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  1. Pep Talk

    Copa América 2019

    Least we have more football to watch until the wait of the new season.
  2. Pep Talk

    Copa América 2019

    Coutinho remembered how to play Football?
  3. Pep Talk

    Copa América 2019

    On premier sports too nice
  4. Didn’t realize he’s only 21..certainly has a very bright future
  5. £340k a week? Good god...he’s 19 years old so I can see why his head has been turned
  6. Pep Talk

    Real Madrid CF Discussion

    Seems pogba might be next....just feels like mbappe will be next summer given what they have already spent.
  7. So has he left yet? Lol seems rather drawn out
  8. Pep Talk

    Paul Pogba Likely to Stay At Man Utd

    His wages will be an Issue like with bale
  9. If we were willing to spend 80 million on a defender it certainly wouldn’t be him
  10. City vs Liverpool last day of the season would be cool if the race is anything like this past season.
  11. He’s only been at this level for what 2 years he has a way to go to catch up to some of the greats but he’s well on his way at this point given his age.
  12. They want 60 million...ouch
  13. Just doesn’t have the real for a real comp but still makes it worth watching unlike friendlies.
  14. Pep Talk

    La Liga TV Rights for 2019/20

    I pay for both sky and BT which is about £112 a month so I want to make the most when i'm paying so much.