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Favourite Football Rivalries

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football forum

The challenge is to list 5.

I'll start

Universitario vs Alianza

This one is more because I'm Peruvian and an Universitario fan. If I wasn't I probably wouldn't care but that's not to take away from the fierceness of the 2 rivalries and the fun factor of the rivalry like most in South America. I'm not sure how many clasicos in South America have banned away fans but here in Peru it was the case. I will say I'm not a fan of either teams fans but thats only because they only mock each other adding to the rivalry. True rivals.

Cerro Porteño vs Olimpia

This is the Paraguayan superclasico. I try to never miss it, always a good match. There exists the fierceness and the matches always have goals. I fell in love with it a few years back when Olimpia beat Cerro 3-1 which was still one of the best matches I've ever seen. In my top 10. Quality derby, I've always leaned a bit more towards Cerro Porteño.

Tottenham vs Arsenal

Based on what I've seen this is the most fierce derby in the UK. If its not then its the most entertaining. Liverpool vs Everton I also like but this edges it. So much fun to watch and its one of the few times I'd bother scheduling my times to watch the games in English football. Liverpool vs United bores me personally.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona

Might be boring to include this one. Could have a lot of play acting and fouling. Lots of red cards. Really shows how much the 2 teams are determined to get something and that they hate each other. Its a true rivalry despite not being from the same area. On top of that, the games always have goals. 2+ usually. Also the highest level. The fans are annoying though, only downside.

Juventus vs Torino

Whats there to say... its a very one sided derby. I always enjoy it though, in terms of fierceness its hard to tell with this one because Juve is so much superior to Torino but at least there is history between the 2 sides. Even in that Juve dominate but Torino are no minnows.


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Any derby involving the home of '66WC West Ham.

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Old Firm derby is always a good watch. Never seen a boring one of them to be honest and the atmosphere is electric every single time.

Merseyside derby used to be a good one to watch but it's got a bit stale recently. They used to be much more intense and aggressive. 

Madrid vs Barca is good especially when it is like last weekend's at the Bernabeu. Not just because of the result but there was much less antics and histrionics by the players. Don't recall much surrounding of the ref or dives etc - the players let the football do the talking. 

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