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Samuel Umtiti renews for Barça until 2023

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Samuel Umtiti kicked up quite a bit of dust after it became evident that his contract renewal was taking much longer than usual.

Everything became seemingly more desperate when Manchester United and Manchester City officially consulted FC Barcelona on permission to access talks with their rising young French international... The club because nervous, so nervous that they sent Robert Fernández (technical director) himself to the France training facilities outside Paris. 

The whole negotiation with Umtiti was extremely difficult due to the fact his now ex-agent had decided to not permit any face to face conversations with the player until Barcelona allegedly sent a message to Samuel saying that there would be no further negotiations until post World Cup as it was impossible to arrange a personal meeting with the player.  Umtiti got straight back into contact with the club and sacked his agent where negotiations then only took 3 days until their conclusion and the signing of his new improved deal.

Samuel Umtiti will now earn 3 times more than previously and his buy-out clause goes from €60m to an astronomical €500m (PSG exist).

So Barcelona fans can now sleep happy after this mini saga has been put to rest.

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