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  1. I sent mine in again
  2. I filled it out and sent like a week ago, I don’t know why you don’t have them
  3. learn to indicate then dickhead
  4. Spike


    I can’t remember if RATM was in our nu metal conversation but I picked Evil Empire yesterday on vinyl. Excellent album @Dr. Gonzo
  5. I mean it's a combination of factors it is never just a simple fact that it is only the breed or the owner. But what I don't get is when people are surprised their dog that is bred and selected to kill things smaller than it, mauls a child, yeah sure you trained it and it's a well behaved dog but it's still the nature of the animal to behave in such manner and I think it makes a bad owner if they deny those facts. My family has a Jack Russel Terrier, beautiful dog, friendly, loyal, well behaved, social, etc. But if you brought another small animal over, say a cat, lizard, some sort of rodent, he'd go apeshit. It's his nature to fucking kill small animals, his prey-drive would go out of control and he'd be nearly impossible to calm down and control. On another note I think Bullys are incredibly inbred to the point they have severe problems.
  6. You'd probably have a better time with low return sports betting with high wagers.
  7. Probably not mate, the low outlay is offset by the low win %
  8. Spike

    Work/Jobs Thread

    Now a pint on princess street cost £6
  9. Spike

    Work/Jobs Thread

    But this cunt might have a history of doing this to people, and will probably do it again. Of course you don’t have to do a thing and I wouldn’t know all the circumstances but wage theft is becoming a normalised plague in the world. Anyway my main worry would be this happening to someone that doesn’t have your backbone
  10. Spike

    Work/Jobs Thread

    That's wage theft. Report that shit mate. https://www.industrialrelations.nsw.gov.au/employees/employee-essentials/lodging-a-complaint/
  11. You’d think that a club that has been in the premier league for the entire duration would have financial stability just from the TV revenue. The club should bloody run itself at this point.
  12. But it wasn’t her country…it was dissolved over thirty years before she was born. Nationalism and its correlation to the state is a plague.
  13. Lol I’m not quite that old, it was this one
  14. Kylie Minogue gave me my first stiffy that I remember.
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