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  1. Hey if neymar wanted out before he will now.
  2. Pep Talk

    Philippe Coutinho

    Would you pay £350 million for Kane? Thays seems to be his market value from spurs
  3. Jesus finally some great form lately
  4. Pep Talk

    Philippe Coutinho

    Because all the rumours are net art wants to go back to Barca nd at least PSG get a quailty player back and cash...seems like a good deal if you have a player who wants out
  5. Pep Talk

    Rio Ferdinand

    Richard keys what a moron...
  6. Pep Talk

    Philippe Coutinho

    But we knew he wasn’t worth that much just a price they had to pay. Maybe Barca can do a neymar for Coutinho plus cash offer.
  7. Dare to say De Gea won this game for united. He was terrific.
  8. Newcastle should have scored there
  9. Soft pen but pressure back on for Monday
  10. Funny to see a guy bet on 9-0 with KDB to score first and won 8K...not bad.
  11. Has this been confirmed by his agent yet? Thought latest report was he would decide between those who are also interested?
  12. Pep Talk

    Paul Pogba Likely to Stay At Man Utd

    Cmon he’s not going anywhere not now Jose’s gone.
  13. Pep Talk

    Willian - Chelsea Reject Barca Bid

    That would be foolish
  14. Wages wise there certainly is and younger options. Let’s face it he’s not exactly looked great this year and always has an issue staying in shape.