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  1. Turkey seems to chop and change depending on who is putting on the pressure. I don't think we can tell if this is a permanent move or not. Read yesterday that Iran is offering continued education for women students in Afghanistan not sure if the Taliban will accept this.
  2. Choice language from our proposed comedian...............
  3. How much detail do these tax returns go to, I would be interested in income sources? Such as salary and employer and investment income and sources. The interesting one would be Pelosi especially based on the investment scam she recently pulled off which would be inside dealing though allowed there due to a loophole.
  4. Does that mean Biden also has to release his tax returns too?
  5. No because I have not studied that yet it might be due to atmospheric conditions. I notice with Climate change today we never mention tropical rain forest destruction say in the last 300 years which is natures carbon sink and continues to be destroyed today. Despite the push for cleaner energy, I don't see it happening fast enough to prevent climate catastrophes more chance of humans building space stations.
  6. What do the oxygen isotopes say about the 16th Century when the Vikings left Greenland and the Maoris moved to Nz?
  7. I do recall about a decade ago stories appearing in the papers with people measuring climate change in places like Australia saying they were being cajoled into reporting higher temperatures as their data showed no change and that harmed the climate warming brigade. This damaged the climate movement as people became aware of a political push to recognise Global warming. This has never reached the levels that were forecast what seems to be the case at least in temperate climates is that we are getting unpredictable weather and so we now have the term Climate Change yet again this is difficult to rate as we have always seen odd weather. I think we are seeing more extremes though to what degree relative to other times is difficult to say.
  8. I haven't heard of him either just hope he is better for us than another I had not heard of before, Batshuyai.......
  9. Well I might be able to do this yet I would need to scour the National Newspapers for perhaps six month period. That's a lot of time. I did this once after an incident at Chelsea that was plastered all over the tv screens as Chelsea nutcases causing a riot. Except I saw a group of outside of about 50 all bizarrely wearing leather jackets and none met my eyes they seemed to be just waiting for the crowd. So when I got home and hear the news was amazed. So eventually I went Collingdale and went through the microfiche and found that just two people were arrested, names and addresses withheld at Horseferry magistrates. So I continued reading for another two weeks and then found Thatcher's push for further restricting civil liberties on the grounds of fears over football voicemail had been defeated. The wording was they had seen through her recent ruse. Don't you think if it had been Farage that the fund manager Gina MIller or someone like that would have sued him?
  10. You are talking about 7 years ago before the 2016 referendum, on a program that was not even that popular. I was warned about 12 years ago to download videos as they would disappear. Thought was excessive at the time, now I know they were right.
  11. If you blog on other forums with a mix of views some will know this. I recall it on the Andrew Neil politics discussion where they were referring to Farage's comment yet this was before the referendum and they were amazed at Johnson not backtracking on his figure. 'It was like even Farage gets it. Boris doesn't.' Johnson at the end of your clip chooses his words carefully saying this is the total money we have and we can choose how we spend it.
  12. Very hard to tell after the WC break what to take from this and also James is injured again. I think Potter could do well here if he gets the right players and the time to get them to play his game. Will be interesting see if we take this form forward at Forest.
  13. @Gunnersaurus Did you listen to him? Susan Reid, 'Do you agree that £350m weekly saved from the EU can now be guraranteed as money for the NHS?' What a stupid question, Farage is not the PM or even a cabinet minister he cannot guarantee anthing! Farage says unlikely and he does not anyway agree with the figure. I don't see the point in sharing this or have I missed something?
  14. That went with the billions spent on vaccines and jobs lost through lockdowns meaning we just about cover interest on national debt. Boris said £12bn of savings, Farage said net £9bn.
  15. Good to get three points though James getting injured so soon is a worry. Still Havertz and Mount had good games which is a bonus as before the WC were misfiring.
  16. Currently reading this and very good too........
  17. They have a problem for me. If they go truly democratic you get the Muslim Brotherhood and that leads to possibly supporting Assad and Iran which is probably why their Arab Spring was crushed. They may have trouble anyway due to hydroelectric dams being built in countries upstream in the Nile reducing their ability to obtain sufficient usable water in the near future.
  18. Can only think Fofana's injury situation is worse than expected.
  19. Yes, I don't use them any more yet maybe better if you get injuries that are slow to heal.
  20. I watched Hacksaw Ridge last night for the first time. Didn't know it was a Mel Gibson film. Thought entertaining and was amazed to see it was based on truth. 7/10
  21. I know creatine gets a lot of publicity yet also think BCAA or branched chain amino acids are very good, they help repair and build tissue.
  22. I do strength exercises with body weight, chairs and using a yoga mat. Things like knuckle press ups, holding handstand against the wall and triceps extensions using a chair. With the chair also use for upright row exercise for 50 reps. For abs do V-Ups For legs, chinese type squats, one legged balancing and push up into a bridge like position, about three sets of each with 26 reps. I weigh about 15.5 stone. On weekdays also run up six flights of stairs very morning. Friends that used to know me in my 20s think I am pumping weights again. Saves a bit of money and no waiting, can do this at my one pace.
  23. I don't think Yugoslavia counts here, the Russians told the Serbians they regret not being able to help them, Only one stand-off at Pristina airport. There was only one super power involved, the US. Here we have the military super power Russia fighting a neighbour that is being armed by another super power (US) and allies (NATO) of that super power. Ukraine was a conduit country for Russian pipelines delivering fuel to the Western European energy markets. I realised something was wrong a long time ago when Middle East wars were being pushed while you had a very unpleasant regime in Zimbabwe yet it was nor important on the global chessboard. I have read Russia is now beginning to train another 500,000 recruits in addition to the recently touted 300,000. US and NATO are also pledging to supplying more arms. No end in sight unless: One side folds, no sign of that yet. The US can win over big states buying cheaper Russian fuel. Democrats voted out next election -2025 and foreign policy changes? For me this is a war of systems, the US and EU multi-nats fighting to stop the Russian and China ones getting more global influence, Biden regime is currently hosting a conference of African delegates as they try to coerce or keep these in the US sphere and away from Russian and Chinese cooperation. This is a brave new world and the Doomsday Clock is ticking close to Armageddon https://thebulletin.org/doomsday-clock/current-time/
  24. I think for Chelsea that stopped about 8 years back.
  25. I never realised he had remained in the UK even after his spell as the club ended. Sad he is ill a lot of my friends have had tumours in their fifties, two good friends and my ex and they were all heavy drinkers.
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