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Alta - Youth Only Challenge

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Time for a new challenge. I am 3 seasons in already. Made it to 2100 with Liphakoe, reached 2 CL finals and took Lesotho to a World Cup. Think it was time to move on. So we are going to the arctic part of Norway!

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Season 2020

I'll drop it into an excel sheet below (I don't know how to make the picture bigger)


So so close. We actually bottled it. We were 6 points ahead with 5 games left but started to drop points near the end and in the end we got killed by our average goal difference. Magnus Nikolaisen was our top scorer again, but in truth he had an average season compared to previous year. I'd say our player of the year was Peter Aas who really made a difference and had a good average rating.

So how did we do in the playoffs?


Another year in this tier unfortunately. We were 2-0 up against Strommen first leg but conceded 2 quickly after and we couldn't get the job done away from home. Frustrating, but we'll get there one day.


Key players

Peter Aas - Magnus Nikolaisen - Hans Gaup

Unfortunately, we did lose Vaksdal. We lost him on a free to Frederikstad. Good to see him do well though, made and nurtured in Alta 



Excel sheet


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Youth Intake 2021


We got three 5 star potential players, but the only one really worth raving about is Ernst-Magne Niskanen. Very good defender for this level who will go straight into the first team for the outgoing Mats Frede Hansen.

We also lost Magnus Nikolaisen on a free unfortunately. Our top scorer the last 3 seasons decided it was time to move on. Didn't want to sign the contract extension, meaning Pedersen might get a go this season.

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