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Oldham Athletic Sack Richie Wellens

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This all seems a bit harsh, but given they were chasing big names like Kluivert despite Wellens initial winning streak, I reckon the board never really wanted him in the first place.

I hope he gets another chance elsewhere as he's shown the potential to be a good manager.

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34 minutes ago, Smiley Culture said:

A bit harsh? They were relegated and he had a win percentage of 33%. 

They had improved with him, he had the support of the players and the support of the fans. A win percentage of 33% is usually good enough to keep you up in League Two when you consider the draws that come with it. Next season would have been a good opportunity to judge him.

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He took over in September last season and managed 43 games, winning 14 of those.

Three of those wins were in the Checkatrade Trophy with two of those three being against U23 sides of Leicester and Newcastle. They won one league game of their final twelve in League One and won 6 League games between October and May. 

That’s a poor record really and he cannot have any complaints about getting the sack. 

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