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The “Relegado” Thread - 2018/19

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Welcome, Feliz año nuevo muchachos, muchachas* and Brian, and welcome to the “Relegado” Thread for season 2018/19. 

* Disclaimer - if the Spanish used above is incorrect, blame Google Translate.

Perenially, La Liga has been described by some as boring due to its title race, or lack of one, however it’s not the top of the table I’m here to discuss, it’s the bottom. I think it’s gone somewhat unnoticed in the U.K. due to Sky no longer showing the Spanish games of a weekend but there is a hell of a relegation battle developing in the land of tapas and rain on the plain. 

Currently, the team in 8th, Valencia, are just seven points from 15th, the last relegation place, currently occupied by Villarreal. Rayo Vallecano, who are second bottom, are currently nine points from Valencia, a big margin, however, not an unassailable margin.

I thought this and the ensuing battle for safety between now and the end of the season deserved its own topic. 

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'Descenso' would be the word you're looking for mate. That sounds the most natural to me. 

Anyway I've got a feeling Villarreal may go down although it would be a shame if they did as they are one of the teams which are often worth looking out for in La Liga. Then again, the last time they were relegated to the segunda, they came back within a year and were in great shape, both on the pitch and financially. 

Athletic are in trouble themselves this season but they will survive, they always do in the end and if they do go down, it'll be historic since it'll be the first time they've ever suffered relegation. 

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