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  1. Mpache

    Making Music

    My song came out this morning. I tried uploading it on Facebook 3 times, and all 3 times it's been muted because I'm "copyright infringing". This is why nobody uses Facebook anymore.
  2. Mpache

    The Joke Thread

    We might already have one, but no idea how far back it is. Here goes a few of mine. Why is the UK scared of the Arctic? Because Arctic folk eat Wales. Why does Joachim Low pick his nose? Because he manages GERMany. What did the Elephant say to the other? I forgot. What did a traveler say to his friends after returning from the Andes? It was quite Chile, but it was an Unboliviable trip. I'll Peru-ve it to you.
  3. Mpache

    2020/21 MLS Season

    Top goalscorers. Vamos Ruidiaz!!!
  4. Mpache

    2020/21 MLS Season

    2 goals and 2 assists for Ruidiaz tonight.
  5. Mpache

    2020/21 MLS Season

    Ruidiaz scores! Also shout out to Morris' goal earlier. Incredible.
  6. Mpache

    Brian's Scouting Thread

    Update on the players mentioned here. Manfred Ugalde Now owned by City Group and playing for Lommel SK, who is a 2nd tier Belgian side but have an interesting project. A couple interesting players on their side and of course owned by Manchester City. I expect them to gain immediate promotion. Sarpreet Singh Now at Nurnberg on loan from Bayern, so he's on course for a good career if he makes good decisions. I'm sure he'll perform on the pitch especially after his 3. Liga season where he tore it up. Gabriele Zappa Might not make it to a top club but he's at Pescara in Serie B who aren't a bad club for the league (though they had a bad 2019-20). He's 21 now but he might well make it to a Serie A team and establish himself. When I reviewed him he was still at Inter in the Primavera. So one of the more decent shouts here I reckon. Those are some of the best ones. Some of the ones that didn't make much headway since were Capano-Gauthier, Ugarriza, Haquin and Bustos. They could still become something of course but they look to be late bloomers at worst. I didn't include the 2002 players because they are still too young.
  7. Millwall vs Stoke. Still getting a grip of the transfers and whatnot. No idea if Stoke are good at this point or not, but being a home game I'd hope a win comes up.
  8. Mpache

    Campeonato Brasileiro - Brazil

    Pacheco starts! @El Profesor
  9. I like rain too actually, though I do think Lima has very pleasant weather. I've also heard Medellin is the "city of eternal spring". The difference is it probably rains more since it's at some altitude. Lima is in a desert and the only sort of rain we get is drizzle.
  10. Mpache

    TF365 Memes

    That's literally the joke. I'm making fun of myself for my past.
  11. Mpache

    TF365 Memes

    Me trying to find proof of bad posts to get @Machado banned just like I tried with Teso once upon a time.
  12. Do you have AC’s in Buenos Aires? I always hear about how bad your summers are. If it’s due to a lack of AC, that just pushes it over the edge. Lima has the best weather in the world. It’s not cold, it’s not hot, it never rains. Being a weatherman must be an easy as piss job.
  13. Yes, I remember the whole saga with Sporting. That was idiotic because he was finally gaining some consistency and looked good in most games. That was easily the best moment in his career. After that, at least at top level, he's only ever looked this good with Peru's national team.