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Serie A 2017/18 - Predictions

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1. Juventus - Champions again. It may be boring, but they remain the best team in Italy. Losing Bonucci is a big loss for them, but in Benatia they have an able replacement and in Rugani they have probably the eventual replacement for him in the Azzurri as well. With the signings of Matuidi and Costa, they have strengthened an already impressive midfield.

2. Napoli - A slow start to last season, and were as impressive as anyone in the second half of the season. Not many changes over the summer and that continuity will prove crucial in being Juventus' biggest challengers.

3. Milan - Many may disagree, but Milan have certainly improve immensely over the summer. With still the addition of a striker to come, they should look to form a team unrecognizable from the team that fell apart at the end of last season. Signing Bonucci and agreeing a new contract with Donnarumma, should give the team a solid foundation to build from. Montella should prove what a good coach he is.

4. Roma - Having currently still not replaced Salah, and with a new coach, it's hard to see Roma not regressing this year. The creativeness of Pjanic still hasn't been replaced in the midfield with Strootman giving the midfield a different quality. Perhaps Pellegrini can bring that, but it's a lot to ask. With Champions League this season, and the top four guaranteed Champions League next season it seems the board have turned down the amount they think needs to be spent. 

5. Inter - After another failure of a season for Inter, at least this summer allowed them to clear out more of the deadwood that has hindered the club in recent years. Spalletti still seems like a placeholder until Simeone (or someone else) can be convinced to take on the club. Rumours of Murillo and Kondogbia leaving the club remain unresolved at this time, but neither would affect the team massively anyway.

6. Lazio

7. Torino

8. Atalanta

9. Fiorentina

10. Sassuolo

11. Udinese

12. Sampdoria

13. Genoa

14. Hellas Verona

15. Bologna

16. Cagliari

17. Chievo

18. SPAL

19. Crotone

20. Benevento

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