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How far would World Cup 2014's ''Dream Team'' go if they entered this summer?

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The 2014 World Cup ''Dream Team'' as announced by Castrol (who worked in collaboration with FIFA) was the following;

Manuel Neuer (Germany)

Stefen de Vrij (Netherlands) Thiago Silva (Brazil) Mats Hummels (Germany) Marcos Rojo (Argentina)

Oscar (Brazil) Toni Kroos (Germany) Phillip Lahm (Germany) James Rodriguez (Columbia)

Arjen Robben (Netherlands) Thomas Muller (Germany)


Would they win the World Cup together or would they flop in the groups?

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What is that based on? As Messi and Mascherano would be in it all day since they were the reason why one of the finalists were at that stage in the first place.


Overall, I'm not sure that team would be all that though to be fair. James was an unknown at the time and that's the main reason why he shone. Since he's been a 'marked man' he has been largely crap for Colombia, Oscar probably won't even play for Brazil, Lahm has retired, De Vrij won't be there, Rojo is crap, Robben won't be there...

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