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    Happy birthday pal @Stan
  2. Toony

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    Hope you had a good one @Any O'Brien
  3. Yeah saw that, very sad. He was the Crawley manager just last season - very highly rated coach it would seem. Shocking news, seems out of the blue as well.
  4. Toony


    Did you see the Wright/Anderson game? Will take some game from Taylor & MVG to live up to that one!
  5. Toony

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    Thought the other day he'd be quiet recently. Congratulations @Eco
  6. Toony

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    Happy birthday @ASF
  7. Toony

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    So sorry to hear that mate - thinking of you my friend.
  8. Colback? He was completely out of the squad on Sunday, great news if it turns out to be true.
  9. I do think we should have picked better opposition.
  10. Mitrovic has never been any good. Perez is a good footballer, I think he'll turn into a very good player in a few years, probably still looking for his best position too.
  11. Need bodies in this week desperately, some fans like Mitrovic, I'm not one of them. I do think there's a footballer in Perez but he needs a bit more nurturing yet, still a young lad.
  12. I wouldn't mind a new full-back either, not sure about either of them two. I reckon there'll be another 3 or 4 to come in but we definitely need to be shifting some dead wood.
  13. I don't know anything about him but it's nice to see faces coming through the door. Though if he happens to disappear off the face of the earth when he's getting close to that amount of games then we know why
  14. £12.5mil deal agreed - a lot of money but if he's Rafa's man that's good enough for me. Hopefully this is the start of a glut of signings.
  15. I wouldn't mind seeing Elliot start the season as number one, think he's the best keeper at the club. Not surprised by the players you've listed as shite, we do need some reinforcements, should be able to get Murphy over the line next week hopefully.
  16. Haven't seen any of it, not really interested in pre-season. How did de Jong do?
  17. We'll see, I'll still be surprised to see Brentford up anytime soon.
  18. I said they're only going to get stronger. Villa spent ridiculous amount of money but had a manager that didn't know what he was doing. They'll go up next season.
  19. Perhaps. The likes of Villa, Norwich, Derby, Reading, Fulham etc will be strong and particularly with Brentford looking like losing their best player, I don't think there's many that will see them causing too many problems.
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