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  1. Ended up watching Crimson Tide due to company I was with. Assumed it was a Chuck Norris movie yet was not, it starred Denzil Washington, Gene Hackham, with supporting roles including James Gandolfini and Viggo Mortensen. It was a cold war movie about a US submarine in a tricky situation. The tension was superb as the story lines played out and it is one cold war film that is worth a look if you normally like me don't go there. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0112740/
  2. I don't believe Trump would order assassinations, he had too many leaks as it was. Epstein was a financier before providing girls so had many contacts even Bill Gates wanted to meet him, don't know why a billionaire wants more power yet according to his wife there it is. Epstein was probably told in prison that it was over he was being thrown to the wolves, nothing to do with Trump yet others, there are globalist vs nationalist factions running through the agencies and there are those in positions of power in different agencies who probably knew and were implicated in Epstein's intrigues. Trump knew him when he was younger yet did not associate with him later. Epstein I believe took his life and this was why Maxwell was then subjected to onerous conditions in prison of being woken every 15 minutes which must be contra to normal conditions of being in prison and must certainly have broken her will power and made her more compliant. In any other country that would be considered torture. On the Ted Cruz video near the end he questions the FBI director Christopher Wray asking why he is heading up the Jan 6th Capitol investigation with an officer who has been badly damaged by recent inept handling of another case. I actually believe the FBI leadership is too close to the Dems and wants to tie Trump up legally so he cannot run again. They are scared if he does he might win again due to the Democrats poor handling of things.
  3. This is very interesting as Senator Cruz questions the FBI director on politicisation of the FBI. They come out looking very bad.
  4. Well the pilot of Epstein said they had Prince Andrew on board once and nothing to his knowledge happened in flight. He did acknowledge making regular trips to Clinton and taking several women at a time. The FBI were out to get Trump from the start so I don't think he had any means to assassinate Epstein unless he was going to use his secret service detail or the military. Trump at his inauguration talked about draining the swamp which put him at war from day one with the FBI who tried to tar him with Russia collusion while refusing to investigate Biden's son and his dealings in Ukraine. Just like Hilary Clinton had no action taken against her for using her private email to conduct state business. Seems to me like double standards because Trump was a business man gate crashing politics.
  5. Strange times at Chelsea, seems looking to get rid of one set of old guard only to bring in others like Silva, Koulibally and now Aubameyang if media reports are accurate.
  6. I doubt Trump wanted Epstein dead, Bill Clinton seems to have the most to lose. Also it now seems Maxwell is in a nice prison under Biden which suggests she is going to play ball and not reveal names. Musk has been making noises about knowing who Epstein's clients were. That may go nowhere yet it seems this has all been brushed under the carpet. Remember Monica Lewinsky?
  7. Fair points and look forward to seeing how it plays out, great for the neutral that City have gone for him.
  8. Thinking on Haaland, he looked good at a weakened West Ham. Against Liverpool looked ordinary. Always difficult to say with certainty so early in the season yet possibly he is going to struggle against the better teams as they cut out his supply.
  9. By the look of the medal count I would you should say Australia. Though not all the world's best it is also nice to see an unknown African win the 100m gold perhaps for the only time in his life at 10.02.
  10. Haha, yet remember he is in good company Timo Werner and Christian Pulisic have hardly set the world alight.
  11. Taking penalties will get you another 10 goals So City have a bonafide 20+ goals a season striker barring a catastrophic pieceof bad luck.
  12. @Spike That is some story and I think your grandfather was on the level rather than trying to be funny, there is an alternative school of thought on the benefits of urine therapy. I tried it once when fasting by putting a couple of drops of urine into a cup of water and drinking it. I did not feel better yet got a groan from my digestion. Never tried it again. I also saw saw psychotherapist in my 20's, one helped though he said I was fencing with him. I wasn't yet I realised something and I could move on. I also found when younger I was getting facial spots and found it was bacon, if I cut that out the spots went. Though I was only eating bacon because the milk tasted funny and that was because the milk companies had done a deal to use a bovine growth hormone in the milk. Most people could not taste though I asked the milkman who I knew from five-a-side football and he said loads were complaining.
  13. Yes, our owner may not have clue yet think Cucurella will do well for us.
  14. Good luck hope he has a good time there. I remember those couple of seasons at Villa where he was incredible think it was injury that stopped him being one of the world's great strikers,
  15. I also thought Alonso was ok for us, he was slow getting back defensively at times though that was known by everyone at CFC though the team needed to be tweaked to accommodate that. Ideally he would have left a couple of seasons ago yet we had the transfer ban during one of them.
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