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2018/19 In Review

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The following represents my views only, some considered, some irreverent, some for discussion all for your reading pleasure. With 2018/19 drawing to a close, regardless of contextual winners, losers and relegation fodder what did we learn from the season about the players and managers?

Part One ...

The Franceso Schettino award for outstanding services in abandonment

Image result for captain abandons sinking cruise ship

The contenders for the coveted crown of "fucking off when it became a bit of an effort" include David Wagner,  widely accepted as a nice chap, the German leaving when he did called into question why he hadn't left sooner to give the new man a chance to implement his ideas sooner. The entire Arsenal defence who despite often being saved from their pathetic performances by the midfield and attack, were so embarrassingly appalling that messrs Mustafi and Sokratis looked like they either were dialling it in or had forgotten how to play the sport. 

The outstanding winner in this category is:

Related image

Yes. World Cup winner Paul Pogba who was able to foster much sympathy from his spats with Jose Mourinho early in the season only to prove that Pogba's interests are exclusively for his own gain and ego. Pogba could be seen as a contentious choice, but once Zidane was back in the fold at Real, Pogba decided that a 3rd of the season was about all he fancied making an effort. It's clear Paul has packed up, along with his belongings and extensive shrine to himself, his motivation and professionalism and shipped them to Madrid. It is my belief no one personifies all that is wrong with the cult of personality in football than Paul Pogba. 

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Marko Arnautovic.


Could have really kicked on from last season when Moyes moved him up front and he banged in the goals. Many expected the same this season from a player who looked a big threat to any opposition.

But he's huffed and puffed his way in and out the side, sulking round the pitch and off it like a spoilt child because he didn't get what he wanted.

He was vocal in wanting to leave before the window opened, he tried his best to kick and scream, refuse to play in an effort to force a move and when it didn't happen, he used one of those great copy and paste instagram posts to try and get the fans back onside with a one year contract extension to boot.

He's done the square root of fuck all really since bar the odd moment here and there and then he conveniently steps it up as the season draws to a close giving it the big one about next season when it's clear, he'll be fishing for a move again. 

He doesn't give a single fuck about West Ham and deep down, they know it.

He's my nomination for abandonment.

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