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  1. Check your PM's @DeadLinesman (not a joke)
  2. That clarified a lot, forgetting to completely mention there were certain rules to the thread. Of course he doesn't belong in a World XI, but with certain rules he can sneak in. Being the joint best DM in la Liga is nothing to snuff at.
  3. Just for the record, the members who have nothing against me, or nothing for me, have a cool head. So yes, if they sympathize with me, then they are probably more correct. I'm not saying you have a personal vendetta, but I do have a reputation. That is a fact. And there's no escaping it anymore.
  4. Neither does having all the staff agree with each other. It's like being around 6 flat earthers trying to convince them the world is round. I have taken plenty of responsibility. Seriously, do some digging to check how many times I've had to apologize for bad behaviour. Again, I am fine with debate like early on this page, but when minor things bother you, like using a simple word, that's not my problem.
  5. And just for the record, there's a difference between debate and ridiculing. At times today I did feel like I was debating. However, using memes against my favour or having 5 people play the contrarian card isn't what I call a healthy debate. Me saying Renato Tapia has been one of the best players in his role in La Liga saw me ridiculed, and literally everyone who has seen him agreed with me. That's not a healthy debate.
  6. I wish I had an answer to that. I really do. This is the only place where I feel harassed and victimized. I'm literally just being myself. I'm actually staff on other forums too. The problem isn't me anymore to be honest, and I've had a few members like Spike and Gunnersaurus sympathize with me over PM or FB because this has just gone far out of control.
  7. Fine, but I'm noticing a fucking pattern here. Someone who doesn't get into arguments often says something, people just flicker. I say something to agree with him and half the forum wants to put me in my place. Idgaf if I'm victimising myself, that's something you would say in order to manipulate this whole shite on it's head. Frankly put, I'm SICK of being singled out for completely valid opinions. That's got to change. If you don't agree, then you have serious problems and the problem isn't me then.
  8. Again, what am I here for then? To be blunt, I have other forums I can go on, but I'm on here cos I don't know any better. But you and others get annoyed by something minor...
  9. Or because you choose to attack me and not him, for a very valid comparison I made anyhow.
  10. You played yourself dude. Standard isn't the same as "style". I said he's a different player to Ronaldinho, I didn't say he was better or worse.
  11. I know you wouldn't, but I would, because that's how we roll in South America. We all have a different unique aspect that stands out, and that's mostly due to poorer facilities. In Europe, you get more complete footballers, though I still think each nation has it's own philosophies. Spain is a tiki-taka nation, but I wouldn't say they produce better passers than the rest. They just produce great footballers, because they are more capable than we are.
  12. The sad thing is, I have to lie now in order to avoid mentioning Peru at all. That's the point we've gotten to. If I can't compare things to what I know about, then what am I here for? Mentioning the word isn't turning the thread on it's head, christs sake.
  13. Looks like you missed the point again. I know he's a Brazilian player, but nothing like your classic Brazilian winger. And @Devil agrees with me, as he's the one who said it first. No one is talking about his level compared to Ronaldinho. His style though. Donald Millan plays like Riquelme, but the 2 couldn't be more further apart with their standards. Both are amongst the most technical players you will see, but Ronaldinho to me is completely different and more classic than Neymar is.
  14. No, I disagree. Firstly, I never said he was less or more Brazilian. He suits more the modern philosophy that people are still associating the new Brazil with, and his style very much reminds of Alexis, who was an extremely Chilean footballer in the way he was developed from youth. What I said is he's far from a classic Brazilian, and he reminds me of what develop over out west. Brazil's new footballing philosophy has only been around for 30 years. So it's easy to assume they've still got a samba style going for them.
  15. And this bit is very European. I don't know how your youth develops over there, but in South America we don't have facilities that are as good as yours and every country has developed players to suit their playing styles since the dawn of time. Paraguay and Uruguay are hard workers, and produce players that will run distances but also be able to suit their limitations. Peru and Chile are technical, but not very good physically. Brazil WAS a samba-style but now have become more defensive. Colombia and Ecuador look for fast and strong talent from anywhere and look to counter. It's always been the same over here.
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