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  1. Chelsea really bossed this and after the first Leg this result should come as no surprise.
  2. I guess I’m not one to think what happens here matters much for the UCL but for fans i guess it matters but to win this game to win the title i guess you could say could give a mental edge or go the the way really.
  3. The issue is defensively is a worry against the top teams In Europe....madrid will be a huge test. get past them and to me only Liverpool will be a match-up to fear. Juve and Barca have their flaws as do PSG.
  4. it's not on TV? guess it's due to no Liverpool players will play only the kids.
  5. the summer is when a focus needs to be there to get a better defence. it's the clear issue and why we will struggle against top teams in Europe as we can leak goals...laporte needs to play for us to keep clean sheets which shouldn't be the case for one player. Madrid coming up who defend well will be interesting. CL is the only thing that matters now the league is gone.
  6. Some performances by the Liverpool kids...
  7. Disagree, they looked far better against Chelsea
  8. Certainly look better since the Emery sacking
  9. Pepe Will come good in the end imo...seems to lack confidence
  10. makes no sense seeing as they signed jovic for a big amount this summer
  11. It all went downhill when laporte got hurt...when you lose somebody like that it can have a massive effect
  12. sure they are are not playing at the level required but quality is still quality. hardly need a rebuild. sure Pep will want to spend plenty in the summer if nothing is won this season but as long as they are in the CL then the season is still on track. Liverpool are the best in the world right now and have been playing like it all season...3 trophies can still be won for Man City so yes lets not overreact.
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