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  1. Wait Sir Balonn left????

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    2. football forum


      I second that, as I've never had any issues with @Rucksackfranzose]

    3. football forum

      Viva la FCB

      Nah Rucksack is a gem, tbh the bundesliga section is great; life is harmonious. Cesspool and rucksack? thats about as far off as you can get. Balon just got his panties in a knot everytime anyone has anything to say thats negative towards Barca but he usually kept his head. That day he went clearly off the deep end, dont know If he had something going on in his personal life but that would make some sense. 

    4. football forum


      So in conclusion. If you have a problem with Rucks, the problem is probably you. :110_writing_hand:

  2. Dickie

    I am back

  3. I remember eco joining back in 11 when i joined, I thought he lost to like Cicero?
  4. Absolutely Gutted I didn't win
  5. Stoke are in a dire situation... could easily drop down to League 1 if they don't fix whatever is going on.
  6. but we were winning.... and then we fell apart smh
  7. what did i get tagged in?
  8. Top of the pop, along with my phils so I can't complain. Hopefully we keep the trend going we've been such a disappointment for so freakin long. Why did you switch to Portsmouth?
  9. Dickie


    Youtube, work, photography etc still going good. Just thought I'd drop by see how everyone was doing.
  10. Dickie


    How are all holding up?
  11. Dickie

    Off Topic

    pretty sure he"ll be the first to die from dabs but what a way to go out
  12. I personally don't see an issue but i guess it's a whole thing having to do with the concept of keeping everything similar to other leagues? Then again MLS is a hot mess of being different and FIFA doesn't bat an eye.
  13. I don't think it's the talent pool I think it's Low's time to go.
  14. Well boys it's been awhile. But I got a new New York Comicon Video up. and the video i spent i feel like months on learning how to do and physically execute in a derpy manner. Pokemon Abridged. God I worked so long on this. Re animated 10k frames to do this like the pleb I am.
  15. I was gonna say i thought he was going back to ARG? Guess money talks.
  16. Just gonna accept that fact that we are not going to be going back up anytime soon.
  17. Dickie

    MLB 2018/19 Thread

    Hey man don't count my phils out yet, still in that wild card position.
  18. Good lord we literally have the same back 4 and gk and look miles away from a team that'll get promoted. Granted it's the first match but jeez.
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