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Fire Rips Through Bo'ness United Stadium

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Bloody hell, I hope there were no casualties.



A huge fire has ripped through the grounds of Bo’ness United at Newton Park.

According to reports, the blaze was started from the new Astroturf due to be laid this summer.

The fire started at around 1.30pm on Tuesday with more than 20 firefighters tackling the blaze, which started in rolls of astroturf.

A statement from Bo'ness Community Council Twitter paid tribute to those tackling the blaze saying: "Our thoughts are with everyone involved in the devastating fire at Newtown Park, such a blow given the work that's been ongoing recently. Thanks to the officers @SFRSYourSafety who were on the scene quickly


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Sad to see. Questions about how it happened though - 'started from the new Astroturf'?

Good to hear no-one injured though as well. 

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Firefighters are tackling a blaze at the home of Bo'ness United Football Club.

Three fire appliances and a water bowser were called to Newton Park at around 1:30 pm on Tuesday.

It is not thought that anyone has been hurt as a result of the fire.

Eyewitness Philip Mearns, who lives in Bo'ness, was walking his dog when he saw the thick black smoke billowing into the sky and initially thought a house was on fire.

When he realised the fire was at the park, he ran over and tried to make sure no one was trapped or injured.

He said: "The fire started on the pitch of the football park which was very recently being worked on but it quickly spread to the band hall next door, which took only a few minutes to go up.

"I am only glad that everyone is ok and hope that they quickly get to the bottom of what or who started the fire."

Mr Mearns added that two police cars and an emergency response vehicle were also in attendance.

It is understood firefighters were sent to the scene after the fire service reportedly received 29 repeat 999 calls, according to CapitalScotland News.

A fire service spokeswoman said more details will follow shortly.



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