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  1. The forum is better for getting on a soap box and Discord is better for socialising.
  2. I prefer discord now
  3. Stan will be upset @Whiskey
  4. Spike


    That thing looks awesome. Technics are built like tanks so the only thing you’d have to worry about is the motor, I suppose. Get them to toss in a slipmat and a needle if you are the haggling sort. You’d need a phono, and a receiver too. looks like the only thing that are missing are the dustcover and the 45 adapter
  5. PSG also have far more players competing for spots than Bayern
  6. I’d say a mix of experience and playing on a great team. He is the only CF bayern have right?
  7. Kind of an understated figure in European football history. He definitely doesn’t have the personality cult many of his contemporaries have.
  8. Spike


    The Blackhawks got fucking fleeced. I hate them so much
  9. Spike


    England has me howling Four times FOUR TIMES since 1894 fuck me dead
  10. Yeah I get that but as far as Atlei goes you’d be hard pressed to argue against what Simeone says and does. I do wish he’d loosed up his attacking style but what are you gonna do, nobody can coach Atleti but Simeone
  11. Spike

    Show us your pets

    Most people look like their pets so I'm scepticle those are your pups. The Mexican Hairless would be more appropriate
  12. One of their better players from what I saw. Simeone is the death of some players.
  13. I have no club but football lives in my heart, just like how my doodle lives in @Devil-Dick Williethoughts
  14. 100% correct. Sweden is notorious for it's Spanish and Qatari organised crime. My favourite group is the 'Xolos de la Doha'
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