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Is he the best international manager on the planet?

Shatters record after record.

- Took Peru to their first World Cup in 36 years

- Beat Brazil for the first time in 41 years

- Only Peruvian manager to ever beat Brazil twice, and one of 3 to win it this decade (Joachim Low and Jorge Sampaoli are the other 2)

- Recorded Peru's first away win in 12 years (including first time wins in Asuncion and Quito)

- First senior international tournament final in 44 years for Peru


I'd say he's up against the likes of

- Tite

- Deschamps

- Quieroz

- Martino

- Southgate

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No; simply for ignoring the greatest Peruvian player ever :P 

I'm kidding. He obviously did well to bring you to the World Cup and get some respectable results, but I only saw two matches of Peru in the last few years so I really can't comment on it...

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