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  1. Never played a Mafia where the Jester can't win by being lynched...

    Great write up @Cure, but the Jester's role in this set up was quite literally impossible to win 

    1. football forum


      I wasn't actually aware that the Jester automatically won in previous iterations if he died. I'm sorry about that and if I run a Mafia again I'll ensure that I include that.

      I made it so that the mafia didn't want to touch you and they didn't. You went out not through a lynch but through a targeted attack. Thanks for the comments on the write-up and I hope you appreciated the cameos so far from Brian, Phil (twice or thrice), Moaty, Halewood and Batard.

      I'll PM you. You were unlucky unfortunately.

    2. football forum


      It was a cameo appearance. All cameos so far have been purely for humour and nothing malicious.

      Cameos so far far have been yourself, Phil, Moaty, Halewood, Batard and Bluebird Hewitt.

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