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  1. issue is when mbappe speaks he keeps saying there's no issue and he is happy. ha
  2. will be an interesting summer. bernardo at least could get 75-80 million but not sure he would want to go to PSG now.
  3. They were still an inch or so from making it 2-2 late on
  4. Thought United put up a good fight those last few mins were nervous stuff
  5. The issue is defensively is a worry against the top teams In Europe....madrid will be a huge test. get past them and to me only Liverpool will be a match-up to fear. Juve and Barca have their flaws as do PSG.
  6. Seems pogba might be next....just feels like mbappe will be next summer given what they have already spent.
  7. He just wants a bigger contract
  8. if he finishes the year strong and does well in the world cup he will be worthy of over 100k a week
  9. So much for FIFA 18 being more realistic this year
  10. You play every game then? I thought this year they were suppose to make it realistic where the top teams would be great and kill the small teams.
  11. PSG should be more fresh than anybody which will give them an advantage.
  12. Yeah I think sometimes it's easy to not notice the way teams do in the academy but I think it shows how well developed these youngsters are doing. Future is certainly bright I hope.
  13. Bet Jose would park the bus even against our youth team
  14. which does take time when adjusting new pieces in a system.
  15. Don't know about you but I personally would of choose morata over benzema without question. I know he does other things and he can hold the ball up well but think he would of been the better option going forward
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