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  1. @Romesh @Cocaine I don't come on here any more simply because of comments like this post below. I think forums are a great medium for discussing all sorts of controversial topics but the massive down side is that anyone can type anything, and once it gets abusive (as this conversation certainly has) it's time to leave well alone. My late father started supporting Liverpool when they were second division because they were underdogs. Obviously many years later when i was a youngster he used to take me to Anfield where we would stand on the kop and watch Keegan, Toshack and my favorite player (love watching the old fashioned wingers) Steve Heighway (sp?) Then one of my brothers took me to an Everton match once, a cup game against Notts County. I don't even remember the result but i do remember that feeling that i'm sure was the same as my father's; supporting the underdogs felt special. Wins felt special, not simply expected. Was my father gutted at a turncoat son? Not at all, he was a mature and wise bloke. He understood that everyone makes their own decisions in life (his father was an Evertonian by the way, even having some personal friends from the team) Did he an I argue like cat and dog after that time? Did we get abusive to each other? You can bet your life we didn't. Did we discuss unpunished bad tackles, unjustified disallowed goals, controversies? Bet your life we did, and at length! We both loved the game with a passion, for our respective teams. I respected his points of view, he mine. I miss my dad so much. Wish we could once again go to the pub to watch a derby, him in his Gerrard 8 shirt and me in my Arteta 10, and have reasonable discussion about the talking points. I've never discussed with my son who to support, or why. Jeezus! I even remember i had to buy him a Man Utd kit for his 7th birthday - that was a very worrying time for me! But if he had gone the route of supporting United would i have disowned him. Probably! No, of course i wouldn't. I have no doubt there will be some clever (?) comeback to this post, but save your pinkies - i won't be here to read it. I have no stomach for abusive discussion. Talk about the IS terrorists and the atrocities they are committing and i'll show plenty of hate, but no way will I in the beautiful game.
  2. Said David Moyes over here! There is not a single club in the country that will sell players "for the good of their career" (well, maybe lower league feeder clubs so long as the price is right, but not Premier League) Every club wants to hold onto their best players if possible and that is the way they progress if successful in doing so.
  3. Cocaine

    What are you listening to?

    Just picked up some Ninet Tayeb. Not sure about it yet - anyone any opinions on her?
  4. Cocaine


    I think it would have reduced attraction but it would sell because they would just start the old 'yeah, i hate him' and then the knobs who believe that hype would still pay up. Even if the purse was "only" £1m they'd still do it...
  5. Cocaine

    Dilemma? Or not?...

    You have a 5-fold acca on that's going to pull you, say, £100. Four are in and the last one is on the team you hate most. Acca in, or team you hate to lose? What if a win for the team you hate means your supported club is negatively affected? What if it was £500, or £1000... Other scenarios...
  6. Cocaine


    Looks interesting - starting this one tonight...
  7. Cocaine

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Couple of other ones i thought were very good and occasionally go through them again: Ripper Street Whitechapel Life On Mars I've just picked up Peep Show. Started it years ago and didn't like it but with nothing much out now i'm trying again. Think its still mediocre... not sure i'll get through all nine series!
  8. Cocaine

    What are you playing?

    Just finished 'Sniper Elite 4' and it goes to the top of my list of best games. I like the stealth genre and have to say that SE3 and SEv2 were my favorites but SE4 is on awhole new level. Just picked up 'Wolfenstein The New Order' again after starting it ages ago and not finishing it. Not sure how far i will get as Styx 2 is out on Tuesday Forza Horizon 3 inbetween when i just feel like a blast around...
  9. Cocaine


    Superb series. Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok was a brilliant piece of acting. *Spoiler coming...* Not sure how good it will be going forward without him (I know it had to come some time) - we'll see... but IF Lagertha stays in it then it will be worth watching still!
  10. Cocaine

    Favourite Childhood Cartoons

    Roadrunner was class, as was the Tom & Jerry originals. Guess i'm maybe a bit older than a few on here, but do you remember when cartoons used to be shown as 'fillers' in between programs on telly? I used to love that but it doesn't happen any more - hasn't done for a long time actually.
  11. Cocaine

    Walking Dead

    2nd best series after Vikings, in my opinion. I did struggle with it in places, especially series 2 when the plot was more and more about personal mental struggles rather then the apocalypse survival thing. Thought the last series (7) was one of the best. Negan is a real 'character'! Interested to see where the writers take him...
  12. Screwdriver to the next home game then eh?
  13. Cocaine

    Last movie you watched?

    Yep, I enjoyed that one. A Street Cat Named Bob (7/10) was interesting enough... not 'OMG' but ok.
  14. Cocaine

    What are you listening to?

    Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase. Following the demise of Porcupine Tree (he's not ruled out getting back together but last album was 2009 so its a bit of a long hiatus!) Steven's work has been a bit hit and miss in m y opinion, but this latest one is superb.
  15. Yamaha, always. Anything else is like switching football team allegiance - i just don't get it. I think Vinales will be one to watch this season. Rossi will always be, well, the legend Valentino Rossi #46! I think Lorenzo will do well on the Ducati because he is such a good rider, but he's let his heart rule his head by leaving Yamaha. He wound me up a few times last season when you could tell he wasn't trying - something was going on in the background. Maybe the Ducati talks?