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  1. Mpache

    Your FM Career

    Sorry guys. I’ll try to do the next sim today. I appreciate the pressure.
  2. Mpache

    MLS Is Back 2020

    I want those 90 minutes back.
  3. Mpache

    MLS Is Back 2020

    I am starting to see a decline in Raul Ruidiaz. He had a couple of good build up moves in this game, but for the 5th time in 2020 he barely does any running. I want to say it's the lack of match fitness or the heat, but he was doing this before the football stopped as well...
  4. Mpache

    MLS Is Back 2020

    This Seattle squad is so powerful. I reckon they are the favourites to win this.
  5. Mpache

    Luis Abram to Chelsea

    Bologna and Galatasaray battling it out. If Abram was smart, he'd go to Bologna.
  6. Mpache

    Football Manager 2020 Journey Thread

    Started a new save in Portugal's third tier with Esperanca de Lagos. First season ended OK, finished mid table despite being predicted to be one of the bottom teams.
  7. Mpache

    Making Music

    Oh I will
  8. Wouldn't be surprised at all if Napoli manage to take down Barca. I know the home leg ended poorly for us but we're in good form and Barca are at their worst in years. I can't see us win against Bayern after that though. I agree with the opinion that they are the best team this 2020. Most coherent and consistent side.
  9. Yeah, can't disagree with this.
  10. Mpache

    Making Music

    Guess who made local Peruvian news in a small regional press? @Mel81x @Dr. Gonzo https://www.gacetaucayalina.com/2020/07/convierten-cancion-de-juaneco-en-bachata.html?fbclid=IwAR0uGlAYQDvNe8oUHh4Dbfqr0Uu289ImkEBR5QNveqgU5ITzQfFxHcN7uuI
  11. Mpache

    Surprising Facts

    What I can't imagine a Penguin doing that, with the way they are forced to stand. Do they stretch over to shit, it makes one think. Nice one.
  12. "Var is the future" according to many. *sigh*