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5 hours ago, Danny said:

BBC comedy, episode 5 aired last night. Anyone watching? Genuinely one of the funniest programmes I’ve watched in a while. The dinner table scene last night had me in stitches 

Cheers, just looked that up and it looks good, asked the wife and she has never seen it before so that will be on our bucket list, Monday nights they say, is that right? I will look into our search programme list and see if I can get it from episode one onwards, haven't been a good comedy show on tv for ages except for watching Man United games on MOTD. 

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On 14/05/2019 at 11:04, Danny said:

The dinner table scene last night had me in stitches 

Just watched two episodes of Ghosts that and that dinner table bit was funny as fuck, I am nipping up the shops and will finish off watching the other 4 episodes later, just read they are in process of making another series. 

The dinner table scene had me and the wife laughing especially when they all came in chanting with Robin the Caveman and dancing around the table, then when Alison got Kittie the maid to try and read the cards.

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