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  1. Losing to Sheffield Wednesday in the semis of the Rumbelows Cup (league)after beating Spurs in the Quarters. I went away as well, Wednesday and Carlton Palmer & co runaway with it. Some big names from yesterday: Wednesday, 27th February 1991 at 19:45Teams Competition: Rumbelows Cup Semi-Final (Second Leg) Venue:Hillsborough Attendance:34,669 Referee:Roger G Milford (Bristol) Sheffield WednesdayChris Turner, John Harkes, Philip King, Carlton Palmer, Peter Shirtliff, Nigel Pearson, Danny Wilson (Steve McCall 86), John Sheridan, David Hirst, Trevor Francis (Paul Williams 69), Nigel Worthington Scorers Nigel Pearson 34, Danny Wilson 42, Paul Williams 88 Manager Ron Atkinson Chelsea1 Dave Beasant, 2 Steve Clarke, 3 Tony Dorigo, 4 Andy Townsend, 5 Jason Cundy, 6 Ken Monkou, 7 Graham Stuart, 8 Alan Dickens, 9 Kerry Dixon, 10 Gordon Durie, 11 Dennis Wise ScorerStuart 62 Subs Not Used12 Kevin McAllister, 14 David Lee Manager Bobby Campbell
  2. Good points, I will add a bit more...... Some company pensions are non-contributory although as you say if you do add more they will match it up to a limit. Annuities are vulnerable to inflation, also pension companies invest in things like Bonds and if rates go up they would be losing money on fixed returns as interest rates rise. State pension is typically ring-fenced against inflation via the triple lock.
  3. I watched that in the pub in NZ with a CFC fan group there. I doubt they were all CFC fans yet more just liked football and CFC were the 'biggest' group they knew. I recall having words with someone to stop a sole Villa fan being picked on, seemed so weird having to do that in NZ.
  4. I watched Rambo 2008, which I guess is Rambo IV. Now I watched First Blood and thought mainly decent yet not so much the others. This was surprising as Rambo now is a boatman in Thailand living off fish and selling dead snakes. He gets asked by missionaries to take them up river to Burma to meet the Karens. He is not interested and warns them of the risk as Burma is a war zone yet the devotion of the only woman makes him change his mind. He gets them into Burma after a nasty encounter with Burmese militia who were looking to kill and rob them. He goes back home and a month later a senior manager of the religious group says they have not heard anything for a month and need help. Rambo says he won't go and the other chap says no, we only want you to take us to where you dropped them off we have the men to get them out. Graham Mctavish is great as the cocky and mouthy merc and Matthew Marsden plays a neat role too. Rambo takes the mercs to to the drop-off point. McTavish gets mightily upset when Rambo decides to come with them as Rambo doubts they have the bottle to go through with it. Then they encounter an army patrol killing villagers across a rice paddy using guns and mines. Just as the mercs discuss going back. Rambo starts killing the soldiers with his bow. A rescue attempt from an army camp and then a cross country trip with hostages back to the boat. Never going to be easy and loads of bloodshed. 7/10.
  5. Waylander

    Off Topic

    I think all empires are bad, currently the US has about 800 military bases abroad. In the last 60 years they have used napalm and agent orange in Vietnam. They used depleted uranium shells in Iraq and Kosovo. They used white phosphorous in Iraq specifically Fallujah. Add on to this virtual genocide of the American Indians. They will never accept being called an Empire yet they have the trappings of one. I agree all empires are evil including our own.
  6. I agree on spending money by the poorer side of society so thought it was bad that Truss binned Boris scheme for National insurance. I watched the Andrew Neil show on Sunday evening and he agreed Truss was taking a big risk with taxes and gambling that entrepreneurs would come here to take advantage of the low corporate tax. He acknowledged this was a big risk. On Labour who are pushing expansion of the Green Economy to boost jobs he thought that was disingenuous as that would create a few thousand jobs at most not hundreds of thousands of jobs. He said even if they brought back the top 45% rate that would only bring in £2bn in taxes and the fuel subsidies were expected to cost £8bn. Labour traditionally struggle to win without Scottish votes. The devolution pushed by the last Labour government seems in fact to have damaged Labour.
  7. Waylander

    Off Topic

    I forgot about Germany thinking more about France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Turkey. Amazing that pressure still exists after 75 years and to such a degree.
  8. Waylander

    Off Topic

    I'm in my mid 50's, O- levels- Romans and WWII A - level - English Civil War and European history covering the Enlightenment. I don't think any country teaches young children about bad things their nation might have done historically. I guess, not good for self esteem or national harmony.
  9. You can bet the newer US citizens from poorer countries are in a better health state and get incentives to join up. Whether this can offset the longer trend is questionable.
  10. Interestingly that was under Thatcher and Truss models herself on Thatcher. Both seem to be ideologues in believing in low taxes and free market enterprise. She has increased public spending to reduce impact of fuel rises and dropped taxes which has spooked the markets, the Euro is falling too though we are also falling against the Euro. Think she will allow BOE to tinker with interest rates before changing policy though that does depend on how the markets react. If they react too strongly she may be forced to change or face a vote of no confidence.
  11. Sometimes when I would wake in the middle of the night I would read that book and after a couple of points would be able to go back to sleep. Loads of clever quotes there too.
  12. I thought it would be done more by eletrolysis rather than osmotic pressure which as you say leaves residue like brine which to date is seen as waste. Yes electrolysis would also use some type of fuel.
  13. I hope Havertz and Mount bring their international scoring form back into the club. We desperately need someone to start hitting the net.
  14. Pound taking a beating is because Truss is lowering taxes with high national debt yet also with fuel subsidies raising public expenditure. The markets don't think she has a sound plan. Truss is an ideologue so don't think she will change quickly which will put pressure on interest rates which might hurt some in the near future. Fracking does have problems with toxicity and earth tremors in the wrong places yet nearly all manufacturing poisons rivers and the waste gets washed there due to cost of disposing of waste. South East Asia is pretty bad as the main rivers become the rubbish disposal with huge amounts of plastic bottles going out to sea. Personally would like us to get hydrogen from sea water which would be dearer yet not as expensive as at the pump now. Hydrogen can also be used to burn cleanly. We would still need some oil though.
  15. I really think with injuries it is difficult to pick the team that will be the first XI or on the bench in Qatar. Last night raises question marks over Maguire and Pope. The good was Shaw's and Mount's strike, Kanes penalty taking is still superb. Good passing from the wings and midfield to set off our runners. Think Foden, Saka, Mount and Grealish will all go yet many will be used as subs. I prefer Bellingham to Phillips, feel at International level Phillips is a red card risk. Getting back to Maguire didn't think he was bad except for that penalty call yet here is the thing Southgate made an initial point about only playing players that were regulars for their club. Maguire is not. Perhaps Southgate has become loyal to players based on previous games. Sometimes thats pays off normally does not.
  16. He looked lively when he came on and seemed to be building play yet then faded and was stretching for balls and losing possession. Think he should have come on earlier.
  17. Waylander


    According to a scientist who later run into legal trouble and had to move abroad many people in the West have digestive infections yet we only deal with the symptoms, IBS, Collitis and Chrohn's. Undercooked meat, dairy, sugar and even some vegetables and fruits can all harbour nasties. It may be why many of the old monotheistic religions had some form of periodic fasting.
  18. I don't expect much either except progressing past the group stage. One thing that will be interesting to consider is we always hear England fail because of a long and intense season well with Qatar falling midway it will be interest to see energy wise do we still flag for energy compared to our opponents.
  19. Agree on Rice and Mount not so sure on Bellingham. I have only seen Bellingham in glimpses play for England, good energy and good moving the ball forward though did not stand out defensively as are say a McTomminay or Fernandinho. Looks to me more like a box to box midfielder too.
  20. Had not heard that and do you know the reason for him going to Turkey?
  21. Bizarrely given all these claims about escalation there has recently been a prisoner exchange.
  22. There was a study done and revealed a few years back that shocked the BBC, it was found that those with higher French / Norman ancestry were more likely to be successful in society after almost a millenium. Within Britain and Ireland there has been a lot of movement of peoples and an early influx from France. Yet outside of this apart form the 20th Centruy we were fairly isolated.
  23. Yes England look ordinary it is almost like Chelsea played recently. Southgate looks like he needs a plan B though not sure that in his locker.
  24. I think you need to consider that between 12th Century England and the 19th Century England very little immigration and fairly homogenous culture. Sure a lot of English has Germanic roots yet also has French in it too. The closest linguistically today is Frisian spoken in small parts of the Netherlands.
  25. The Finns ceded 9% of land before WWII, the Soviets argued they were concerned about Leningrad's (now Petersburg's) security though allegedly they actually wanted more land before the League of United Nations were involved. Britain was looking to support the Finns yet then the focus quickly switched to Germany. The point is though as Finland is geographically close to Russia's second city and a major port in the Baltic they would follow politics in Finland with interest.
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