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Anyone catch the first two episodes on Netflix this week? I was quite impressed. Visually it looked stunning and certainly feels like a credible extension of the recent films.

A couple of gripes ... Michelle Yeoh’s character ... without spoiling it, look at the opening titles and decide for yourself how signposted it is. I found her fairly awful as well to be fair. The Klingons felt a little bit a la Halo fodder for my liking. But this may be an unnecessarily harsh.

Anyhow. Plenty of nods to the original series which I appreciated. Roll on episode 3

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Just spotted this thread, the only Star Trek series I have seen over and over again is these 3 in order

  1. Star Trek - The Next Generation
  2. Deep Space Nine
  3. Voyager
  4. Star Trek - The original series with Captain Kirk, Spock etc

Started to watch the follow-up series like Discovery but it never really took a hold on me like the others I have mentioned above and my favourite characters (which I have mentioned many a time in this forum) are Jean-Luc Picard and Data, just spotted this tweet from NASA so I thought I would put it in here.


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