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27 minutes ago, Smiley Culture said:

Have they not been arrested yet?

I think as part of the inquiry they'll be interviewed. Whilst they'll not be under caution they'll be made aware that a failure to cooperate will be the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot as the inquiry would advise whether criminal proceedings should be bought towards the biggest players involved.

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@Smiley Culture Scrap my last. The reason that document was made accessible to the public yesterday was because today they'll be voting whether a CVA will be accepted. If the CVA is passed then no criminal charges can be bought towards the company directors.

It all looks pretty damning. From what I've made out they've been losing money since July 2020 (they bragged being in their strongest financial position six months after), put money in to other company owner projects and encouraged people to put in more money after the administrators had been spoken too.

It's going to make some documentary one day.

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