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No Celtic Fans At Linfield Due To Safety Concerns

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Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers says he is disappointed they will have no fans in Belfast for Friday's Champions League qualifier against Linfield.

Celtic declined tickets for the first leg amid security concerns.

"That's the only sadness for me," said County Antrim-born Rodgers.

"It's a shame for Linfield and for Northern Ireland because football is a sport in this country that is loved and to have had the two sets of supporters there would have been fantastic."

The qualifier was moved back from 11-12 July to avoid a clash with Orange Order commemorations.

Linfield said they respected Celtic's decision but have also expressed dismay about the lack of travelling fans at Windsor Park.

"The Celtic supporters will travel worldwide but this is a game that the football club hasn't had the assurances for their safety, which is sad for me, coming back to a new Northern Ireland," added Rodgers.

"Not being able to ensure that the supporters' safety is guarded, that's a problem for me.

"We will just focus on the football and next week in Glasgow there will be 60,000 there and we'll enjoy the football in the home leg as well.

"You always want to hear your own supporters, but it won't take a lot away from the actual game. It will be a good atmosphere, I'm sure."



I wonder what the specifics were. What was proposed etc.

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