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Benjamin Mendy Receives Year Driving Ban

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The fact he couldn't be bothered to turn up to court after not admitting it was him is rather telling of his character. Waste of taxpayers money. Hopefully he sticks to posting shark emojis on Twitter instead of getting behind the wheel again.

Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy has been banned from driving for a year after gaining 24 points on his licence.

The Frenchman was reported to the courts by police after his Mercedes was caught speeding four times in two weeks but he did not reveal who was behind the wheel, the BBC reported.

Mendy stated he was not driving but was convicted and fined £2,500 and ordered to pay £185 in costs. He was also handed 24 points on his licence, six for each offence. Mendy was not present at the hearing.

Magistrate chair Michael Blackhurst said: "We are dealing with four offences here, two on the same day, and it's a serious matter.

"They have been completely ignored and I think it is discourteous that he is not here so we can talk to him about it."

His lawyer Gwyn Lewis asked to accept the disqualification on his behalf, arguing: ''I deem him present by my presence.''

The first offence occurred on February 9, the second a day later and the other two on February 21.

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4 offences of speeding within 2 weeks, admitting the offences then not turning up to court is ridiculous.

Year seems about right to not be allowed to drive. Would be interesting to know what the speeds were.

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