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  1. I think humans are incompetent and ignorant in general, especially the ones who get their jobs via influence. Each to their own though. VAR has proven to me that it will never work and should be removed from all competitions. Just killing the sport for many.
  2. I am not watching and don't have a lot to add, but I think this is a totally fair way to determine who stays or goes. Germany seems to have the best pyramid in Europe. The in form team playing and out of form but better on paper side. Think it really speaks to who wants it more. I hope Werder Bremen do it.
  3. Mpache

    Football Manager is Racist

    I've been racially abused mate a bunch of times, it's not like I'm entirely privileged either. The whole Trump comment was aimed at political correctness gone mad as you put it and was an exaggeration. Racism is not OK, but everyone is expected to speak up, and some people just don't want to.
  4. Mpache

    Making Music

    I've got 3 songs in the making. 2 Bachata's and 1 Reggaeton. I also decided to move into a studio. They are reopening and I want more professional sound, so I decided to search for one and found one near home.
  5. Well it's been 4 years since it's implementation in football and it's just as bad as it was when it got introduced. The "give it time" excuse is no longer effective I'm afraid. The problem stems from the fact humans need to use it.
  6. I disagree, the problem with VAR isn't the technology itself as Rando pointed out, it's the idea that humans need to use it. That's where it all falls. Especially given the people in charge of the sport are already corrupt as it is. I personally believe that there will always be complaints and too many decisions we need to correct. Wasn't it you that decided we needed AI refs? That could be a really good or a really bad solution. Personally I didn't mind reffing mistakes. Just let the game flow as it was.
  7. Mpache

    Football Manager is Racist

    That's racist mate. Gotta be more careful
  8. They are brilliant, and do deserve to win this game, but I also feel Napoli gifted the 2 goals. Still, Atalanta scores 3 goals a game usually, which is pretty damn high.
  9. I'm fully convinced you WANT to believe that I don't tolerate opinions. When it comes to destroying something I'm passionate about, it's different. I love music and travelling but they don't come close to what I feel for football. I spend all day watching the sport because I've got nothing better to do, so I am worried for the sport that you can't properly watch it as a spectator. I made my point clear as day and you interpreted it the way you want to interpret it.
  10. *sigh* there's just no use in arguing with someone who can't even read properly.
  11. It was an example. Communism in theory is a great idea, but how does that stop a corrupted leader from being in charge and ruining everything?
  12. No, you missed the point entirely. I will say it again, the point reading on this forum is tragic.
  13. I really don't have a problem with anyones opinion bud, but let me put it in terms you'll understand. If person A wants to kill somebody on the street and Person B disagrees, is it not OK for Person B to get angry and not tolerate that kind of behaviour? It's the same here really. If you think it's a good theory, that's fine! I agree with it too. But if you look deeper into it you'll find that all it will do is kill the sport for spectators and even the players.
  14. I can confirm. It's been a sauna here the last few days. Not even the dog wants to go on a walk.