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Can't find a topic anywhere for specifically talking about tablets.

Looking into getting a new tablet to tide me over until I replace my laptop with one of those laptop/tablet combination thingies.

Looking at the 10 inch Kindle Fire but only downside is that it's not got anything Google related due to their dispute. Apparently you can side-load the Play Store though? Apple man myself usually so trying to avoid Android where I can.

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I'd ask what the budget is first and the next question is what do you need to do on it.

I have an iPad with a keyboard and I have to say it supplements what I can do on my laptop in terms of reading mail, working excel spreadsheets, word edits (limited as you can't do things like tracking, etc) and browsing. But if you've got more niche requirements things may change and right now the 32GB version is running at 350 in the UK so that might be something to look at.

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