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Women's Champions League Revamp from 2021

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Seems to be reflecting more like the Men's Champions League with a group stage and the bigger nations getting more entrants.

However, the most important factor to come from this:


Currently only the final is centrally marketed by UEFA, with the home sides responsible for all earlier rounds. In the new format and agreement, the media rights will be centralised from the group stage onwards, with UEFA producing every game for TV or online streaming purposes. Sponsorship rights will be partially centralised for UEFA women’s football partners from the group stage.

Will be a lot more accessible for people to watch in future, and hopefully with a higher production value than current.

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38 minutes ago, Stan said:

That's good to hear and promising for improving the women's game across Europe.

Seems like the perfect opportunity for someone like ITV, in the UK, to get some sport back on their channel. Would hope they see the impact that a Free-to-Air channel could have rather than it just being another asset for Sky Sports or BT Sport.

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