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Scottish Referees: Should they go Full Time?

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Rangers boss Graeme Murty believes Scottish referees need to go full-time if their standard of officiating is to improve.

The performances of officials in Scotland has come into the spotlight once again following Neil Lennon's irate outburst with Kevin Clancy on Saturday.

The Hibernian boss was sent to the stands after angrily remonstrating with the leading Scottish official following his decision to award Kilmarnock a disputed penalty during the 2-2 draw at Rugby Park, which saw Hibs lose ground on Aberdeen and Rangers.

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The finances are simply not there to have full time referees. Otherwise I believe this would have already been done. However, probably should be an MP and a referee at the same time...

Looking at England, it's not as if their referees are so much better for being full time. I can't imagine performances would be improved that much if this did happen.

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