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Shinji Doherty

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  1. Shinji Doherty

    How did you find us?

    Why have the ability if people aren't permitted to use it? No-ne has had a problem reading anything I've posted. It's simply bullying, for trying to be a little different. Not very nice. Fuck it, I give up. No explanation, a mod has decided I can't post in green, won;t admit it nor say why, that kinda sucks, ah well, I tried the forum, will give it up.
  2. Shinji Doherty


    Actually once every few months, a wee some time on benzoes does actually help for a brief bit of less anxiety. I'm not advocating it for anyone else, just being honest in a topic that I was was the purpose of the topic.
  3. Shinji Doherty

    How did you find us?

    No. However it seems someone here has taken offence to it and killed my coloured text ability. Meh. People just don't like anything different anymore. Ahh well, I sack it. A place where such colour censorship goes on, probably isn't for me.
  4. Shinji Doherty

    Would you go to Man Utd?

    Keane's right, if United want Kane, they can go pay whatever the fee is and throw a shit ton of wages at him, he'd sign. They're only a striker and 2 midfielders off a seriously competitive first 11 and I fully expect those positions addressed in the next 2 windows, providing the players they have at the minute can get the results that'll keep Solskjaer in the role until then. If you throw 3 players ..... A) Milinkovic-Savic or Declan Rice for a defensive shield and some midfield presence. B) Bruno Fernandes , Jack Grealish or or James Maddison for a creative spark in the middle. C) Erling Braut Haaland or Moussa Dembele for a pacey goalscorer. Add those 3 players, which is not unrealistic, no-one could argue they're not then a formidable 1st 11, with De Gea, Wan Bissaka, Lindelof/Maguire/Tuanzebe, Shaw, McTominay, Pogba, Pereira in a free role behind the strikers, Rashford, Martial, James, Greenwood etc ..... Its not a massive stretch to say they'll sign in those 3 areas in the next 2 windows, suddenly Solskjaer has a team that can play the football he is trying to incorporate.
  5. Shinji Doherty


    Today was actually delivery day, so I am suitably chilled, typing and working is a struggle, but working from home has it's advantages and I have very little cares in the world right now.
  6. Shinji Doherty

    The Bookmakers

    Wallace, Paratore, Woods and Schauffle, 4 x doubles. Not football related, but a gambling thead is a gambling thread.
  7. Shinji Doherty

    How did you find us?

    After finally getting a lfietime exclusion from F365, I took a wee forumming break and then found this place via the all powerful Google. I shall try to remain calm, friendly, sarcastic, mildly amusing and post some debating content, just have fun while being mostly nice, I've calmed a lot since nearly 20 years posting nonsense on F365 and forever losing my privileges there. New home first impressions? Seems quiet, but interesting enough, i'Il give it a month and see if it amuses me here.
  8. Shinji Doherty

    Marcus Rashford

    It is possible to be a Manchester United fan and also a football fan. Being honest won't kill me. It'd be a tough argument to say Wan Bissaka is better, but maybe with a year @ Old Trafford under his belt he can make that argument himself.
  9. Shinji Doherty

    Marcus Rashford

    I feel a bit sick in my mouth saying it, but you deserve to hear it from a United fan Gonzo, Trent Alexander Arnold is indeed, top fucking notch. I'm away to self flagellate.
  10. Shinji Doherty

    Marcus Rashford

    Yeah imagine thinking a 21 year old will improve? Insane use of a soundbyte right there, an absolutely outrageous suggestion from me I'll admit. You're right about being able to tell a player when he steps on the pitch though, I'll give you that. It's a shame Rashford never scored 2 on his United debut or opened the scoring on his England debut, even you would've been able to tell he was a player if he'd done that right? I'll repeat myself, just once. He's 21 years old, he's played over 100 times for Manchester United, scoring a goal better than every 4 games, often played in a variety of positions (in shit United sides no less), a better scoring record than Alan Shearer or Harry Kane at that age. He has over 30 international caps. He's still a kid, still learning, developing. It's hardly insane to suggest when he finds a settled position in a good team (which hopefully United should be soon enough), that'll he'll find some consistency, that with experience he'll become a better footballer, is it?
  11. Shinji Doherty

    The Cringe Topic

  12. Shinji Doherty

    Marcus Rashford

    Just to clarify, at no stage did I say Rashford was the next Ronaldo, I merely that at 21 years old, Ronaldo was not the consistent superstar he became, far from the finished article. Would it surprise you to know that Rashford has a fair few more goals aged 21 than someone like Alan Shearer (who never played left wing)? People are far too quick to knock players these days, ridiculous thing to do with youngsters. As for 21 not being that young anymore, I'm afraid it's exactly the same age it's always been. He's a kid, he's only going to improve and he can be anything he wants to be in my opinion, the tools are there.
  13. Shinji Doherty


    I live in Derry. Me aul fella spent a fair bit in Manchester, caught it from him. 7 year old me watched the 85' FA Cup final and that was it. Adored Bryan Robson and Jesper Olesen, got abuse from scouse supporting friends as United were garbage, may have shed a tear at Cantona, Batty and Chapman celebrating Leeds win in 92 on TV, but things got better thereafter. Was over at the Arsenal game the other week. Will probably see a better game on Friday night for fucks sake, watching Finn Harps in the Brandywell (Derry's last game of the season, a draw at most required for European adventures).
  14. Shinji Doherty

    The Cringe Topic

    Who? Piers Morgan blocked me, that was my joint favourite twitter moment.
  15. Shinji Doherty

    Would you go to Man Utd?

    You wouldn't put a director of football in charge of a bank, who in the name of fuck thought putting a w .... banker in charge of a football club would lead to on field success? It's fucking laughable.