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Roma's Manager Next Season

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I agree. It may not look it on the table but Spalletti has given this Roma side a lot more personality. Last season I felt they would win one then lose the next game where as now I can look at a fixture and say "Roma will win that". Looking again a consistent side.

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If Spaletti is leaving, which seems incredibly likely, I'm glad they've gone with a young coach rather than a recycled old coach. The owners have flip flopped between the two in their tenure.

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I don't think this was a case of Roma dumping Spalletti, more than just Spalletti wanting to join Inter and waiting out since his contract expired.

Almost looks guaranteed that Spalletti is coming to Inter.

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The Inter Milan way

Linked with: Carlo Ancelotti, Mauricio Pochettino

Expect: Diego Simeone

End up with: Roberto Venturato.

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