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  1. Essien's goal vs Arsenal in 2006 in 2006 still to this day my absolute favorite.
  2. Plans underway to purchase the SIR Oswald Stoll Mansions property as part of the club's boost to rebuild and expand Stamford Bridge.
  3. You lot hear that BING story where a user was messaging its chatbot and the chatbot appeared to be sentient? https://www.nytimes.com/2023/02/16/technology/bing-chatbot-microsoft-chatgpt.html
  4. It means something if Arsenal win. Since 2019, it means virtually nothing if City win. Hence why people want City to win.
  5. Think as an inverted fullback he'd be very useful. Hasn't been great. Hasn't been shit. Not a player I'd be fussed if he stayed or left. Good but for the alleged clause of £80m, hard pass. He's being used as a CAM and I think his qualities diminish the deeper he plays. It's why I think he and Nkunku could work but for 80m we are better off finding an actual ST.
  6. Nah he's the epitome of small dick syndrome considering he won't ever start shit with people his height and stature. Absolute legend of the game though.
  7. Yes. Acting as director of football and getting Tuchel's targets, only to then sack Tuchel and appoint Potter (who has no credible milestones to his name) to such an important job with such a ridiculous expensive contract has hindered all the good we did November-January in restructuring the club. Unless there is some termination clause in Potter's contract or the club put him on gardening leave, it'll cost 60m to sack him. The footballing decisions should be made by the genuine long term visionaries at the club, which is Christopher Vivell, Joe Shields, and Laurence Stewart. Hindsight is a bitch and even though I believe Tuchel wouldn't of worked out in the end, we should of given him until after the World Cup.
  8. This goes past Potter. Should of never been appointed. Financial ruin is my biggest worry and Boehly's actions over the summer have taken us 5 steps backwards.
  9. Typically for the latter to occur you will need to see signs of improvement, not 7 months of continuous regression. The notion that 5 matches in the United States is where things will turn around is something I will brush off.
  10. The Arenal & Arteta benchmark or that Potter needs pre-season excuse will always make me laugh.
  11. Not finishing Top 4 next season could genuinely lead to financial ruin according to SwissRamble. Not sure what Clearlake/Boehly are waiting for exactly as the more we prolong with Potter the further away we are from accomplishing that. He's doing more damage than good atm and now the likes of Felix and Enzo are regressing and matching the standard of the rest of the players. This is AVB levels of zero direction football. Interim until the rest of the season and get a head start in finding a permanent manager with Vivell/Stewart involved.
  12. There's £600m worth of talent in this team, and I haven't seen a Chelsea side in my lifetime so devoid of any attacking intent. Unfortunately I think Boehly is digging his heels in and doesn't want to publicly admit he got the Potter appointment wrong.
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