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  1. Will De Bruyne blame it on the old players again after all Lukaku is 29 On a more serious note following his bad time at CFC and now with Belgium his career at top level might take a dive.
  2. Belgium should have won it in the 2nd half you cannot expect your striker to miss those kind of chances. Croatia looked rather ordinary today perhaps happy knowing they just needed a point.
  3. Yet I thought they were still building new coal mines?
  4. The rain forest destruction is still going and has been for at least 300 years yet no-one wants to talk about this as it is tied in with population growth yet rain forests are natural carbon sinks. So as rain forest destruction continues and while too little is done to reduce fossil fuel consumption. then expect more natural disasters and climate emergencies. A grim situation. Nuclear is not the answer either due to the Carrington effect that can melt reactors and no-one can predict where they will land. I believe this is why Germany stopped them though they will not go public. France had two problems this year one was flooded and the other they blamed on malfunction............
  5. Argentina looked good and probably should have scored 5. Perhaps Poland were playing for the draw and then could not change, not sure. The penalty incident was bizarre, Messi heads it off target and then gets the keepers hand in his face so why a penalty? Surely just a yellow card or warning to the keeper. Glad Argentina did not score from the penalty yet confused on the VAR decision, am I missing something?
  6. Surely you mean Middle Eastern team rather than Asian. I agree it will be interesting perhaps even cagey with maybe just 1 goal being enough.
  7. Denmark need to win and I recall I think it was against France, Christensen was only a whisker away from a red for appearing to be the last man and committing a foul.
  8. I think we will beat Senegal though it should be a good match and am sure there will be some scares.
  9. Should we beat Senegal, France will most likely be our next opponent.
  10. Gatpo is growing in this tournament and scored another good goal today. Pulisic is so important for the US think he must be on pain killers as he seems to wimp out for CFC at the earliest opportunity. Pulisic for the US reminds me of Bale for Wales. The Netherlands will be a tough match and to hard to call.
  11. A good day for England though at 0-0 late in the first when Allen turns and shoots on the edge of the box I wondered. England huffed and puffed in the first even getting in each other's way as they tried to get a breakthrough. Rashford's set piece broke the deadlock and then we never looked back. Rashford will probably be seen as the MOTM for his brace though his touch was wayward at times. Foden probably MOTM for me and good performances from Maguire and Bellingham. Don't like James since his tackle on Kovacic and again he goes in late and nastily. Ramsey did too on Henderson and I wondered if he would be on crutches fortunately not. Liked seeing Rush on the punditry and to think he never made it to the World Cup. He wants Bale to stay as long as possible as an example to the next generation, have a feeling Bale might become a coach for Wales, we'll see. Though about betting on England 3-0 and Rashford to score yet did not as my betting was off leading up to this.......... Senegal here we come!
  12. Foden, Rashford and Kane so for me he has shuffled the pack.
  13. Not a chance though the bookies will happily take your money.
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