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Dundee United Sack Csaba Laszlo

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Should have gone at the end of last season. Giving him another transfer window and a decent chunk of this season could be costly to any aspirations of promotion back to the Premiership.

Robbie Neilson is currently favourite. He was Hearts manager when they convincing won the Championship when it also contained Rangers and Hibs. But he also had the benefit of having Craig Levein as his director of football. Whether he could do it alone is still a bit of a mystery.

They need some inspiration to get out of the division this season. Spending far too long outside the top flight is hugely damaging them as a club, especially as most interest in the league has disappeared from the mainstream coverage of football in the country.

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3 hours ago, Smiley Culture said:

Neilson was horrendous at MK Dons, which surprised me a little. Levein may have played more of a part than us outsiders saw. 

Dundee United seem like a huge club to be at that level.

Had a quick look at his record, still won more than he lost. But seems to have had initial success before his first full season went terribly. 

Might be a signal that he is a good coach with what he has to work with, but his recruitment is a bit off. 

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