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Thursday 8th June - Peru 1-0 Paraguay

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Cheers Stan.

I can't see anything other than us winning as we showed in the qualifiers we are immensely better than Paraguay, but I wouldn't be disappointed if we lose. Its a friendly and we're using this to fill up the provincial stadiums (this game will be in Trujillo, next in Arequipa) and to experiment.

Paraguay will also experiment as they have some decent talent coming out like us, but we are far superior in terms of talent and tactically.

Here is my preferred lineup


Advincula - Ramos - Araujo - Trauco

Aquino - Tapia

Carrillo - Cueva - Gomez



Gallese: He's really the only Peruvian keeper good enough to play at this level. The other 2, Caceda in partiulcar aren't very good. 

Advincula: He's been benched for Tigres and not because he was bad. He got benched because the backup full back came in and played better. I'm on full team Aldo Corzo for this position, but for this game I rather see Luis Advincula as we are experimenting and he deserves his next chance.

Ramos: Don't know how he's getting along in Ecuador but he's getting game time again and honestly, I rather Alberto Rodriguez be rested for Universitario as he's very injury prone and these games are meaningless. Christian Ramos is a bit inconsistent but I've never really disliked him.

Araujo: Again, I rather Rodriguez not play and Miguel Araujo has immensely improved in the league since he was given a chance against Ecuador. Prior to that he was a bench warmer for Alianza Lima and wasn't very good. Since he got his NT chance he has looked a completely different player. Him shutting down Cavani was one of the greatest things I've witnessed for the national team.

Trauco: Our best player technically. Getting along decently at Flamengo and he's just superb. His vision, passing and technical ability are incredible and there's not really any other left back that replace him as well. Nilson Loyola has massively declined. The 2 Peruvian starting full backs are among the best in South America. I'd say second best, with only Brazil ahead of us.

Aquino: Its baffling that he does not yet start for Peru in competitive games, and heres his chance to prove Gareca wrong. His anticipation is brilliant, he likes roaming around the pitch winning the ball back at any opportunity and doesn't have a bad on the ball ability for a holding midfielder.

Tapia: His lack of game time in the Netherlands has shown in the qualifiers, but I think he should start over Yotun to experiment with his roles. He is a good player on form but he needs more game time to get back to his best.

Carillo: Great player on the ball but his end product is awful. Still, if we want someone who can easily get us to the final third, he's the man. He'll beat any full back in the world. Its impossible to stop him when he has the ball but he needs to be more composed on that final cross or shot.

Cueva: The one must start for me. He's been in poor form for Sao Paulo and I believe the way he can get back to his best is if Ricardo Gareca can give him the confidence back. I originally wanted Hurtado to start but I've changed my mind and I think Cueva is a must for this.

Gomez: Many including myself were very negative on his call up, as he's been poor in the league and is exactly the type of player Gareca doesn't like. However, in Gareca we trust. The same was said about Christian Cueva in the 2015 Copa America and now on form, he's the second best Peruvian player. Hopefully the same can be done for Alexi Gomez. He has all the talent in the world but needs to be less selfish, and more disciplined.

Succar: Another must start. Alexander Succar has been strolling through defenders in the league and while he won't ever be as good as Paolo Guerrero, he's definitely the right replacement for him in the future. Hopefully he starts and manages to score a goal for his confidence.

It is rumoured that Paolo Guerrero will get the start here, which I don't mind as long as Succar comes on as a sub later on. Guerrero can keep adding to his all time top scorer tally.

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We're starting our main 11 from the sounds of thing bar Aldo Corzo. Can see Guerrero bagging a goal or 2. Hopefully by half time the game is wrapped up so we can play some of the new faces in the NT.

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Actually a bit of a weak lineup. Miguel Almiron is their top guy here. The 2 Romero's can also cause danger but there's really nothing we should worry about here. If I was a neutral, it would have been cool to see Sergio Diaz grab minutes which he may well get a few.

The Manische looks brilliant to be at today :) 


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Our lineup

Not much to say. Our best lineup and completely superior to Paraguay in every way. The fact we have about 5 players better than Almiron (their best) says a lot in my opinion.

Our last 5 games vs Paraguay


We had a bit of a shit record against them prior to 2010 but I think the recent record showed how far we've come and how far they've fallen. 

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Awful half of football. Based on that its looking destined to end 0-0. Such a blatant friendly. No work rate, no pace. The players are literally jogging in the entire match. Few attacks, little passion. I'm thinking these games are a bit of a waste of time really. I don't see the point in "experiment" when the players don't even try.

Miguel Almiron is looking lively here but he can't play on his own. Especially not against a good backline like the one Gareca's got built.

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Is there any footballer stronger than Paolo Guerrero? I can't remember the last time he was beaten in strength.

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Much better half so far. Its been more one sided, but one sided is better than no sided as that first half the teams didn't even look like they wanted to be out there.

Peru on top this half.

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Peru much better now. Anthony Silva keeping Paraguay in this. Literally made about 4 or 5 saves in this half.

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Right after that brilliant Trauco nutmeg which sent Rodrigo Rojas back home, Paolo Guerrero scores the free kick and Peru goes 1-0 up in the 75th minute. 

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2 hours ago, Toony said:

I expect Paraguay to win this comfortably.


2 hours ago, Teso Dos Bichos said:

Toony knows 




No but seriously when was the last time you predicted one of our games right?

Uruguay to beat us 2-1 - we won by that scoreline

You predicted Venezuela to beat us 2-1 - we drew 2-2

You predicted Argentina to beat us 5-0 - we drew 2-2

You predicted us to lose to Paraguay 3-1 in Asuncion - we won 4-1


Absolutely superb effort. Deserves an applause :congrats:

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So that makes it 3 losses in the last 16 games in all competitions for Peru. It makes you wonder when people will throw in the towel and admit that we are a good team. Utterly rampant display in that second half, even if the goal came from a free kick. Everyone performed well. What players Miguel Trauco and Paolo Guerrero are, seriously.

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