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  1. Keen on following this bloke at some point.
  2. Mpache

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I have lost and admitted to losing many arguments, maybe don't ignore when I have admitted it and stop bringing up when I haven't? I don't care about what happened 3 years ago.
  3. Mpache

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I always win the debate against them because I choose to follow facts and science. They just don't want to accept it so they stretch their own agenda with their own conspiracies that don't make sense to begin with. I don't even bother criticizing them anymore. It's not worth it. This pandemic has exposed stupidity in the world. It's much higher than I thought.
  4. Mpache

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I have a couple of friends that don't want to believe science. They are my friends so I try to be as polite as I can with them, but it drives me crazy because they insist with these unproven conspiracies. One of them told me that Ebola is contagious if you're asymptomatic. I sent him government pages that say it clearly isn't and it's only contagious when symptoms arrive and he still chooses to believe it. Another one claims that the vaccine is a farce because they had the cure long ago. Madness that right around the corner there is someone with stupid conspiracies and yet we don't realize it. Best to just avoid all vaccine discussion. The only way anti-vaxxers will possibly get their vaccine is to mandate it. Don't let people on flights, don't let people go to work, etc. Qantas already said that they won't let people board without their vaccine. I expect other airlines to follow.
  5. Mpache

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    There isn't a way to counter anti vaxers I'm afraid. There are just too many idiots in this world. They'll bring up their own conspiracy theories or how it was "fast tracked" with no evidence on their part. Seen plenty of it and have some friends who are the same. I simply just try to avoid discussing it with them as they are hopeless.
  6. Mpache

    tipico Bundesliga - Austria

    Succar's goal.
  7. Mpache

    tipico Bundesliga - Austria

    Just a friendly - but a good start for Succar off the bench. Gets a goal. @nudge
  8. Mpache

    What are you playing?

    Best Crash game since the Naughty Dog era. The only one who can throw down with the others. However, it's also hard as shit to 100%. Good luck!
  9. Mpache

    Show us your pets

    A few of Fyre.
  10. Mpache

    Question a Member: Mpache

    Changed it to Mpache because I was very excited for Fernando Pacheco's stint at Fluminense and went with his nickname. He is turning out to be a bit of a flop though so it probably won't be long until I change back
  11. Sorry mate, will do it today.
  12. Mpache

    Climate Change

    Not going to lie, the weather here in Canada these past 2 years have been very concerning. Last year we only had 1 day go below -20, and this year we haven't had any -20 days yet. We were supposed to get a harsh winter and we haven't had that yet. Lakes don't freeze up like they used to either. The effects of climate change are evident. I checked other places in Canada. In Iqaluit which is near the arctic circle it will be more than -10 all week barring tomorrow. Grise Fiord is at -20 at the moment, which is honestly warm given they are in full darkness for the next 2 months and are the 2nd or 3rd most northern settlement in the world. Tromso in Norway is never that cold but it's not even below freezing. Not to mention all the glaciers melting especially in New Zealand. If you want to see glaciers, see them as soon as possible. Global warming is coming faster than we realize. The one bright side though is it's -46 in Oymyakon. Things are normal in Siberia still
  13. Watching a bit today. Thinking either Blackburn Rovers (for hourglass haired Harvey Elliot) or Ipswich town as they are too big a club for the 3rd tier.
  14. Mpache


    Tai Tzu Ying wins 23-21 taking the 2nd set. That was a great effort from the Dane. Mia Blichfeldt the revelation of this tournament. Tai onto the final. Not sure who the other finalist is yet, gonna rewatch that game soon.
  15. Mpache


    This 2nd set has been different. Mia giving Tai a run for her money at some points. Forcing mistakes.