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  1. Congratulations @Batard great news mate!
  2. It's never made any sense to me, just let them go to the bloody toilet.
  3. As I said I don't see much of the lower leagues barring the odd televised game but yeah sure they'll be plenty of good decisions that go unnoticed and nobody ever praises referees really, though I understand his frustration he shouldn't really be saying what he's saying.
  4. You can't really go around saying things like that but it must be frustrating for managers when the quality of officiating is so poor. I don't really watch games down the league but at the end of the day poor decisions can cost managers jobs.
  5. Sorry to hear that @Stan , all the best pal!
  6. No matter who they get they wont do any worse than Hughes was doing, they've got a decent squad on paper and shouldn't be going down. QSF would be a decent if unspectacular appointment, did a job at Watford.
  7. It'll be a draw I think, Brighton don't concede many really and are dangerous on the counter. They'll take a draw, must-win for West Brom though, them and Swansea are starting to become cut adrift.
  8. They had the better chances though, thought they were the better team personally.
  9. Brighton deserved that last night, better team by a distance. Is there just one replay on TV?
  10. I'm not the biggest fan of his to be honest, useless manager, very good player but comes across as a bit of a strange bloke. He should have been sacked ages ago anyway, for being fucking shite at his job.
  11. Swansea seem to have picked up slightly since appointing Carvalhal and his Sheffield Wednesday team beat us twice last season although I'm not sure that means anything. I think it'll be a draw.
  12. Been on the cards for a while that, I expect Stoke will pull away from the bottom once they get a manager in who knows what he's doing.
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