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Silvio Berlusconi Buys Monza

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Silvio Berlusconi is set for a return to Italian football with his family's holding company Fininvest saying it has bought 100 per cent of Serie C club Monza.

The deal is reportedly worth up to £3m, and will see 81-year-old Berlusconi return to the club game less than 18 months after he sold AC Milan.

Berlusconi, who has also been prime minister of Italy on three separate occasions, has nominated former Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani as Monza's new CEO.

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Silvio Berlusconi says he is planning to introduce several strict rules upon Monza players following his purchase of the club, including banning beards and tattoos.

The former AC Milan owner and three-time Italian prime minister has bought the Serie C side through his family's holding company Fininvest for a reported £3m.

The 82-year-old says he wants to guide them to Serie A for the first time in their history, and has brought in some draconian laws to help him do so.

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