newcomer of the Year

    I remember eco joining back in 11 when i joined, I thought he lost to like Cicero?
  3. Dickie

    2019 Newcomer of the Year

    Absolutely Gutted I didn't win
  4. Dickie

    EFL Clubs in Crisis (Bury Expelled)

    Stoke are in a dire situation... could easily drop down to League 1 if they don't fix whatever is going on.
  5. Dickie

    2019 MLS Match Chat

    but we were winning.... and then we fell apart smh
  6. Dickie

    Sheep - Season 1 - Continental

    what did i get tagged in?
  7. it's pretty accurate @Cannabis
  8. Dickie

    2019 MLS Match Chat

    Top of the pop, along with my phils so I can't complain. Hopefully we keep the trend going we've been such a disappointment for so freakin long. Why did you switch to Portsmouth?
  9. Dickie


    Youtube, work, photography etc still going good. Just thought I'd drop by see how everyone was doing.
  10. Dickie


    How are all holding up?
  11. Dickie

    Off Topic

    pretty sure he"ll be the first to die from dabs but what a way to go out
  12. Dickie

    Mafia Wars 2018

    It's been awhile since I did this chiz I'll hop in.
  13. Dickie

    EFL ask FIFA for Loan Deal Reform

    I personally don't see an issue but i guess it's a whole thing having to do with the concept of keeping everything similar to other leagues? Then again MLS is a hot mess of being different and FIFA doesn't bat an eye.
  14. Dickie

    Are Germany Declining?

    I don't think it's the talent pool I think it's Low's time to go.