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  1. Mpache

    MLS Is Back 2020

    I kind of feel for the organizers of this to be honest. This was planned before the spike in Florida happened, so it's just rotten luck that was the state that would be worst hit in these months. That said, it could have been seen because if Florida did reopen (not 100%) then people would be going out a lot more this time a year. Can't help but feel for them anyways.
  2. Mpache

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Brazil's 1M+ cases and the lack of response/leadership from him speak otherwise...
  3. Mpache

    Football Manager 2020 Journey Thread

    Yeah bought Christ from Spurs. Cost me a bit but was worth it to assert my dominance. Waldemar is unbelievable. Him and Ma are absolute cheat codes.
  4. Mpache

    Football Manager 2020 Journey Thread

    I've gotten back into my Sassuolo save. This is my 11. @Dan @Bluebird Hewitt @...Dan Mohamed Mekouar Got this bloke for free. One of my best bargains in FM. PSG just let him go on a free contract when he was 19. What were they thinking!? Brilliant keeper. Federico Brunetti This guy is a relatively new signing. Got him this season, very decent LB in a position that is often difficult to find. He's also Italian which helps the domestic bias a bit. Roman Christ This guy was a bit expensive no lie. 30M, but he's a very decent BPD and makes for a perfect partner for my other CB. Dani Anguiera Best defender I've ever had at the club, and he can still improve lots. Victor Martin Weakest link in my team, but still a competent right back. Waldemar Dzisiewicz Arguably the best player in my team. Cost me 3.5M. Max Van Schaik Another class player in here. I play him as a BWM and he's the perfect partner to Waldemar. Roberto Moreno Cost me tons from Feirense, but he's a brilliant player and has scored a ton of important goals for me. Ameth Diawara For 1.5M, he's the best signing on the save. Led me to such unimaginable heights. Alejandro Torres Another recent signing and he loves scoring goals. He has all the right stats in the right places. Zhaoxu Ma An actual cheat code. Enough said.
  5. Mpache

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Expect Peru's cases to skyrocket in the next few days. The lockdown was lifted last week and now I'm seeing Instagram videos of people partying in night clubs and whatnot. Idiots. I think easing restrictions was necessary, not lifting the lockdown outright.
  6. Mpache

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I think I speak for everyone when I say this is karma.
  7. Congrats @nudge! Staying in the Bundesliga.
  8. Scary last 5 minutes, hope Bremen pull it off.
  9. It's a joke regarding the World Cup Nudge, I know he wont!
  10. He'll probably come out in 9 months complaining about how he should have played
  11. Mpache

    Brian's Scouting Thread

    @Storts @Stan @Michael
  12. Mpache

    Stupid Town Names

    Yeah I saw a couple videos claim Sucre is "sugar" and was confused as heck. I've never known Sucre as sugar.
  13. Mpache

    Kanye West Running for POTUS in 2020

    Anyways, didn't Kanye try to run in the last elections? This is old news and I'm surprised how many people are shocked at this when it's not the first time he's said this.
  14. Mpache

    Kanye West Running for POTUS in 2020

    It's tiring the amount of countries who try to ape them, but on another side, it's a circus for sure but there are far worse countries even with it's population. There are dozens of countries better but there are also dozens of countries worse. I would prefer to go to America over a place like Venezuela or Syria anyday.